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If you decide to make a repair, then you probably are interested in the following question: "Which windows are better to put?". You can order wooden or aluminum, but as it seems to us, the answer is obvious - of course, plastic. In recent years, they have proven themselves well and have earned a lot of thanks to the manufacturers. Undoubtedly, we are talking about quality products from well-known domestic and foreign companies.what windows is better to put

Savings are inappropriate here.

Good windows from a well-known manufacturer usually cost more, but you can get a quality product that does not crack after 3 years of use and will not turn yellow. The quality of products is determined not so much by the material (after all, all manufacturers use the same raw material) as by the organization of production, strict observance of technological standards.

Manufacturing companies

If you are thinking about which windows to put in your home, then listen to our recommendations. Choose products of only those companies that have been working for a long time in the market of plastic products. Typically, these companies give a long warranty period for their products - from three to five years. Their products are certified, and this, you see, is important.which plastic window is better

Plastic windows - the best firms

I would like to note that German manufacturers currently occupy a leading position in the Russian window market. Today we will present you the most popular of them, so that you can navigate and opt for decent products that will last for many years.


The most famous German manufacturer of windows, working more than twenty-five years in this market. It is noteworthy that the company completely abandoned the use in the manufacture of its products of lead - a heavy chemical element. This allowed the company to raise the level of ecological purity of its products to 99%!

The company makes the best profile for windows not only traditional white. Currently, the palette has more than forty colors and shades.By the number of windows sold, KBE is confidently leading in the Russian market.plastic windows best firms

Now for the cost. In the article we will give the average prices in Moscow, in your region they may differ slightly.

A single-leaf KBE PVC window costs 4,850 rubles, a double-leaf one will cost from 6,720 to 7,920 rubles (depending on the opening and configuration system), a three-fold door will cost from 10,850 to 12,620 rubles, and a balcony door will range from 6,250 to 7,270 rubles.

REHAU company

Magnificent German company specializing in the manufacture of plastic windows since 1958. Windows, whose quality is appreciated all over the world, are now enjoying success on the Russian market. This product is equipped with the most modern and high-quality accessories AUBI, and therefore has high energy-saving characteristics. In terms of sales of its products, the company ranks second in the market of our country. However, its specialists are constantly working on expanding the range. Perhaps soon the company will take the lead.

The windows of this company are environmentally friendly, have two seals, have a high level of thermal protection. The outer pre-chamber protects against moisture.

Single window RENAU can be bought for 5150 - 7470 rubles, two-fold window - from 7120 - 10900 rubles, three-leaved will cost you 11210 - 17320 rubles, balcony door - from 6840 - 9850 rubles.which plastic window is better to choose

VEKA company

Another German manufacturer, known to the Russian buyer for more than ten years. At this time, five profiles of this company are being implemented in Russia, and soon its lineup will expand significantly.

VEKA windows are equipped with well-known accessories ROTO IT, which reliably protects against unwanted visits of intruders. The company's products attract customers with a variety of designs, a wide range of color profiles.

Single window VEKA can be purchased at prices ranging from 4,650 to 5,320 rubles, double-leaf ones - from 8,720 to 9,980 rubles, tricuspid ones - from 10,250 to 12,140 rubles. Balcony door - from 5790 to 7120 rubles.

TROCAL company

Today, many Russians are installing plastic windows in their homes. The best firms, including the German company TROCAL, offer a huge selection of different models.good windows

In our country, the company presented three profiles:

  • three-chamber Comfort;
  • four-chamber TROCAL 900;
  • five-chamber INNOVA 70.

These are reliable and high-quality windows.Customer reviews indicate that the company produces really good products that correspond to the “price + quality” ratio. They are sure that the money spent on the purchase and installation of windows is fully justified.

A double window from TROCAL can be purchased for 9,500 rubles, a three-leaved window for 11,500 rubles, a balcony door for 9,500 rubles.

PROPLEX company

If you have not yet decided which plastic window to choose, we want to introduce you to an excellent Austrian company. According to the original technologies of PROPLEX, Russian manufacturers produce four profiles:

  • "Optima";
  • "Premium";
  • "Luxury";
  • "balcony".windows reviews

All of them consist of two - five cameras. PROTEX systems comply with existing international standards and are adapted to our climate. The company manufactures plastic for its profiles according to the original technology. These windows are reliable, safe, environmentally friendly. They fully meet all the requirements for thermal and sound insulation. Windows PROPLEX - this is an excellent quality of materials and quite reasonable price. The cost starts from 2900 rubles per square meter.


Plastic windows of this company are still poorly represented in our market - there is only one model.There were no complaints about the quality of the material or the product as a whole, but if in the near future the company does not diversify its range, then it could lose the Russian market - competitors are not asleep. window quality


In order for you to understand which plastic window is best to put in the apartment, you need to carefully examine all the offers on this market. Check out the offers of the German company ALUPLAST. It was founded in 1989.

The company offers customers several different profiles, but the following are particularly popular:

  • Ideal 1000;
  • Ideal 2000;
  • Ideal 6000.

Plastic windows ALUPLAST are ideal for glazing homes in our country - they are not afraid of severe frosts and extreme temperatures. To understand which windows are best to put, you need to know that this German company uses a mixture of PVC with special additives and stabilizers in the production of profiles, which help to get very durable materials.what windows is better to put

The double-leaf ALUPLAST three-chamber window can be bought for 5650 rubles, 5-chamber - for 7290, three-leaved - for 7730 - 9950 rubles, the balcony unit will cost from 8400 to 10400 rubles.

Double glazing

Choosing which window is better to put in the apartment, it is impossible not to figure out how the double-glazed windows are arranged.These are structures consisting of 2-4 glasses and 1-3 air chambers. Most often in plastic windows use single and double glazed windows. Sound and heat insulation properties of the product depend on the number of air chambers.

Buyers need to know that the price of a window depends largely on the distance between the panes. Ideally, it should be more than 16 mm.

Usually used glass brands M0 and M1. Chambers are filled with inert gas or dried air. In some cases, argon is used. But such double-glazed windows should be chosen in combination with low-emission glasses (K-glass). They due to thermal radiation significantly reduce heat loss. In combination with argon, the effect is simply amazing. In glass units glass with various effects can be used:

  • reflective - reliably shelters from the sun and contributes to high-quality light reflection;
  • laminated - will save the owners from hacking;
  • tempered - protects against mechanical damage;
  • reinforced - fire resistant.plastic windows best firms

Plastic windows - reviews

We told you about the best manufacturers in our market and about their products.But if you choose which plastic window is better, it is not at all superfluous to ask the opinion of those who have already gone through this repair phase.

The most positive feedback about their products is received by KBE. According to buyers, the windows of this company are distinguished by excellent thermal insulation. Residents of large cities are very satisfied with noise insulation, which reaches 46 dB, as well as the contour of the seal, which protects against dust penetration into the apartment. Pleases and the proposed color range of profiles.

No matter how hard we tried, we could not find any negative reviews for these products. The only disadvantage that occurs occasionally in reviews is the high price. But here you have to choose - you want coziness and comfort in the house - pay.

RENAU also did not disappoint its customers. They highlight the excellent quality of new windows, accessories, reliable protection from noise and dust, environmental safety. However, many people point out that the room in which the RENAU windows are installed needs to be aired more often, as they do not allow air to pass through.

In TROCAL products, customers always note the best price-quality ratio.

In addition to the high price, buyers found no products in the products of the Austrian company PROPLEX. They believe that the windows are perfectly adapted to our climate. Products perfectly tolerate severe frosts and sudden changes in temperature.

There are claims to the windows ALUPLAST. They are so sealed that moisture can accumulate in the room. Therefore, regular airing is required.which plastic window is better to choose

Surprisingly, the well-known VEKA company did not justify the hopes of the northerners. The declared 50 degrees of frost are not always maintained by this company.

Here, perhaps, all that we wanted to tell you about plastic windows. We hope that the information provided will be enough for you to make the right choice.

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