What to do when fingers go numb

Why do children get numb?

Young children sometimes have to feel numbness in their toes, which is so unpleasant that it scares them. A baby can “sit out” a leg when it plays for a long time, sitting with its legs tucked under itself. The child quickly calms down if the foot is rubbed or vigorously stroked. Such an improvised massage helps to improve blood circulation, and the numbness passes.

fingers go numb

Why do fingers get numb in adults

Such phenomena often occur in moments of deep and restful sleep, if the limb is pinned down by body weight, incorrectly turned or clamped. In these cases, the capillaries in the fingers can be squeezed, due to which the blood circulation is slowed down. After sleep, a person has a feeling of numbness. The fingers and toes grow numb, the feeling of extremity alienity after some time gives way to a tingling sensation that passes quickly and without consequences. Most often, when such phenomena occur, we are not inclined to attach any importance to this.However, with frequent and prolonged numbness of the toes and hands, not related to the reasons mentioned above, we can talk about the presence of pathology. A particularly alarming symptom is the inability of the skin to respond to changes in temperature.fingers and toes go numb

What to do?

To find out the reasons why fingers get numb, you need to consult a doctor and get ready for an examination, during which you can detect the existing disease. Vessels and nerves are responsible for the structure of body tissues, and it is on them that the proper functioning of the muscles and the sensitivity of the skin depend.

Inflammation of the sciatic nerve

Fingers grow numb in the presence of sciatic nerve inflammation, which can be caused by osteochondrosis of the lumbar spine. Disc herniation and deformation of the vertebrae create compression of the nerve endings, because of this, there is a violation of nerve conduction and peripheral circulation. After periodic loss of sensitivity of the fingers, a severe pain syndrome can occur rather quickly. This condition requires serious treatment.

fingers of the right hand are numb


In this case, the vessels are at high risk of damage due to elevated blood sugar levels.

Raynaud's Disease

In this disease, the fingers of the right hand become numb due to the disruption of the movement of blood through small vessels.

Obliterating endarteritis

Disease leading to blockage and narrowing of the arteries of the limbs, and when neglected - to gangrene.

Atherosclerosis of the lower extremities

In this disease, there is a violation of blood circulation due to cholesterol plaques in the vessels.


In the presence of chronic ailments, leading to the fact that the fingers go numb, constant medical supervision and regular courses of treatment are required. You should know that such diseases do not arise by chance. Sources of illness can be alcohol, smoking, genetic predisposition, lack of physical activity, eating disorders. If your fingers are numb, you need to give up tobacco and alcohol and start taking a more serious attitude towards maintaining your own health.

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