Which fish better?

The best way to fry fish

The most common fish dishes are pan-fried fillet pieces. Almost all varieties of fish are best obtained if you fry them in a certain shell.Cooking fish in batterThe best option to keep the product from drying out. In this case, when frying the crust, it is not the fish itself that is covered, emitting valuable moisture, but a batter. To the question: "How to make a fish batter?" - There are several answers. We will present three options.

Option 1. How to make a fish batter,so that she becomes tender

How can you fry fish so that this dish will be liked by small children, who have a hard shell that is too tough and those who love food of a soft consistency? We will tell you about fish for fish,which themakes it softer and does not become a rough and hard crust during frying.

fish batter

Ingredients needed to prepare a sweet batter (for 700-800 gr. Fish fillet)

- medium sized eggs - 2 pcs .;

- 200 gr. high fat mayonnaise (about 67%);

- a pinch of salt.


Beat eggs with a fork or a whisk, add mayonnaise, put a little salt (mayonnaise contains a lot of this seasoning, so you shouldn’t salt the batter). Mix well the mass.Place small and not too thick pieces of fish fillets in batter, then spread them on a well warmed frying pan with vegetable oil. Fry over medium heat, turning from side to side. If a substantial amount of oil is used, the finished pieces should be laid out on paper towels so that excess fat is absorbed into the paper. Then shift to the plate.

Option 2. Crisp fish batter

Of course, not only children love fish dishes. Adults, those who love more searching, also want to eat a fried variety of this product. Fish stickcan be prepared as follows.

cooking fish in batter

Ingredients needed in the preparation of crispy batter (for 700-800 gr. Fish base)

- 2 glasses of cold water;

- 2 medium sized eggs;

- 10 tbsp. flour;

- 1.5-2 tbsp. starch;

- a pinch of salt.


First you need to separate the egg whites from the yolks. Then beat the whites with salt, add water, mix. Then sprinkle sifted flour little by little (it is better to take wheat flour of the highest grade). Put the flour gradually, mixing the batter to avoid the formation of lumps. Add starch.Knead well to obtain a homogeneous consistency similar to liquid sour cream. Fry over medium heat using refined vegetable oil.Fish stickthis recipe is obtained in the form of a thin crust, the dish is best served hot. Cooled cool will no longer be crispy.

Option 3. Spicy fish oil

Spicy Fish DipIt turns out, if beer is used as the main liquid. It is better to take for this dish a light, not too bitter, variety.

how to make fish

Ingredients necessary for cooking spicy batter (for 700-800 gr. Fish fillets)

- 1.5-2 glasses of cold beer;

- 2 medium sized eggs;

- 10 tbsp. high-grade wheat flour;

- 1 tsp. vegetable oil without a strong smell;

- salt;

- some spices (black, red, white pepper or others, at your discretion).


Sift flour into a large and deep plate, mix it with salt and pepper. In the middle to make a hole, there pour vegetable oil, then - beer. Mix well by removing lumps. The mass should acquire the consistency of sparing sour cream. Klyar give a little stand. Prepare the fish: wash, cut the skinless fillet into small pieces, dry with paper towels.Then dip in the resulting mixture, lay out on a hot frying pan with lots of vegetable oil. After receiving the fish golden brown - remove from the pan, put on paper towels to get rid of excess fat.

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