What sizes of condoms are there?

The judgment that condoms are predominantly small in Asian countries and significant in the Middle East and Africa is only a myth. In fact, manufacturers produce products for the parameters that are required by customers, so the choice of size, taking into account the country of manufacture, has no basis.

Buy a condom is better in a pharmacy or supermarket

It is best to buy condoms from a pharmacy, because it is there that provides the most correct and reliable conditions for their storage. Of course, in pharmacies the cost of products number 2 may seem higher than in supermarkets, but only a medical officer can get clear information about this product.

Buying condoms in large shopping centers is quite acceptable, especially if the information about the product is known in advance and you just need to take the familiar packaging. But in no case should you buy condoms at the kiosk at the bus stop.First, it is not clear how they were stored, all of a sudden they were in the sun. And secondly, when choosing the size or any features (manufacturer, smell, taste, color, presence of pimples, etc.), these characteristics have to be discussed with the seller. And far from every buyer is acceptable to communicate on the subject of some particularly personal preferences with a stranger.

Therefore, it is still better to go shopping for a supermarket, since it is right to choose the size of the condom only by standing with the package in your hands for a while. Or you need to immediately go to the pharmacy, whose employees are able to competently answer emerging questions and help you find the right product.

condom sizes

Parameters of products of European, Chinese, American and domestic production

In order to make the right choice, you must first take into account the size of the condom. In particular, in European countries, the length of the product is 170 mm, and its width is 52 mm (or 44–52 mm). But very often this information is difficult to find or it is unreliable. There are 3 European sizes available: 49, 52 and 56. In accordance with the CEN 600: 1994 standard, the condom width should be 44–56 mm.

But when choosing a Chinese-made product, it is recommended to purchase goods that are larger than necessary. The fact is that many buyers find them narrow in feelings in comparison with European counterparts.

Condoms of the American sizes (width of 49 mm) look wider in comparison with the European (51–52 mm). This should also be considered when choosing a product.

Often, Russian consumers rightly believe that it is very important not to encounter the very small size of foreign-made condoms when buying. For domestic products manufactured according to GOST, the length is up to 178 mm and the width is 54 mm.

How to choose the size of the condom from the available on the market

So how to choose the size of a condom? This is a very important point for the convenience and pleasure of both partners, so this issue should be treated with due diligence. First of all, you want to measure the penis in a state of erection, namely, its girth. The length of the circle must be divided by 2. The resulting values ​​must be recorded or memorized.

If the size differs from the standard 170 * 44 mm, you will need to select it more carefully.Today, this is not a problem, as suppliers make products that are enlarged to 54–56 mm.

Ridiculous warnings for Russian men about not encountering a European size of 44 mm, often do not justify themselves. In the Netherlands, Germany and England, whose products are supplied in the CIS, the width is within 49–56 mm, in Sweden it is 50–54 mm. And the most common is the 52nd size with a tolerance of 2 mm.

how to choose the size of a condom

In America, the unit of measurement is the inch, and its fractional part is 1/8, not 1/10, as we have taken. That is 49 mm, 51 mm and 54 mm - the standard size of a condom in America. And there is an old joke that US citizens love only the largest, that is, this statement was reflected in latex products. They also produce large condoms - 57 mm, 63 mm.

The quality of the material and the thickness of the condom

The fact is that differences in the labeling of manufacturers from different countries do exist. Therefore, consumers have reason to worry about whether the size of the condoms and how to learn to understand them.

Chinese products with a nominal width of 56 mm are much narrower than their American counterparts, 54 mm wide, precisely because of the material properties.For example, the LifeStyles Form Fitting model (49 mm) seems wider than a large number of European condoms in 51–52 sizes. Of the products that can be purchased in Russia, Innotex Plus is the largest - 56 mm.

The thickness of the condom is usually 0.06-0.07 mm or 0.04-0.08 mm for the European standard. But even though this is an established value, in practice everything is somewhat different. The fact is that different people can find, for example, Innotex condoms both thick and thin. LifeStyles has a thickness of 0.10 mm, but Primeros Erotic Ribbed (Czech Republic) with an actual thickness of 0.08 mm seemed inconvenient and “thick” to many people. In this case, women usually prefer condoms thinner, since they do not block the heat and do not cause the sensation of sex with an artificial object.

whether condoms have sizes

How to prevent tearing and slipping of the condom

Very often two problems do not give rest: a gap and a slide. It is very important to use a condom correctly, but its quality should also not be in doubt. The largest number of claims regarding the strength of proprietary protective equipment was presented to the American brand LifeStyles.

To reduce the problem of creep, pay attention to the contour condoms.They fit snugly and retain the anatomical shape of the penis.

Tensile strength and creep directly depends on the width and thickness of the product, as well as on lubrication. But here the main criterion must be determined independently, since the abuse of compliance with these parameters can lead to a decrease in sensitivity.

And it is very important to correct the correct size of the condom to eliminate these problems. If the product has smaller dimensions than required, then there is a risk of its rupture, and at large, slipping becomes an unpleasant consequence. Especially not good if it remains in the vagina.

How to choose the right condom quickly

If there is no special time for selection, then you need to buy a product, the length of which is more than 170, and width - 44–56 mm. In this case, the size will be exactly right. You should also consider options for rubber, which is able to stretch well.

how to find out the size of a condom

But since there are products of various lengths and widths on sale, this should be somehow justified. The logical idea is that small size condoms should be used by men with a small sexual organ and vice versa.

To determine the condom that suits a particular person can only be experimentally. According to statistics, the penis of a standard size has a length of 13 to 16.9 cm during erection. Therefore, for such men, when searching for an answer to the question of how to determine the size of a condom, you should pay attention to the appropriate product options.

If the standard characteristics of a member of a classic condom size is inconvenient

As practice shows, owners of classic sizes are not immune from the fact that the condom may seem short, narrow or wide. If this happens, then you need to ask the value indicated on the packaging (for medium condoms it is 52-54 mm).

And if the standard is narrow, then you need to purchase a product of greater width, that is, 54-57 mm. XXL or King size is often written on the packaging, but since it is necessary to know the size of the condom correctly, the main criterion for choosing should be the width value.

But if the standard size was wide and crawls during intercourse, then you need to buy a product with a value of 52 mm or less. Such condoms are called "tight-fitting."

What other values ​​are considered in the production of condoms?

When talking about the size of the "rubber product number 2" is usually implied parameters:

  1. Length.
  2. Width at the base.
  3. Width near the head.
  4. The size of the tank (for the accumulation of semen).

how to choose a condom size

The fact is that a man can choose a condom for himself, as if suitable for the length and thickness of the penis, but in reality it feels uncomfortable in him. In this case, you should take into account the discrepancy in the parameters given above, and then contact the pharmacist with the question of what size of condoms of the same brand he can offer as an alternative, and find a suitable type of product for himself.

But in fact, special production standards for the production of latex products now do not exist, since the material used for their manufacture is well stretched and therefore the same size fits many men.

Varieties of condoms (a few more words about the size and materials)

The difference between the width of the largest product and the same parameter of a small condom is 1.5 cm. The average length of the condom is 19 cm, the width at the base is 5 cm, and near the head is a little more than 5 cm.The largest condom packages are signed by Magnum or XL, XXL.

The most common materials for condom production are:

  1. Polyurethane.
  2. Latex.
  3. Polyisoprene.
  4. The most expensive products are condoms from the gut of a lamb, providing the greatest sensitivity during sex.

If you need to buy a condom quickly, without thinking specifically about its characteristics, then first of all you need to pay attention to the products made of rubber. They tend to stretch better than others.

large condoms

Mistakes when buying condoms

When choosing a condom, only 2 errors are possible: either the product will be too small, or, conversely, large. Each of these causes entails unpleasant consequences.

If a medium-sized condom was chosen that could not bear the burden of sexual intercourse, then this is not at all a signal for refusing products of this brand. Rather, in the future, it is necessary to give preference to a somewhat greater thickness.

A very narrow product causes a feeling of tightness and may burst during sex. But the main rule of safe love is: the more comfortable the condom is, the stronger the protection.A very important criterion when buying is how tightly the product fits the penis. But this does not apply too tight condoms.

Numeric sizes

Condom width in centimeters:

  1. Narrow condoms - up to 4.5 cm.
  2. Medium - 5 cm.
  3. Large - more than 5 cm.
  4. Very large - with a thickness near the head of more than 6.3 cm, and at the base - more than 5.1 cm.

And for owners of very large sizes, suppliers produce products more than 20 cm in length. Regarding the length of the product, the question usually does not arise, because it is usually 19 cm and is suitable for a medium-sized male sexual organ.

The condom is folded so that you can easily “roll” it to the desired length. Owners of a very long body can unfold the product completely, but other men - in size. It is not necessary to use the condom completely unwrapped, because it entails unpleasant sensations in the testicles.

Condom sensitivity

Sensitivity of the skin provide:

  1. Thermoreceptors (for sensing temperature changes).
  2. Mechanoreceptors (for feeling light stretching of the skin).
  3. Pain receptors.

Sensations during sexual intercourse are provided by the first two types of nerve endings. That is, when a small condom is put on, the mechanoreceptors are irritated with pressure. And then for the emergence of any sensations during sex abilities of the vagina becomes small. As a result, you need to either make very sharp shocks, or wait until the member simply falls.

how to determine the size of a condom

Therefore, when choosing a condom, you must first choose a fairly free product, but one that does not fly off during intercourse.

It happens that a man feels the need to reduce the sensitivity of the penis. Close fit to a person, on the contrary, like it. Therefore, again, everything is based solely on personal preferences.

Let's summarize our conversation about how to choose the size of a condom. This is a very important process, allowing you to avoid the problems of intercourse, tearing and discomfort during intercourse. You must try to choose the right width of the product. Although in any case, you should give preference to the condom, the feeling in which the most comfortable.

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