What is the richest country in the world? Top richest countries in the world

How to find out which country is the richest on the planet? By making such an assessment, you can use several different criteria. The simplest is to compare the gross domestic product (GDP) or individual states. At the same time, one should not forget that these indicators characterize the state of a certain country as a whole, while its inhabitants can live rather poorly. China is a prime example. Based on such considerations, it would be most appropriate to take as a basic criterion, which actually reflects the well-being of each individual citizen of the state — GDP per capita. This article lists the 10 richest countries in the world in ascending order of this indicator (based on the results of 2013).


This state is located in central Europe. As a result of last year, the GDP for each individual resident of Austria was 39,711 US dollars.At the same time, it is impossible not to emphasize that in recent years this indicator has been constantly growing. At the heart of the economy of the state, closing the top of the richest countries in the world, is the service sector, in particular - insurance and banking. In addition, metallurgy, mechanical engineering, as well as the chemical, textile and food industries play an important role in the development of Austria. Unemployment and inflation in its territory practically does not exist, which makes the state very attractive for investments.

10 richest countries in the world


The Republic of Ireland is in the ninth position in the ranking. Until the beginning of the financial crisis in 2008, it occupied a higher level. The phenomenon of the rapid development of the state over seven years (from 2001 to 2008) went down in history as the “Celtic Tiger”. According to many experts, the main secret of such overwhelming success lies in successful investments in information technology, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals and financial services. In addition, the active development of the country contributed to the entry into the European Union. Ireland’s GDP is $ 39,999 per capita.the richest countries in Europe


The Kingdom of the Netherlands settled at the eighth place in the ranking “The Richest Country in the World” last year. The economy of the state is based on agriculture, metallurgy, petrochemical industry, the construction of ships and aircraft. Despite the infertility of soils, approximately 65% ​​of the country’s territory is occupied by agricultural land. For every resident of the Netherlands accounted for 42 447 dollars of GDP. In general, a little more than 16.5 million people live in their territory.


The economy of Switzerland, which is inhabited by about 7.86 million citizens, is based on the chemical and food industry, as well as on tourism. The country is very attractive for investing, because people who invest their money in it can always be sure of their safety. Local banks have an excellent reputation, thanks in large part to a stable political situation. GDP per capita is $ 46,424.the richest country


The United States is the richest country in North and South America. For more than a hundred years, the state has boasted the largest economy and the largest export of goods on the planet.At the same time, in terms of population, the US is second only to China and India. This may explain the fact that the GDP per capita here is only in sixth place in the world and amounts to 74,084 dollars. The country has many natural resources, which also include energy. The strongest industries in the economy are the petroleum industry, the automotive industry, steel production and high technology.


The richest country in the territory of Southeast Asia is Singapore. In the world rankings, it occupies the fifth position with the GDP indicator per resident in the amount of 56,579 dollars. The state economy is based on financial services, shipbuilding, chemical and electronic industries. The country has achieved great success in its development largely due to the attraction of foreign investors about half a century ago, as well as due to the openness of the economy and overcoming corruption in it. It should be noted that a steady GDP growth in Singapore has been observed since 2008.top richest countries in the world


The fourth place in the list of the richest countries on the planet is Norway, with a population of 5 million people and a GDP of $ 56,920 for each of them. The key sectors of the national economy are the extraction of gas and oil, as well as their processing.They are in the possession of the state. Norway is among the leaders in the export of these minerals.


UAE close the top three rankings "The richest country in the world." Almost all local residents (there are about 8.26 million in the state) are Arab sheikhs. GDP for each of them last year amounted to 57,744 dollars. The local economy is almost entirely built on the extraction and export of oil. It should be noted that in just a few decades the state has become one of the richest on the planet from the category of backward. This happened only after the discovery of huge deposits of black gold.which country is the richest


The tiny state called Luxembourg tops the list of “The richest countries in Europe” and is in second place in the world rankings. GDP for each individual local citizen at the end of 2013 amounted to $ 89,562. At the same time, only 500 thousand people live in the state. In Luxembourg there are more than a thousand investment funds and about two hundred banks. In no other country are so many such organizations concentrated.The reason for this is quite commonplace: the presence of an offshore zone. Not surprisingly, banking and financial services have become the main sectors of the economy.


The richest country in the world - Qatar, which is a small emirate, located on the Arabian Peninsula. It has 1.69 million inhabitants. An interesting nuance is that it is impossible to obtain Qatari citizenship under any circumstances. The size of GDP per capita last year amounted to 91,379 US dollars. The reason for such wealth of the state lies in the fact that it ranks third on the planet in terms of natural gas reserves and is in sixth position in terms of its export volumes. In addition, Qatar is one of the largest exporters of oil, whose production here began in the forties of the last century. After proclaiming its independence from Great Britain in 1971, a giant field was discovered in the emirate. Experts predict that in a few years, the annual per capita GDP may rise to the level of 111 thousand dollars for each Qatari.the richest country in the world

Currently, the richest country in the world spends huge sums of money on the development of local infrastructure, as well as on diversifying its profits.As a result, the state's economy is becoming less and less dependent on the export of energy resources every year. Among other things, the government of Qatar is constantly trying to attract foreign investors. It is impossible not to note the complete absence of unemployment in the country and the high level of security in it.

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