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"Fix Price" is a retail network of retail outlets focused on thrifty buyers. It presents a wide range of products for the whole family at low and fixed prices. Shops of the enterprise are located near major traffic intersections and pedestrian arteries. They are always at hand.

Secret of success

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The company keeps the minimum purchase prices set by the producers due to the exclusion of intermediaries and dealers from the supply chain. Progressive discounter technologies make it possible to reduce to zero the costs associated with the delivery and storage of products. In the feedback from employees about working at Fix Price, managers claim that the network does not work directly with factories.

Doing business in Asia is associated with a number of features. Suppliers in China cannot offer a wide range of products. They specialize in the manufacture of several items. The consolidation of various articles into one product batch is assumed by a local operator. His commission is already included in the cost of products, so do not increase selling prices.

The average price in the "Fix Price" is 50 rubles. At the same time, in the wholesale market of China, most positions are sold at 10 rubles each At the time of crossing the Russian border and placing in the logistics centers of the company those goods that cost 4 rubles, up to 8 rubles. The margin is formed by transportation costs, VAT payment, customs duties. The retail price also includes rental payments, utility costs, the cost of repairing commercial premises.

Historical excursion

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The first Fix Price stores in Moscow and other locations in Russia opened in 2007. The creators of the company used the concept of American merchants, who have long earned money by selling demanded goods at a fixed price. Today the network continues its triumphal march across the country, which was started exactly ten years ago.

The annual increase in the number of retail outlets is about 20% per year.According to official data of the company, there are almost 2 500 objects operating in the country. The geography of the enterprise is six hundred cities and villages located in sixty regions of the Russian Federation. According to feedback from employees about working at Fix Price, the organization changed owners. In 2016, the founders of the network came out of business. At the moment, the Baltic investors and the leading financiers of the company, who participated in the launch of the first stores, divided the portfolio of shares.

According to unconfirmed reports, the company owed its creditor, which was the group “VTB Capital”. As a result of the transaction, the bank now owns ten percent of the shares. Credit institution experts say that the bank will sell its share in the business. Leading analysts in their reviews and employees in their reviews of the Fix Price insist that in 2017 the business was valued at 12 billion rubles, excluding debt.


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On the shelves of the company's outlets are products and consumer goods. The latter category accounts for about seventy percent. Perishable items are not realized.On the food shelf are carbonated and mineral waters, lemonades, beer. There are juices, tea, coffee, sweets and confectionery, canned food, sauces. All in factory packaging.

Prices in the "Fix Price" for all positions are minimal. Some products are sold in packs of two or three. To understand the real speed of the network, you need to make comparisons. The same position in the Fix Price is sold in the amount of 120,000 units, and in Auchan this figure is only 9,000. The high demands that the retailer’s leadership has on the purchase price make it possible to sell products of the Heinz and Lipton brands, "Pepsi", "Gardens Pridonya" only 50 rubles.

In their feedback on the work of the Fix Price staff, they note that Armenian juice, soda, sweets and alcoholic beverages are very popular with customers. The average check is 200 rubles. The annual revenue of one store reaches three million rubles. The range of the outlet is located on an area of ​​about 250 m². Most often, objects are opened in the basement and attic rooms. The company saves on rent.

At Fix Price in Moscow and other Russian cities, the product line is almost identical.Stationery, handicrafts, cleaning products, personal care products, cosmetics and perfumes, books, clothing, household items. On receipt of new customers notify colorful brochures. You can get acquainted with the brought goods on the official website of the company. From time to time the network reminds about itself of commercials that are broadcast on leading federal channels.

Any Fix Price store offers a wide range of seasonal products. In the spring on the shelves appear garden supplies, seeds, fertilizers. In the summer, Panamas, T-shirts and T-shirts, toys and sports equipment come to the outlets. In the fall they bring school supplies and office supplies.

Working conditions

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Trade points of the network are located in dozens of settlements of Russia. They are available in Barnaul, Kazan, Belgorod, Yaroslavl, Tolyatti. They operate in Yeisk, Sochi, Kursk, Voronezh, Lipetsk and Kotlas. Recently, they are present in Klintsy, Liski, Naberezhnye Chelny, Ostrogozhsk and Pavlovsky Posad.

All addresses of “Fix Prices” are listed on the “Contacts” section of the official website of the network.The stores open at 09:00 or 10:00 and finish their work at 20:00 or 21:00. There are no lunch breaks. Shops are open on holidays. All of them are decorated in a single corporate style. The entrance to the hall is decorated with banners of blue and green colors. The cost of goods is indicated on the packaging, price tags and special posters.

The Fix Price list of addresses is constantly updated with new objects. The average annual increase is about twenty percent. All sellers are required to wear branded uniforms. Cashiers are responsible for servicing visitors and maintaining financial statements. Employees of the hall lay out and take the goods, help him unload. Drinks, milk and yoghurt, sauces are placed in refrigerators. The ice cream is stored in the chests, the rest of the production is placed on the shelves.

Convenient hours of Fix Price allow you to visit it not only at lunch time, but also after work. On the way home, it is possible to purchase food and essential goods.


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Employees of the company highly appreciated the equipment of trading places. Wages in Fix Price are paid on time. But often they write out fines and deprive of bonuses.When a shortage is detected, the cashiers compensate it from their own pockets. They pay for everything that they did not consider when they were audited or stolen.

Commodity researchers also complain about their work. They are forced to buy the goods returned by the store visitors. Do not remove products. I had to buy stationery and consumables. Nobody reimbursed these costs. The working conditions in the Fix Price stores are different. If you are lucky, then moving up the career ladder will not be long in coming.

Many are fired because of the abundance of duties that they have to perform. The cashier must keep records, serve customers, wash windows and shelves, floors and storage room. He also consults, packs, changes low-quality goods. And all this combines in the "Fix Price" with the work of a security guard.

Large boxes and even pallets have to be brought into the warehouse manually. Of the promised thirty thousand, only twenty are given up. The premium is 1,500 rubles. Interest from sales are not provided. The standard schedule implies five working days of twelve hours. Weekend "float."

Bad experience

Beginners complain about unsanitary working conditions. The toilets are dirty. Cash registers are rarely washed. Shelves wipe only at the request of the authorities. In stock bags and dusty boxes. In the network of shops Fix Price at the moment when the intern is put on the cashier, money is not counted. In the event of a shortage, a person who did not even sign a liability contract is forced to compensate for the difference.

The mode is not respected. Beginners devote to the meal just fifteen minutes. "Old-timers" constantly arrange smoke breaks and leave the sales area. Manual saves on employees. If the store is in good standing, then its team is entitled to a bonus. When dismissing it is not issued. The premium will receive only those who remained in the state.

Air conditioning and heating systems do not work at some retail outlets. In the summer in rooms it is hot and stuffy, in winter the personnel is freezing. When making a medical book, the money that was spent on its receipt, the company does not return. They say that the management of the store goes to work in a drunken state. From the staff smells bad.

Reception and registration

In the process of employment, job seekers of the seller in the "Fix Price" note that the days of the internship are not paid.At the same time, successfully completed training does not guarantee a quick return to work. Potential employees perform the duties of cleaners, janitors, attendants, porters and consultants. They do not receive compensation for their time spent. The internship period varies, but most often it is two or three days.

Some, in order to get a job as a cashier in the Fix Price, go to work for two or four hours. Others have to be on duty on the trading floor all day. After approval for the position of the sellers enter into an employment contract. But the company does not always comply with its conditions. Sick leave is not paid properly. Often, employees are forced to leave on their own.

When settling into a store as a cashier, you need to understand that there is not only customer service behind the terminal, but also a job as a loader at Fix Price. The company responds to all objections with threats of dismissal. "Flow" in the network - a common phenomenon. Experts in it do not stay long. On average, they work for three months. The lion's share of employee claims is not addressed to the company's management, but to those who manage stores.Directors are rude and rude to their subordinates. Refuse to pay for processing, deprived of bonuses.

The advantages of the company

Despite the abundance of shortcomings, the work in the "Fix Price" has a number of positive points. Shops are close to home. When employment, no bureaucratic obstacles arise. Schedule of payroll is respected. No delays. The company has proven itself in the labor market. This is a solid and reliable enterprise.

The network is actively developing, therefore, energetic and qualified employees are quickly moving up the career ladder. Starting from the position of an ordinary seller or a loader, they have a chance to become a director of an outlet. Lack of perishable food facilitates daily work. The store does not sell large and heavy goods.


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According to statistics, every two stores out of three open in the Fix Price franchise. An investment in the launch of a retail business online requires an amount of four to six million rubles. The third is working capital. The size of the entrance fee is 25%. The initial contribution to the repair exceeds 300,000 rubles.Each month, a partner of the company pays about 4% of the amount of revenue of the outlet.

You can open a store under the “Fix Price” trademark only in those localities where the number of residents exceeds 25,000. The area of ​​the rented premises should not be less than 250 m². Recommended location - shopping centers. In one hall, no more than five people work. The cash zone is served by two specialists. Hours in the "Fix Price" are almost the same everywhere.

In the assortment of the network about 2,000 different items. The company guarantees quality support, bright and colorful decoration of the premises, social marketing, access to the corporate information system. Distribution centers are based in Voronezh, Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Vnukovo, Novosibirsk, Krasnodar.

Allowed the possibility of full redemption of the outlet after three years of successful work and compliance with contractual obligations.


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In Russia today there are several companies that are engaged in the retail sale of marketable goods at fixed low prices. In 2013, the ZaOdno enterprise began its work in this format.In two years, it has launched more than fifty stores. The owners of the business are the shareholder of the online store KupiVIP Oscar Hartman and investor Vladimir Potanin. In their stores there are three price categories, whose products are marked with a special label.

Such well-known trademarks in Russia as Magnit Cosmetic, Auchan, Pyaterochka are testing a similar concept.

Verny Company, which followed in the footsteps of Fix Price in 2015, could not stand the competition and was forced to close. Many Fix Price sellers started working at Verny.

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