What to wear with long earrings?

Every girl wants to look perfect. In order to image was gorgeous, they often put on earrings - an integral part of a beautiful bow. However, they are quite different in appearance and length. Many people ask questions: “With what to wear long earrings?”, “How to choose the right jewelry?”. These are the questions about long earrings, you can find the answers below.

A little about the history of decoration

The decoration, which not only women, but also men, cannot do without, arose in the 16th century in Eastern Europe. Surprisingly, at that time, earrings were considered a kind of talisman that guarded the person. Therefore, since childhood, the girl was pierced with ears and put on jewelry. Especially popular were earrings with a lion's head or in the form of a ring.

Time passed, and the decorations became more diverse. Types of earrings varied from ordinary ringlets to various shapes: triangles, animals or asterisks. They were made from different metals.

In fact, people could use earrings as a way of earning: the demand was quite large.What could be better and more interesting than making earrings? Painstaking but fascinating work also developed hand motor skills.

In the modern world there are many different earrings that we use more and more often. They are popular for their beauty, and can successfully complete the image.

Long drop earrings

Types of earrings

Now we will consider them:

  1. "Carnations". It is no secret that after you pierce your ear, you put on a little “carnations”. They are not only reliable advocates, but also look cute and rather modest.
  2. Rings. These earrings are very beautiful and easily accentuate your image. Now smaller ring earrings are more popular because they act as a standard of beauty.
  3. Piercing Incredibly, but nowadays earrings in the nose or navel are gaining popularity. It looks sexy and unusual.
  4. Clips. Do not want to pierce the ears? There is an exit. Clips are perfect for you, because they just need to be stabbed on the ear lobe. Remember that it is not recommended to wear them for a long time, because soon you will feel unpleasant pain.
  5. Broach. "Carnations" with a long element - this is the broach.Wearing them for holidays or for special occasions, you will not lose! They look great on the ears, despite the fact that they are tiny, but hanging.
  6. It is believed that in England the most practical people, so there are so-called earrings with an English castle. They are modern and very comfortable to take off and put on. By the way, they serve for a long time, so this is the best option.

So, here is a list of earrings that are famous for their beauty today.

Long earrings

Selection of jewelry to the shape of the face

Before you run to the store and take the first long earrings, stand by the mirror and look closely at the shape of your face. Know that for each person there is an ideal version of earrings. By following the tips below, you can’t go wrong:

  1. If you are the owner of an oval face, earrings in the form of small ovals will suit you.
  2. With a round face you definitely can not wear long round earrings. Try decorations in the form of triangles, rhombuses or rectangles, and then you will be able to get a wonderful image.
  3. Naturally, for a square face it is not recommended to pick up long earrings in the form of squares.Rings and triangles will look good on you, so feel free to experiment!
  4. Earrings in the form of a chandelier or a variety of pendants will suit those with a heart-shaped face.

The above are the most common face shapes. After reviewing the information, you can carefully approach the selection of earrings.

Long hoop earrings

What clothes can you wear earrings with?

Earrings play an important role in the image, so you should know how to choose and wear them correctly:

  • Open shoulders. Long, hanging earrings with a cut-out shoulder are very beautiful and gentle. People will not only be able to admire your shoulders, but also see amazing decorations.
  • Of course, an evening dress can never ruin long earrings with stones. On the contrary, they only emphasize your uniqueness.
  • As for blouses: you can also wear earrings to all your favorite turtlenecks! Even if the gate is large, jewelry is always welcome. Long earrings should not cling to the collar, remember this!
  • V-neck. Say "no" to huge pendants and necklaces, you will only need to wear long gold earrings to look matchless.It is very important to mention that in this way, visually your neck will be much longer, which means you can bewitch everyone who looks at you.
  • Jeans, shirt, topic - all these things are not an obstacle to long accessories. Earrings in the form of animals or flowers are perfectly combined with street style.
Long earrings with a dress

What not to wear

Earrings are almost always appropriate in any bow. However, sometimes they can spoil your image, so remember these tips:

  • Sportswear is not designed for decoration. Agree, to run with long earrings is not very convenient.
  • If you must attend an interview or talk to serious people when applying for a job, do not wear long earrings. They not only spoil the opinion of you, but also look too defiant and inappropriate.
  • Trying on a formal business style, exclude hanging earrings from your look. Believe me, they will not beautify you in the slightest, but will only attract all their attention.
Long earrings with a cut on the dress

Important rules and conclusion

Girls, be careful in the selection of jewelry. If you are unlucky, and you have a rather short neck, then neglect long earrings.They can spoil the appearance, because the neck visually becomes smaller. Also do not forget that the combination of pendants, necklaces and earrings is the lot of experienced models. Putting on all at once should not be. Believe me, this will only aggravate your beautiful view and make it "heavy." Stop at one thing.

Summing up, it is necessary to say that long earrings are an elegant adornment for the fair sex. But only if you know the rules, you will succeed in creating the right and balanced image. Be careful and choose what to wear earrings with.

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