World of Warcraft: how to get to Pandaria Alliance and Horde players?

Another addition WoW "Pandaria" was releaseddevelopers on September 25, 2012. From that very day, the entire population of Azeroth has sought to reach the necessary level faster to reach the mysterious continent, hidden in the fogs. Rumors about rich treasures that will make any player rich, excited the minds of all without exception. Fans of massive battles could not wait to meet the powerful bosses of the Mists of Pandaria dungeons, as well as the terrible monsters that populated most of this mysterious land.

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First visit to the Misty Continent

Before entering Pandaria, the players of bothfactions have to overcome many difficulties. What is it worth only getting the necessary level for this epic journey! The opportunity to get to Pandaria comes from players who have reached level 85 in the game. This can be done in several ways, the creators of WoW took care of this. How to get to Pandaria for the first time? The players of the opposing factions - the Horde and the Alliance - must take the quest from the rulers who are in Orgrimar and Stormwind respectively. The task is quite simple: you need to get to a military flying ship and go on it to an uncharted island located south of the Underdark, between the Eastern Kingdom and Kalimdor.

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Alliance players will be able to find a huge airThe ship is not far from Stormwind, and the Hordes are to the east of Orgrimar. The only thing that should be paid attention to doing this quest is that the ships hang high above the ground and periodically disappear, going with another party of supporters on board to conquer new rich territories.

If the player for some reason did not receive the task to reach level 85, he can be taken in the capital on the board of orders, which are installed in significant points of the cities of the opposing factions.

Finding a house in Pandaria ...

Starting locations in Pandaria for Alliance playersand the Horde are in the depths of the Jade Forest. Before you get to Pandaria, many do not think about how they will return to the lost in the fogs of the earth to the nice and good-natured at first sight locals who resemble big bears. To get here at any convenient time and from anywhere on the map of Azeroth, you need to contact the hostess or the owner of the tavern, which are located in any more or less large pandaren settlement, and stop at them. After that, having used the return stone, which is in the bag, the player teleports to the tavern he has chosen.

Portals from capitals

Another one is quite simple and absolutelyfree way, explaining how to get to Pandaria - portals located in the capitals of the Alliance and the Horde. To do this, you need to go to the city and get to the locations of pandarens in it. In Stormwind, the portal can be found on a small island located in the northern part of the city, right after the quarter of the dwarves.

In Orgrimar, he is on the Alley of Honor, next toauction. The locations of the portals in Stormwind and Orgrimare can be seen from afar, as the large red balloon of the pandarenes hangs over them, and several representatives of this race are standing next to them.

You can get to Pandaria by using the portal only after completing the quest on a journey to this continent.

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Help other players

Another fairly common andthe favorite way for all players to get to Pandaria - ask the portal for the magician. In this case it is necessary to be with him in the group. After the magician installs the portal, you need to use it. After that, the Alliance players find themselves in the Sanctuary of the Seven Stars, and the players of the Horde - in the Sanctuary of Two Moons in the Eternal Flowering Lobe. This location is available to players who have reached level 90. However, as practice has shown, you can get there using the portal of the magician and at lower levels.

In addition to magicians, teleportation capabilities haveand warlocks: they set up a so-called "cabinet", with which you can call the group members. If the warlock is in Pandaria, he will be able to call any player there, but for this he will need the help of two characters, since the "wardrobe" warlock can only install them with help.

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World of Warcraft: how to get to Pandaria Alliance and Horde players World of Warcraft: how to get to Pandaria Alliance and Horde players World of Warcraft: how to get to Pandaria Alliance and Horde players World of Warcraft: how to get to Pandaria Alliance and Horde players World of Warcraft: how to get to Pandaria Alliance and Horde players