Why does urine smell sharp?

Urine refers to the waste products not only of humans, but also of animals. It is formed as a result of filtration of the blood by the kidneys, then enters the bladder and is brought out through the urethra. Usually, the liquid is clear, yellowish in color and has a slight specific aroma. But sometimes there are such cases that it changes its color or a sharp smell of urine appears. Why is this happening? And what to do in such situations?sharp smell of urine

Causes of odor change

Do you really like asparagus? Then everything is easily explained. It is this product that gives such a specific "flavor". For a long time, experts believed that the strange smell of urine is inherited. But this opinion turned out to be wrong. Such consequences sometimes occur when taking certain medications. It can be ampicillin, ciprofloxacin and some vitamins. Upon completion of the course of treatment, the problem goes away by itself. With diabetes, a sweetish smell may appear.A similar situation can occur due to improper nutrition. Then the blood sugar level decreases, and the ketone bodies become larger.

Other diseases

Let's find out how sharp the smell of urine is. What can she smell like?a strong smell of urine paternal

- Ammonia. This can be the result of not only diabetes, but also cystitis, pyelonephritis, tuberculosis, and even malignant tumors.

- Mold. The cause may be a disease that is inherited. The metabolism of amino acids is disturbed, there is a strong damage to the central nervous system.

- Fish. This suggests tyrosinemia or trimethylaminuria.

- Beer. The level of methionine in the plasma becomes higher.

- Burnt sugar. Disturbed metabolism.

- Excrements. The presence of inflammation in the urinary tract.

What to do?

Having found a sharp smell of urine, you should immediately go to the doctor’s office and undergo the necessary examination. Next, the specialist will determine the exact diagnosis and will make the necessary treatment for you. In order not to harm your body, you should not engage in treatment yourself. And do not delay your trip to the hospital for later.

Why does the urine smell in children appear?

strange smell of urineAt birth, the urine of babies is odorless.It appears only during adulthood. But if any deviations occur, they are very similar to those that occur in adults. However, one of the most common causes of vitamin D deficiency can be. Then the child refuses to eat, is capricious, he gets overweight, often sweat palms. Or maybe just your baby has a cold? If the baby is breastfed, then pay attention to what you eat. But in any case, you need to consult a doctor. Some experts claim that the sharp smell of urine can be the result of poorly washed baby clothes. Check it out is easy. Let your baby urinate in a clean jar, and compare this fragrance with the smell of the described panties. Have you noticed a big difference? Wash his laundry well. Did this happen only for one day? Then do not worry. But if this has been going on for a long time, then go to the doctor immediately.

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