Zamiokulkas: reproduction during transplantation

Zamiokulkas is a representative of the flora thatwas first found in East Africa. This plant is able to survive even in very difficult conditions of detention. An adult zamiokulkas can reach a height of more than one meter.Zamiokulkas breedingThis representative of the flora is beautifulshiny leaves, actively cultivated as a houseplant and has very interesting flowers. Zamiokulkas admirably decorates the interior of the office or apartment. However, to achieve its flowering is not so easy. For a plant of zamiokulkas, reproduction during transplantation is the best method of breeding. When buying this representative of the flora in the store, it should be transplanted to a new land. This need is due to the fact that the soil in which zamiokulkas is transported from abroad, does not allow air and moisture to pass through. Therefore, the plant receives less nutrients. Transplant zamiokulkas possible at any time, even if it is in the flowering phase.

Flowers zamiokulkas

The soil

To plant the plant, a soil mixture is needed, inwhich includes leaf and turf earth, peat, humus and sand in a ratio of 1: 1: 1: 1. When soil humus is added to the soil, the nutritional value of the soil increases, which favorably affects the growth and development of this representative of the flora.

Planting and transplantation

Every year it is necessary to carry out the transshipment of youngplants. It should be done correctly: it is impossible to destroy the earthen lump, the pot must be slightly larger than the former, it is necessary to add a new primer. Adult plants should be transplanted every two years. The main signs that indicate that it's time to begin the transplant procedure: the shape of the pot changes (if it's plastic); tubers plants start to bulge out of it. To successfully land, the following standards must be adhered to. The primer should be light, ensure a normal circulation of water and air, to loosen the ground requires small clay, in the tank there must be a hole for draining the water, the bottom should lay drainage. When transplanting, it is possible to multiply zamiokulkasa. Plant transshipment is done in spring. Tubers can not be buried completely. With annual overtaking, the zmioculcas grows and looks wonderful. Care for the plant should be in rubber gloves, as this representative of the flora is toxic.

Zamiokulkas: reproduction during transplantation

Reproduction of zmioculcace

When transplanting, you need to get rid of the old soil. For a plant of zamiokulkas, the multiplication during transplantation by the method of dividing the bush is optimal. All the roots of the representative of the flora need to be freed from the soil. Choosing a new pot, you need to consider that it should have a slightly larger size than the previous one. It should have a hole for drainage. For a plant zamiokulkas reproduction should be done so that when the bush of a representative of the flora is divided on each part, at least one growth point remains. When dividing, the roots and tubers can be damaged. Damaged parts are sprinkled with pounded charcoal and dried. The new plant is planted in small pots. You can also multiply zamiokulkas cuttings and leaves.

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Zamiokulkas: reproduction during transplantation Zamiokulkas: reproduction during transplantation Zamiokulkas: reproduction during transplantation Zamiokulkas: reproduction during transplantation Zamiokulkas: reproduction during transplantation