What do you drink semi-sweet red wine with? Wine drinking culture

Wine culture is very diverse. What do you drink red semi-sweet wine with? The list of snacks can be quite extensive, however, there are those options in which the taste of the drink, its flavor does not reveal, but on the contrary, will become less distinct. Therefore, it is important to understand which dishes will be an excellent complement to red wines, and which ones are best left for a white drink. Also it is worth knowing that not all cheeses are perfectly combined with wines with both red and white. Although this fact is often surprising, because the tandem "cheese - wine" is considered a classic.

Alazani Valley semi-sweet red wine

The benefits of red wine

What is the use of this drink? First of all, it is worth noting that it is the measure that is important. That is, women should not consume more than one hundred milliliters of this alcoholic beverage per day. Men can multiply this figure by two. Only in this case, the red wine will only benefit the body, not harm.

Red wine in small quantities is useful for those who suffer from obesity. It's all about enzymes that allow you to speed up the metabolism. Also note and benefits for the eyes. Ophthalmologists say that regular consumption of high-quality red wine helps to avoid vision problems with age.

Also, many people know that red wine helps to clean the blood vessels and has a good effect on the heart. However, it can not be used by those who suffered a stroke or heart attack.

Red wine for beauty

Separately, the possibility of red wine has a beneficial effect on the skin. In particular, it slows down the process of wrinkles.

As for the dentists, they also found the benefits of this drink. A sip of wine after dinner kills a number of germs in the mouth. This, in turn, leads to the fact that the likelihood of inflammation of the gums or the occurrence of caries decreases.

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How to drink a red semi-sweet wine?

One of the factors that helps to fully enjoy the taste of the drink, is the correct dishes for wine. Red is served in rounded, so-called pot-bellied wine glasses.They are made on a thin leg, so that the glass with the drink does not contact with the hands, does not absorb their heat. The thinner the glass from which the dishes are made, the better. It is also worth noting that the drink is poured into half a glass or even less, only in this case the aroma of the drink will reveal fully.

The temperature of the drink also plays a big role. So, red wine should be slightly cooled, but it is also not worth keeping it in the freezer, the optimum temperature is in the range of six to fifteen degrees Celsius. That is, the average temperature, which is why the wine is not worth warming in the hands.

Before sip should inhale its aroma, wait a little. The drink should first be on the tongue, and only then get into the stomach.

how to drink red semi-sweet wine

What to eat red wine?

What do you drink red semi-sweet wine with? Snacks can be varied. However, traditionally this drink is considered "meat", that is, all types of meat perfectly suit it. Beef or horse meat will be a good option for wine. White meat such as chicken or turkey also goes well with this drink.

Red semisweet wine, “Alazani Valley” for example, goes well with both grilled meat and lightly salted game.The main rule is the easiest way to cook. That is, the wine does not tolerate a large amount of spice and ingredients in the snack.

Also, if we are talking about red sweet wine “Alazansky Valley”, you can cook vegetables, such as green peas, boiled Brussels sprouts, fresh cucumbers. In general, green vegetables are great for a red drink. They emphasize its complex taste, emphasize the flavor.

Sweet wines and snacks

This wine belongs to the table and is not a strong drink. For this reason, it is worth understanding with what they drink red semi-sweet wine. The most interesting options are:

  • fruit sliced;
  • bread and toast, better from wheat flour;
  • cheese sliced.

As for fruit, it is better to pick them based on the taste of the drink. According to reviews, a semi-sweet red wine goes well with sour or moderately sweet fruit. If the wine, on the contrary, is dry, has a pronounced acidity, then the fruit should be taken as opposed to sweet and juicy. In such a contrast, the taste of the drink will only be brighter.

Thus, any fruit may be suitable, and in some cases, dried varieties.That is, you can prepare dried apricots, prunes or raisins for sour wines. For a sweet drink, you can choose sour varieties of apples, thinly sliced ​​kiwi. Making fruit slices for wine can also be a wonderful table decoration. The main thing - do not forget about the small skewers for this beauty, so that guests can conveniently choose the desired piece from the overall dish.

with which they drink red semisweet snack

Fortified wines and food

What do you drink red semi-sweet wine with? Snacks to him pick the most simple. How to be with those drinks that have more than twelve degrees? This is a little different. It should be noted right away that a number of wine lovers believe that wine should not be seized at all. So his taste is lost.

However, it is also known that alcoholic beverages of this kind are perfectly combined with fatty foods. For example, pork kebab, thick meat soup with hot spices is just right for the occasion. You can also escape from the usual combination of "white wine - fish." Applicable to strong wines, this theory collapses. With fatty fish, such as salmon or catfish, red drinks are perfectly combined. Also, do not neglect pepper and spices.

what kind of cheese they drink red semi-sweet wine

Cheese and red wine: the right combination

Everyone knows that a cheese plate is often exposed to wines, and especially to a red drink. But are all cheeses equally tasty with wine? What kind of cheese do you drink red semi-sweet wine with?

If a light, unsaturated wine, such as Beaujolais, is intended, then you should opt for cheeses with light aromas. These include Brie or Camembert. Cheeses with a light nuty note or with herbs are also excellent.

If we are talking about old wines, whose taste is very bright and multifaceted, then it is worth working here. With this type of wine, aged cheeses combine well, which also have a bright taste, quite salty. Therefore, it is salted and smoked cheeses will be the most interesting option.

It is also worth noting that blue mold cheese should be excluded from any plate with cheeses. The fact is that it is too bright, has a spicy aroma. Such a dish simply interrupts all the qualities of the wine, making them imperceptible. If you want to enjoy the taste of wine, then you should choose another snack.

what they drink red semi-sweet wine

Instead of output

Why drink red semi-sweet wine? Very many combinations are considered traditional. The most interesting option is cheese, fruit.Such a plate looks very beautiful, but you should carefully select the varieties of this dish for a drink. The brighter the taste of cheese, the richer the taste of wine should be.

Also a good option would be a fruit plate. In this case it is more difficult to make a mistake. If in doubt, it is best to provide a full selection of fruits, from sweet to sour. Meals with fatty meat, complex composition or more spices can be selected only for fortified wines. The rest like lightness, for example, dried toast with cheese, boiled chicken, slices of apples. Then you can fully enjoy the taste of the dish. And this is the most important wine culture, as well as the right glasses.

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