What to wear with ragged jeans. With what shoes to wear ripped jeans

The world fashion does not cease to surprise with unusualsolutions. This time, women are asked to wear jeans with numerous slits. However, those who have never tried on a new trend, have questions: what to wear with ragged jeans, how to choose accessories and whether such clothes are suitable for full? You will learn all this from our article.

Ragged jeans - the world trend

The basis for a non-standard design solution wasall familiar items of the wardrobe. Jeans have long been a classic, and this means that you can safely experiment with them. Careless slits and fringe are the simplest thing you can do in this situation. In this case, women can not limit themselves in choosing a style or color of jeans. Because this year they are allowed almost everything!

Convenience of the world trend has already been assessedonly the stars of cinema and show business. That's why even those who are far from fashion, choose jeans (ragged women). With what to wear this creative subject of a wardrobe and how correctly to pick it up? All this you will learn further.

what to wear with torn jeans

Pick up torn jeans

The main rule that should be followedwhen going to the store, is the selection of the model by the type of figure. Even ripped jeans should ideally sit on the hips and emphasize dignity. After all, the final image should be feminine and attractive. Therefore, in the case of torn jeans, it is extremely important not to overdo it.

If you have never tried on the presenttrend, then start with the usual shape for yourself. This will make you feel comfortable and look stylish at the same time. However, if you are not afraid of experimentation, then get jeans in the style of a boyfriend. It is this model that is most popular among movie and show business stars, who in everyday life prefer practical and simple clothes.

what kind of shoes to wear ripped jeans

The choice of color and material will depend only on thethe final image that you want to get. The main thing is that you look in harmony with the overall outfit. For example, today white white jeans are very popular. With what to wear such a color, it is obvious to all. It should be a bright blouse or top of a contrasting color. While darker models of trousers are better suited for pastel tones.

The basic rule that must accompanychoice, lies in the comfort and practicality. After all, this wardrobe object expresses freedom of action and movement. Therefore, choose a style that will fit perfectly on the figure and hide its obvious flaws. You can correct the shape not only with the help of slits, but also with volume pockets, creative stitches or a combination of different colors of denim. Today, a very wide range of canvas trousers is presented in the stores, so you will definitely find your pair.

But with what kind of shoes do they wear ragged jeans? You will learn more about this later.

Shoes for torn jeans

A great advantage of trousers made of canvas isthat they can be worn with almost any footwear. And this rule applies to both classic models and torn jeans. If you feel comfortable on a flat sole, then you can safely wear moccasins or sneakers. In this trousers can be tucked and pick up a free top. This will create a casual everyday image for walking or shopping.

Can I wear ragged jeans?

Those who do not think their everyday life without a highheel, can also try on gin with slits. It is enough to choose the most tight fitting model and shoes that will underline the ankles. In this case, the top of the kit can be designed in a classical style. Indeed, today in the world fashion is very popular fusion style, which allows a combination of differently appointed clothes.

What to wear with torn jeans - choose accessories

Every woman knows that the image will beUnfinished, if not supplement it with suitable ornaments. But what to wear under ragged jeans? In this case, everything will depend only on your personal preferences. After all, jeans fabric is combined with inexpensive jewelry, and with precious metals and stones. In addition, careless cut will smooth the transition from sporting style to classic, which will try on almost any accessories.

As for the selection of a bag, scarf or hat,then do not give preference to fabrics that will look more defiant than jeans themselves. After all, this wardrobe thing itself attracts attention. Therefore, do not overload the image with extra bright details.

Features of socks and care for torn jeans

The advantage of the fabric from which thetrousers, is unpretentious in toe and care. However, one must understand that numerous slits can damage the structure of the jeans. Because of this, the product will lose its appearance much sooner and will be suitable only for work at home. To avoid this, it is recommended to wash the item exclusively by hand in cold water. And when wearing, do not allow excessive stretching and use the belt.

jeans women's ragged with what to wear

Can I wear ripped jeans full?

Universal jeans trousers fitabsolutely everything. The same goes for the world trend, which we are talking about today. Can I wear ripped jeans full? Certainly! After all, this unusual wardrobe object not only makes everyday life comfortable, but also hides the shortcomings of the figure. The main thing is to choose the right style.

Full girls are recommended to wear straightmodel, avoiding narrowed pants. This will make the figure more harmonious. In this case, the top of the kit can be free. For an evening walk, a wide cotton shirt is perfect. While in the office you can wear a fitted jacket that visually makes the silhouette slimmer.

what to wear under ripped jeans

As for color, the owner of lush formscan choose the same models as slender girls. It should be based on the style and color scheme of the kit as a whole. But what to wear with torn jeans to full ladies?

Adjust the figure will help contrastcombination of light trousers and dark top. In addition, you can focus on bright shoes with high heels or décolleté zones. In both cases, the proportions will look very harmonious. A three-dimensional bag made of leather or cotton and a hat will complement the image and show others that you have a sense of style.

Disadvantages of tattered jeans

As well as any world novelty, trousers from canvas withcuts and fringe have their drawbacks. Unfortunately, this wardrobe item can be worn far not for every occasion. This option is suitable only for casual meetings with friends or for work that does not require a strict dress code. But for a hike in a restaurant or business negotiations it is better to choose a classic model of jeans without causing incisions.Whether it is possible to wear ripped jeans fullIn addition, do not wear ragged pants in the winter. This will not only contribute to hypothermia, but it will not look very aesthetically. The youth variant of jeans trousers is better for leaving on hot summer days.

Ragged jeans with their own hands

Do not rush to throw out a pair of old trousers thatlong lost their color and appearance. After ragged jeans can be done even with their own hands! To do this, you need sharp scissors or a razor. By the length of the pants you need to chart the future slots with a simple pencil or a slice of soap. It is best to do this immediately on the figure. Slots are made along the lines, and then the excess threads are removed by hand. If the fabric is too thin, then you can fix the fibers with a colorless varnish on the reverse side. This will not allow the trousers to break even more.

white ripped jeans with what to wear

The cuts on the jeans can be performed at allcareless or have contoured edges. Today, you can find models that have laces or bright pads sewn into the cuts. Any design solution allows you to create a truly unique image.
Thanks to such simple actions you will get a new trendy thing in your wardrobe! And what to wear with ragged jeans, and on what occasion to wear them - is a matter of taste.

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