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On the territory of Russia there are many surprisingly beautiful places that were created by nature itself. To such, of course, can be attributed Mount Ai-Petri, located in the Crimea. We will talk about the history, interesting places and legends associated with it in this article.

Description of the mountain

Ai-Petri is a mountain on the peninsula of Crimea. Administratively, it belongs to the Yalta district. The mountain has three peaks:

  • Home.
  • East.
  • Western.

The height of Ai-Petri on the Main summit reaches 1234 meters above sea level, and East and West - 1100 meters. The mountain silhouette itself stretched from the legendary Swallow Nest on Cape Ai-Todor to amazing curly teeth, which are called "Dragon's Teeth".The teeth are four large, having a height of from 60 to 80 meters, and several small protrusions on the ridge. They appeared as a result of natural processes: due to the weathering of the rock, which in these places has a heterogeneous limestone structure.

Name of the mountain

The name Ai-Petri in translation from the ancient Greek language means “Saint Peter”. In these places there was the monastery of the same name, the ruins of which have survived to the present day, and later became known as the mountain itself.

Mountain "Ai-Petri" at dawn

In fact, it is possible to call Ai-Petri not only the mountain itself, but also the entire plateau. Yayla is a form of mountainous terrain that is typical for Crimean places. Ai-Petrinskaya Yayla has an area of ​​more than 300 km2and extends more than 25 km from west to east, along the southern Crimean coast.

This mountain massif was formed in the Jurassic period (from 180 to 150 million years ago) and mainly has a limestone base. Time and weather conditions significantly changed the appearance of these places. Wind, water, karst processes contributed to the formation of a large number of caves here. To date, more than 1,300 karst wells and craters, as well as 218 caves have been discovered on the territory of this plateau.

Grand Canyon of Crimea

In the direction of the northern slope of Ai-Petri is the largest and deepest canyon on the entire peninsula. Its maximum low point reaches 321 meters. In the canyon there is a large number of caves, which are declared natural monuments of Russian importance. These include the most famous and visited caves:

  • Crystal
  • Rocky
  • Geophysical.
  • Pearl
  • Cascade.

Some of them are open to tourists, for example, Yalta and Three-Eye, which is popularly called the "fridge". The most popular is the last cave. You can get into it through one of the three entrances (eyes), with which the name of the cave is connected. Inside there are stalagmites and stalactites of ice, and ice slides up to six meters high. It is known that the ancient hunters left here to preserve their prey.

Cave "Three-eyed"

The Yalta cave was discovered in 1997, it also found clusters of stalactites, stalagmites and ice formations.

Flora and fauna

Due to the mountainous terrain, which is covered with forests of evergreen trees in a large area, the climate in these places is very similar to the Mediterranean.The slopes of Ai-Petri are covered with beech, hornbeam, oak, juniper and pine forests.

Among the grasses and shrubs, there are quite a few endemic (unique and native to this area) species. These include:

  • Arbutus.
  • Dubrovnik of Jailin.
  • Bindweed Crimean.
  • Jasmine shrub.
  • Pitti glitz.

At the foot of Ai-Petri in Yalta, on the territory of the mountain forest reserve, unique and valuable forests with a rare Crimean pine have survived to our time. This reserve is home to more than 35 species of mammals, about 115 species of birds, a variety of reptiles and amphibians.

In these places there are reservoir deposits of fresh water, which are the main source for the Crimean peninsula. From here originate the main Crimean rivers, which feed on the purest artesian basins, and then give life-giving moisture to the entire peninsula.

Ai-Petri: cable car

Through the mountain passes the cable car, which connects the three stations. These are “Ai-Petri”, “Sosnovy Bor” and “Mishor”. The road for tourists was opened in the spring of 1988 and immediately became a popular attraction.

Cable car

This unique engineering construction works all year round, and its length is 2980 meters. The lower station “Mishor” is located at an altitude of 86 meters above sea level, the middle one - “Sosnovy Bor” - 304 meters, and the highest one (“Ai-Petri”) - 1152 meters.

This cable car is unique in that it has one of the longest unsupported spans in Europe. There is not a single supporting structure between the middle and upper stations, and so on for the length of 1,670 meters.

From the bottom to the top of the cable car you can climb in 15 minutes, but the main advantage is not speed. During this short journey you will see breathtaking views that highlight the majestic beauty of the mountain. Also during the trip on the cable car you can make great photos of Ai-Petri.

Mountain legend

There are a lot of legends and legends about this mountain, which are widespread in local folklore. One of the most famous is the legend of a couple in love. The girl and the young man from wealthy families were in love with each other. However, their families were at odds with each other, like Shakespeare's Montecchi and Capuleti.

Types of "Ai-Petri"

The heads of the clans were categorically against the union of the young and demanded their immediate separation. The lovers were not going to obey the will of their categorical parents and decided on a desperate step. They climbed to the top of Mount Ai-Petri in order to commit suicide. So they expected to be together, at least in the afterlife.

However, there, from where they decided to jump down, there was only a place for one person, therefore, they were destined to rush down in turns. The first guy jumped, and when his body broke on the rocks, and was absorbed in the waves, his lover was frightened and changed her mind to follow him. She just exclaimed: “Ay, Peter!” And ran away. According to legend, since that time, this mountain has acquired its name.

What to see

In addition to the beautiful views opening in the Grand Canyon and from Ai-Petri itself, we recommend visiting the forest pearl - the Uchan-Su waterfall in the Crimea. Rising to the top of the mountain along the serpentine, you need to turn on one of the turns and go to this miracle of nature.

Upper cascade of the Uchan-Su waterfall

The name Uchan-Su is translated from the Crimean Tatar language as “flying water”. It is noteworthy that the waterfall had several names, so at the time when the Greeks lived here, it was called Cremeta-Nero, which means “hanging water” in the language of the Greeks.And when outs lived here (Albanian Greeks), he bore the name of Autkinsky Falls.

Uchan-Su originates from the eponymous river, whose sources are located at the mountain peak. Then the water, passing the rapids, comes to the starting point of the waterfall, falling from a height of 390 m, continuing to fall for almost a hundred meters.

On one of the cascades a structure with a small sculpture of an eagle was built. The building is a water intake, which, through a special pipe, directs clean water to the reservoir of Mount Mogaby.

The landscape that opens at the waterfall is beautiful, and millions of drops of water only make it exotic when the rays of light begin their rainbow game.

How to get there

View of the "Dragon's Teeth"

To get to Ai-Petri from Yalta in several ways. One of them is on the route taxi, which leaves from the bus station. They go to the mountain not according to the schedule, but as the passengers appear. The cost of the trip is 350 rubles, and the journey time will be approximately 40 minutes. You can also take a taxi, its services will cost an average of from 1,500 to 1,800 rubles.

Then you can climb the mountain by cable car, the ticket price for an adult is 400 rubles, and for a child - 250.It should be noted that children under six years old have the right to free travel.

Nowadays, hiking trails to the top of the mountain are becoming very popular. However, to do this, you must have basic physical training and equipment, and in no case do not make such a journey yourself. Extreme leisure lovers should hire experienced instructors to climb to the top. Knowing the various paths, they will be able safely and relatively in a short period of time to take you up. Prices for the services of conductors are negotiable, on average they vary from 2,000 to 5,000 rubles, depending on the number of people in the group.

Reviews of Ai-Petri

After visiting this unique monument of nature, which was created over millions of years, the most vivid impressions remain. The surrounding nature is fascinating with its virgin beauty, leaving bright pictures in memory.

"Ai-Petri" in winter

Ecotourism lovers will especially appreciate visiting Ai-Petri, because here the beauty of mountain peaks, the diversity of forests, the mystery of caves with ice stalactites and stalagmites, as well as the freshness of a mountain waterfall are combined.

For lovers of sports recreation on the top of the mountain, various extreme rides have recently been opened, which can be used for a relatively low price.

If you come to the Crimea, be sure to take the time to visit Ai-Petri. On an excursion to the mountain you will spend quite a bit of time and money, which you will not regret in the future. Having been in these amazing places, you will take with you wonderful memories that will delight you all your life.

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