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Striped shirts can often be seen in the wardrobeboth in women and men. But often this thing is left without attention, since very few people can correctly combine it. The strip is a stylish and laconic print, which is always in fashion. To dress uncommonly, you need to know what to wear such shirts. Such a print only at first glance seems boring and uninteresting. To see the versatility of the strip, you need to get to know her better. It can be combined with a variety of clothes, each time creating a new and unique image.striped shirts

Shirts with long sleeves

Striped shirts with long sleeves are consideredthe most popular models in the office style. The idea of ​​such a strict classics was borrowed from the men's wardrobe. This piece of clothing is suitable not only for going to work. Such a shirt can be an excellent addition to the everyday image in a minimalist or street style. After all, it is perfectly combined with clothing such as jeans, skirts and sarafans of denim.


What can be softer and lighter than shirts with shortsleeves? It is perfect for a warm season. Especially good are such fabrics as flax, cotton and silk. Striped shirts that are made in a business style, will be an excellent option for work. Such models can be supplemented with single-colored jackets of various styles. Everyday wardrobe should be diluted with a shirt of unusual cut. To her perfect short skirts and shorts, as well as short pants.white striped shirt

Trend of several seasons in a row - a long shirt

The huge popularity of long shirts does not go tohas been decreasing for several years. They differ in a straight cut, which sometimes happens to be asymmetrical. Such models of shirts are interesting in that they have an elongated shoulder line. In addition, there is no clearly defined waist line. Often, long shirts are sewn with cuts on the sides. Women adore them. After all, it is the long shirt that is an indispensable part of the wardrobe. It makes the everyday image refined, mysterious and free. Leggins, skinny jeans and short shorts are the best companions for such a shirt.

Summer is a time to open your shoulders

Striped shirts with open shoulders is a trendthis season. This style opens the neck and shoulders, which can not help but rivet the glances of men. And they can only guess about everything else, giving freedom to their imagination. Most often there are models of cotton shirts in small stripes. Decorate this feminine garment, as a rule, with bows or ruffles. The model with open shoulders will best be harmonized with tight jeans or a skirt made of lightweight fabrics.

Shirt for any type of figure

Shirt is not only stylish and comfortablean element of the wardrobe. She is able to hide the flaws of the figure and to focus attention on its merits. To visually make the silhouette more feminine and refined, you need to choose a shirt with a strip of odor. Such an element forms a V-shaped neckline that extends the neck, and also draws out the silhouette. Shirts with a scent are very popular, because to them you can pick up trousers and skirts of almost any cut.

Shirts of white color

White striped shirt is perfect foroffice dress code. It will perfectly harmonize both the skirt and pants. To create a laconic image in casual style, it can be supplemented with ragged or shortened jeans. A classic model with long sleeves should be worn by rolling them up. Thus, the hands will be visible. If the advantage of the figure is the waist, then it must be emphasized by the belt.

White striped shirts are basic thingswardrobe. They can be beaten so that the image as a whole will look interesting and stylish. And the most important thing is that you can pick up any pants and skirts. For the everyday image, jeans with a high waist fit, and for the business dress code - different skirts of dark colors (preferably maxi or midi), which will make the image more rigorous and classic.

shirt with stripes

Black is always in fashion

What can look more stylish than blackshirt striped? This wardrobe element can add a touch to almost any image. Black model is perfect for a trip to a fashionable party, presentation, concert or even a social event. Such a shirt can become a soloist of the image or an addition to a bright and interesting side. The best companions for her are shortened trousers of black or gray, skinny jeans, a sun skirt, and short shorts with an inflated waistline.blue shirt

Blue color: romantic and feminine

A blue-striped shirt is a gentle andA refined thing that can make the look very feminine and romantic. In addition, it keeps at the peak of the fashionable Olympus for a long time and does not intend to leave it. This shirt can be worn every day, complementing it with jeans or cardigans oversize. With this element of the wardrobe will also be interesting to look shorts or skirts. To create a truly feminine and gentle look, to a shirt in a blue strip you need to pick up shoes on the stud. It is desirable that sandals or shoes are of pastel color. Such an image will not leave indifferent any person.what to wear with a striped shirt

Than to add a shirt?

With what to wear a striped shirt? There are many options. A win-win option is the combination of such a shirt with jeans. To create a more stylish and careless image, you can simply fill it with jeans. For an office dress code pants fit the original style. At the top of the shirt you can put on a blazer or cardigan.

An interesting option is the shorts and shirt ina strip. The female audience loves this combination. After all, in a similar way, you can go to a corporate party, a club, and a date. The perfect everyday look is jeans shorts and a shirt. This outfit will look more interesting and original than shorts with a T-shirt.

To create a stylish and feminine imageyou need to add a shirt to your skirt. A denim skirt is suitable for daily appearance, a pencil skirt will be a perfect addition to a business image, and the skirt of the sun will perfectly fit into the image for a date.

The traditional variant is a jacket and a shirt ina strip. The female part of the population prefers to wear such an image to work. But he will fit perfectly into the daily wardrobe. To make the outfit not boring, you need to pick up a bright jacket.men's striped shirts

For men

Men's striped shirts give the imagenobility and respectability. The strip is considered elegant, classic and traditional print, but it can bring a fresh stream into the man's wardrobe. Moreover, to these shirts you can choose a tie of any color. For men who have problems with excess weight, this element of the wardrobe will become just a godsend. The vertical strip is able to visually make the figure more slender.

Men's striped shirts are suitable for everyonecases of life. They can go to work, a date, a friendly or a business meeting. For a casual image, such a shirt can be supplemented with jeans or shorts to the knees, which are made of dense fabric. To make the business look more thrown and memorable, you need to dilute the habitual suit with a striped shirt. There are no restrictions in colors. Which strip to choose? Light, dark or bright? It's a matter of taste. Men can wear any shirts in a strip, not being afraid that they will look ridiculous or old-fashioned.

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With what to wear striped shirts: photo With what to wear striped shirts: photo With what to wear striped shirts: photo With what to wear striped shirts: photo With what to wear striped shirts: photo With what to wear striped shirts: photo With what to wear striped shirts: photo With what to wear striped shirts: photo With what to wear striped shirts: photo With what to wear striped shirts: photo With what to wear striped shirts: photo With what to wear striped shirts: photo