Which antiradar is better to choose? Reviews of experts and users antiradars

To ensure safety on the road, special automotive equipment is being created. A modern and reliable equipment is a radar detector, which allows you to control your actions on the way. Which radar detector is better and what technical parameters to pay attention to when choosing it?

Some background information

which radar detector is better

Today, the police are armed with a variety of systems that can suppress radar signals. That is why it is so important to choose a model that will work reliably and stably, recognizing any police device. And if most of the tools still cope with almost all radars, which radar detector is better to catch the frequency of the Strelka’s most powerful and cunning device? So, here they are - the basic rules of how to choose high-quality automotive equipment.

First, the frequency is important!

We buy a device for operation in Russia, so the following is important to us:

  1. The antiradar should catch frequencies X and K.
  2. The device must be equipped with a laser receiver.

These two technical parameters are sufficient, since three radio bands are used in Russia, and therefore there is no need for a more powerful device.

Second: take into account the range and timely response

which radar detector is the best

When choosing which radar detector is better, remember that the signal distance depends on the visibility conditions on the road, the class of the detector itself and the power of the police device. It is believed that for longer journeys it is better to choose models that are additionally equipped with a GPS module, if it is configured to receive and detect Arrow signals.

Third: interference immunity

The first models reacted to almost all signals - from telephones to wave emitters. More advanced and modified modern anti-radar. Which is better? User feedback comes down to the need to choose models in which the power of the received signal is distributed. For example, the X-COP 8000 model is a premium product, since most of the interference is successfully filtered by the device program.

Fourth: functionality

DVR with anti-radar which one is better

Choosing a technique, we want it to be a lot. But when choosing a car device, it is worth to abandon this rule and choose simple and concise radar detectors. Which is better? Reviews of the most reliable models suggest that it is worthwhile to give preference to instruments with an informative contrast display and clear controls, so that it is convenient and easy to use. An important role is played by the convenience of mounting in the car, as well as city / highway switching modes.

What ranges does it work in?

The main characteristic when choosing a radar detector is the ability to catch different frequency ranges. To understand which radar detector is the best for this indicator, you need to understand the number of ranges. Modern police models work in the following frequencies:

  • X-range. On this frequency, the devices "Falcon" and "Barrier". They appeared the very first, and therefore have already become obsolete.
  • The K-band operates at a frequency of 24–150 MHz and features improved functionality.
  • Ka-bands: radars operating at a given frequency are able to detect a vehicle with speeding at a distance of up to 1500 m.True, in our country such devices are not used.
  • Laser range. These speed meters work on the basis of a laser beam that is very difficult to detect with conventional automotive equipment.

Now we will consider in what ranges modern anti-radars can work. Which is better? Reviews say the following. Operating in the Ultra-X range, the devices are capable of detecting signals at frequency X, and they appeared earlier than other models. In the Ultra-K mode, devices operating in the K-band are determined: they were initially developed to determine the Berkut and Iskra radars. In advanced models, POP technology is widely used, which is capable of catching all ranges.

Mount type

antiradar which is better reviews

Which antiradar is better - a hybrid, that is, combined with another device, or monoblock? Reviews in this matter diverge. Some say that the device combined with the DVR is universal and multi-functional. Such structures, as a rule, are compact, but the obvious disadvantage of the models is the reduction in the quality of radar work.

There are models consisting of one or several blocks.If there are several elements in the equipment, they are installed in different parts of the car, and once and for all, that is, it will be problematic to remove the device. That is why the most popular devices - in the form of a monoblock, which are mounted on the windshield, under the rearview mirror - that is, where the device is more likely to be detected by police radar.

Choosing a brand

What is the best radar detector? This question is asked by many motorists who decide to purchase such modern equipment. The difficulty is that there are a huge number of models with different technical characteristics on the market. Some of the popular brands are Sho-Me, Crunch, Parkcity. Of course, cheap models with high quality work do not differ too much functionality, and the most expensive devices - combined with DVRs.

Sho-Me: radars for every taste

what better radar sho me

The model range of this brand pleases various devices in a wide price range. That is why many motorists are buying exactly the anti-radar "Shumi". Which is better? To find out, you need to study the characteristics of each model. It is worth noting,that the detectors of this brand are able to detect modern short-pulse radars in different ranges - K, ULTRA-K within a radius of 360about, as well as laser signals and signals at frequency X. Thanks to reliable digital processors and the latest software, the device detects signals at a distance of up to 3 km.

"Which is better than Sho-Me radar detector?" - ask an ignorant buyer. The answer is: even the most budget models can boast of functional richness and reliability of work. For example, the SHO-ME 1720 and 1730 models have a lot of good feedback from both users and specialists. It notes the function of automatically muffling the sound level, which is convenient for users.

The SHO-ME 785, 720, 685 models are rightfully recognized: they are equipped with modern digital microprocessors of the new generation, due to which data processing is clearer and more reliable. And the most popular among drivers was the model SHO-ME 520: according to customers, the device is very reliable, works perfectly in three modes, catches signals in different ranges. But from the shortcomings noted weak fastening.


cobra antiradar which is better

Antiradars of the Cobra brand have proven themselves from the best side.The main advantage of the brand is a wide model range, where each customer will select the device that best suits their requirements by choosing the Cobra radar detector. Which is better - proceed from your own requirements and financial capabilities. We note that a wide variety of prices is a guarantee that you will surely choose a model to fit your requirements.

The budget model Cobra costs only 2800 rubles, while it is designed specifically for use in Russia. It receives signals from the most popular radars - “Vizir”, “Iskra”, “Binar”, “Golden Eagle”, “Falcon” and some laser devices. The distinctive features of the models of this brand include the following:

  1. Reliability of work. Cobra's Xtreme Range Superheterodyne special patented technology facilitates fast and reliable signal detection over long distances.
  2. Reception of signals from various radars of almost all ranges.
  3. The ability to turn off the reception of a signal in the range of Ka, which leads to a large amount of interference.
  4. All information is displayed on a clear display interface.
  5. Automatic muting of the sound to ensure the convenience of the driver.
  6. Ability to work in two modes - the city and highway.

A more powerful and sophisticated device - detector Cobra RU R9G. It costs 13,900 rubles, while you get a wide range of functionality. If you do not know which anti-radar is better to choose, but you want to choose a powerful and stable working model, pay attention to the Cobra RU R9G. Its distinctive features include:

  1. The ability to connect a GPS-module with a constant update of the database, capable of operating in Russia, CIS countries and Europe.
  2. Unique wireless connectivity technology.
  3. Full HD display.
  4. The presence of voice accompaniment.
  5. Ability to install covertly inside the car.

This car equipment is designed for those who are looking for the most convenient and easy to install device. Experts note that the main advantage of the radar in a full-fledged database, which is constantly updated. Thus, each driver will be able to use the equipment with convenience, ensuring their own safety on the road.

The spaced design allows you to remove the radar, while direct power from the on-board network will be provided with a broach. The detector can be mounted in three ways: on the visor, duct nozzle or velcro to another convenient place.

From middle peasants

which radar detector is the best reviews

What is the best and most affordable radar detector? Well proven device brand Street Storm. They differ, firstly, in reliable operation, and secondly, they do an excellent job with detecting traffic police cameras. Today, a number of anti-radars are produced under this brand, which do an excellent job with their functions. Consider the most popular models of Street Storm:

  • STR 70. This radar detector is able to work in various ranges, coping with laser speed meters. Wide viewing angle provides clarity and range for signal detection. There is a voice message function in Russian.
  • STR-5010. These models have a USB port, so there will be no problems with software updates. The liquid crystal display, which displays all the information useful to the driver, works stably. The model is supplemented by a GPS module. Effectively works both in the city and on the highway.
  • Street Storm 9020 is good because it copes with the detection of radiation from the Strelka radar complexes at a remote distance.

Hybrid Models: Pros and Cons

Today a very popular automotive equipment is a DVR with a radar detector.Which is better? To answer this question, you should deal with brands and models. The most popular devices are created by companies Datakam, CONQUEROR, Subini, EPLUTUS. A high-grade radar detector capable of detecting the Strelka complex was created by Subini.

So, for 6600 rubles you can purchase the SUBINI STR GH1-FS model. It is distinguished by the fact that it confidently receives signals from all police radars, including the Strelka. The device is considered the equipment of the new generation, in which several functionalities are combined at once. At the same time, the anti-radar successfully copes with the responsibilities assigned to itself, is conveniently mounted and has an integrated LCD display.

The SUBINI GR-F4 STR V2 model is more advanced, and therefore it costs twice as much - almost 13,000 rubles. Many buyers like this anti-radar. Which is better? Photos and customer reviews suggest that the modified model is attractive from a technical point of view:

  1. Works on MS Windows CE 6.0 OS.
  2. It has an LCD display.
  3. It features a maximum video recording resolution of 1280 x 720 dpi.

This DVR, according to experts, is one of the most reliable and versatile in the market today.In addition to video recording of the road situation, it perfectly performs the functions of a navigator and a detector of police radar signals. Moreover, the model is attractive precisely high-grade radar detector. That is, you can equip your car with the latest technology, while at the same time only one gadget will be mounted on the windshield. It is no coincidence that many drivers choose this particular DVR with anti-radar. Which is best for you? It depends on your requirements, financial capabilities and tasks that you plan to solve with the help of this device.

Tests of popular models

antiradar which is better photo

The modern market offers motorists such a wide choice of gadgets that not everyone can cope with the solution of this tricky task. Equipment with various additional functions, mounting type, visibility, cost - all these are the main characteristics, on the basis of which we decide for ourselves which antiradar is the best. Reviews of many models are so extensive that they allow to draw conclusions and choose the appropriate option.

If you choose a compact device, pay attention to the type of mounting.However, the quality of the video should not be overlooked. As for the reviews, many buyers note in them that the ability to work in different ranges, as well as the ability to detect the majority of police radars, should still be important characteristics.

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