Yuri Djorkaeff: biography of the French football player

Yuri Djorkaeff - a former French football player who played as an attacking midfielder or center forward. As part of the French national team, he won the FIFA World Cup in 1998, and two years later achieved triumph at Euro 2000, and a year later won the 2001 Confederations Cup. His father, a former professional footballer Jean Dzhorkaeff (now Director of Coupe de France). In 2006, he completed his football career.

Yuri Djorkaeff

Yuri Djorkaeff: biography

Born on March 8, 1968 in the city of Lyon, France. His father Jean Djorkaeff is the son of Kalmyk and Polka, and his mother, Mary Ohanian, is Armenian. Many French fans have always been interested in, what is the nationality of Yuri Djorkaeff? Answering this question, it can be stated with confidence that the French footballer has largely adopted Armenian roots. He was brought up in the circles of the Armenian diaspora, studying their history, culture and religion.Yuri Djorkaeff's wife is a native Spanish, however, the couple got married in an Armenian church.

Since childhood, the guy liked to play football with local Armenian guys. Yuri was a rather active, high-spirited child: he was very good at beating his peers and scoring goals. He was quick, elusive and tactically savvy. Soon the parents notice the son’s predilection and give it to the football section. So began his sports career. Every year, Yuri became smarter and stronger, winning all the amateur tournaments in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. He was invited to various amateur clubs, in which he played for a certain reward. He was a player in teams such as Desin, Saint-Priest, Mézieux, Villeurban.

Professional football career

Professional career began in 1984 in the French club "Grenoble". Here he played until 1989 and occasionally went into the starting lineup. Over the entire five-year period, Yuri Djorkaeff played 82 official matches in which he distinguished himself with scored goals 23 times.

From 1989 to 1991, Djorkaeff played for Strasbourg. Playing for this club, the whole of France found out about him.Success and popularity began with how he began to score in almost every match. Fans of “Strasbourg” had previously seen this, as the player from the midfield “otduyvaetsya” for the whole team both in defense and in attack. For two seasons, he spent 35 matches and scored 25 goals.

Go to Monaco (Ligue 1)

In August 1991, Monegasques offered a contract to a talented football player with a considerable amount of wages. Yuri Djorkaeff agreed and tried on a red-and-white t-shirt. The transfer agreement was calculated for 4 years. So he played here until 1995. He has 177 official speeches and 65 goals scored. In the 1993/1994 season became the top scorer of the national championship. Together with Monaco, Djorkaeff won the French Cup in 1991, beating minimally in the final of Marseille.

Transition "Paris Saint-Germain" (Ligue 1)

In 1995, Yuriy began to follow all the world football giants, trying to lure into his club, because his contract with “Monegasques” was over, and he didn’t want to prolong his football player. However, Djorkaeff decided to stay in France, only now in the Paris Saint-Germain. Since childhood, he has always been a fan of PSG, because it is the leading club of the country.At the first opportunity to be here and "flash" with his football, Yuri did not miss his chance. For the "Parisians" he played only one season, in which he spent 43 official matches, where he scored 17 goals. In 1996, together with the team, he won the UEFA Cup Winners' Cup.

Yuri Djorkaeff biography

Djorkaeff Yuri goes to the "Internationale" (Series A)

In 1996, the French midfielder signed a contract with the Internazionale giants of Italian football. In the “black and blue” football player Yuri Djorkaeff played until 1999. During this time, he won the 1998 UEFA Cup, beating Lazio in the final with a crushing score of 3-0. In “Inter” the Frenchman spent 101 matches and managed to hit the opponent's gate 32 times. In 1997, Yuri Djorkaeff was awarded the best player “Internazionale”.

Yuri Djorkaeff nationality

Kaiserslautern (Bundesliga)

In 1999, the French football player moved to the Kaiserslautern club (Germany). The transfer value of the player was 2.3 million dollars, and Djorkaeff's salary increased to 2 million per year. He played here until 2002. For the “German Red Devils,” the midfielder played 67 official matches and scored 17 goals.

Bolton Wanderers (APL)

From 2002 to 2004, he played in the English Premier League for Bolton.As part of the "wanderers" spent 75 matches, where he managed to distinguish scored goals 20 times.

Blackburn Rovers (APL)

In 2004, the Frenchman signed a contract with the English "Blackburn". Having only three games here, Djorkaeff left the club and immediately signed a contract with the New York Metro Stars (MLS). Thus, he became the first French footballer who played in the American League. He played 45 matches for the Red Bulls and scored 12 goals. In 2006, he announced his retirement.

International career: achievements in the national team of France

From 1993 to 2002, Djorkaeff played for the French national team. During this period, he played 82 matches and scored 28 goals. Together with the “roosters” he became world champion (1998), European champion (2000) and winner of the 2001 Confederations Cup.

Football player Yuri Djorkaeff

Yuri Djorkaeff and his family

Djorkaeff has a wife, her name is Sophie. In marriage, they had three wonderful children: Sasha, Oan and Angelica. In 2006, after the final completion of his football career, Yuri recorded a musical composition called Vivre dans Ta Lumière. After the release of the clip, French critics gave unsatisfactory ratings to the football player’s work. This is where his singer career ended.

Yuri Djorkaeff and his family

Since 2012, Yuri has been engaged in charity work - he is building villages in Nagorno-Karabakh. He currently manages his own fund Youri Djorkaeff, which translates football broadcasts in New York.

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