Where is the monument to Prince Vladimir in Moscow?

November 4th, 2016Moscow ... Borovitskaya Square ... Monument to Prince Vladimir - the Baptist of All Russia, towers and proudly looks at the gathered citizens. Even Vladimir Putin arrived at the opening of the newly erected pedestal. Monument to Prince Vladimir in Moscow caused the most fierce controversy among the intelligentsia. Some doubted its expediency, others decided that it was blocking the view of the Kremlin.


Prince Vladimir I Svyatoslavovich was born in 978, and died in 1015 m. From 970 to 988, the rules of Novgorod. Date of birth of Vladimir is very approximate. No one knows the exact one. He was the illegitimate son of Prince Svyatoslav Igorevich. Key Malusha gave birth to him. She gave a drink to the ruler and became pregnant by him. The mother of Svyatoslav, Princess Olga, having learned about this, exiled Malusha to the village of Budutin (near Pskov). After his birth, Vladimir lived for several years in the middle of nowhere, and then they moved to Kiev. The grandmother (Princess Olga) and her voivode Dobrynya, the mother's brother, took up the child there.

Monument to Prince Vladimir in Moscow

How was the power in the hands of the illegitimate son of Yaroslav? Why did they put a monument to Prince Vladimir in Moscow?Svyatoslav did not forget about him. Before the war with the Bulgarians, he divided the land between the brothers. Yaropolk, as a senior, received Kiev. Oleg, native younger son - the capital of the Drevlian lands Ovruch. Vladimir began to rule Novgorod, where he grew up with his mother and Dobrynia.

Father died in this campaign. Kievan Rus began to manage three brothers who did not get along well with each other. In 975, Oleg and Yaropolk finally quarreled. They began to fight. Oleg died under mysterious circumstances. Yaropolk took over the ownership of his brother's land. Vladimir was frightened for his life and ran away, leaving Novgorod to his elder brother. He returned five years later. Gathering a huge Varangian army, and won all the lands of Kievan Rus. The prince was originally a pagan. He ordered stone idols to be placed in the center of Kiev:

  • Perun;
  • Dazhboga;
  • Horsa;
  • Simargla;
  • Mokosh

Monument to Prince Vladimir in Moscow photo

The population began to sacrifice sculptures, people came to pray to them. Vladimir had a negative attitude towards Christianity. He even ordered the destruction of Orthodox churches in the reclaimed Polish and Volyn lands.Much time has passed since he converted to Christianity. At that time, no one could even think that in 2016 there would be a monument to Prince Vladimir in Moscow. It became the capital of the Russian lands in the 15th century, and its population was always Orthodox. Let's return to the prince who baptized Russia.

Interest in religions

In 986, Prince Vladimir began to study different religions. Clergymen who preached were invited to the conversation:

  • Christianity;
  • Judaism;
  • Islam.

Monument to Prince Vladimir in Moscow in Borovitskaya

Conversation with the last two failed, and the prince asked them to get out. A Christian Greek father fascinated him with his speeches. He unfolded before the young prince an illustration in which the Last Judgment was depicted. In the picture on the left, sinners were drawn, who were going to hell with a terrible roar. On the right, everything was very good, the righteous were depicted there. They were cheerful and calm, because their way was to the paradise of God. Father said to Vladimir: “After death you want to join the righteous and go to heaven? Then cross yourself and baptize your people! ”The prince did not immediately make a decision, but he thought about it. Vladimir pondered the year.

After this time, the prince decided to send the boyars to the Bulgarians, Germans, Greeks and Khazars. They had to study their religious ceremonies and temples. Nowhere did the people like him so much as the Greeks did. The boyars were very impressed by the most beautiful temples, and they began to persuade the prince to accept their faith. Another argument was that the grandmother of Vladimir, the famous princess Olga, accepted this religion.

War with Byzantium

The prince decided to be baptized, but because of the war with the Byzantines, he could not do it soon. His army laid siege to a Greek colony in the Crimea (Chersonese). Vladimir made a vow that if this line is taken, he will accept Christianity and baptize his people. Chersonesos (Korsun) was conquered by the treachery of the Greeks.

Moscow Borovitskaya square monument to Prince Vladimir

However, Vladimir did not stop there. He demanded from the rulers of Byzantium to give his wife Anna their wife. Vasily and Konstantin had nowhere to go. They agreed on the condition that the prince would accept Christianity, because they could not pass off her sister as a pagan. Vladimir did not particularly resist, since he himself had long ago made such a decision.

Omen during the baptism of Vladimir

Soon the prince was baptized in one of the churches of Chersonese.During the procedure, Vladimir began to suddenly lose his sight, but after it ended, he suddenly saw the light. This made an indelible impression on the prince, and he decided that it was God's sign. Together with the ruler, everyone who was with him in Byzantium was baptized. The prince returned home with a young beautiful wife and a firm intention to baptize Russia.


The first order of the prince to return to Kiev was to chop down all the idols and burn them. But the chief, the god Perun, he ordered to bind to the tail of the mare and chase her all over Kiev, so that the people could see his attitude to paganism. The next day, Vladimir gave the order to all people, poor and rich, to appear on the bank of the Dnieper. He threatened the people and said that those who did not appear would be executed and his house burned down. Thus began the long period of the baptism of Russia with fire and sword. And it lasted two years. During this time, a third of the entire population perished. Many did not want to abandon the faith of their ancestors, resisting. They either died or hid in the distant northern and northeastern forests.

Prince Vladimir monument in Moscow where

The monument to Prince Vladimir in Moscow is a reminder of the most volitional decision in the history of Russia. It turned the tide of events and allowed to overcome the cultural and political isolation of the country.Thanks to Vladimir, Kievan Rus took an honorable place in the symbolic family of European Orthodox peoples.

Monument to Prince Vladimir in Moscow

The photos presented in the article allow you to independently evaluate what the sculpture looks like. The place where the monument is now installed was empty and neglected. According to the townspeople, the sculpture looks a bit unusual, but serves as a decoration of the city.

Historians initiative

A new monument to Prince Vladimir in Moscow has been erected on the initiative of the military-historical society. The sculpture is represented in the image of the Baptist. The sculpture holds a cross in its right hand, while its left holds a sword. The monument to Prince Vladimir in Moscow on Borovitskaya is not a lone sculpture. Behind him stands three bronze bas-reliefs. They depict periods from the life of a prince:

  • life before baptism;
  • the adoption of Christianity by the ruler;
  • Baptism of Russia.

new monument to prince Vladimir in Moscow

Residents of the capital reacted positively to the idea of ​​installing a sculpture, because everyone knows what a great contribution to history was made by Prince Vladimir. The monument in Moscow, where new statues are constantly being installed, took a worthy place and became another decoration of the capital.

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