What is the purpose of patenting inventions?

Take a look around.Everything that surrounds us, was once invented by someone. However, we rarely know the names of those who gave the world various useful subjects. And all because the patenting of inventions has entered our life relatively recently. Why is it necessary and how to implement it? This is in our article.patenting of inventions

Patenting inventions not only empowers peoplethe right to the thing created by them, but also limits the freedom of other persons (physical, legal) to use the results of intellectual activity for the purpose of material gain. In other words, if you have discovered, for example, a fundamentally new way of obtaining fuel, you can confidently draw up a document that will confirm that only you and no one else have the right to use this method. But how is the invention patented? Let's understand.

Execution of a patent for an invention

  • This operation can be carried out by both a physical person and a legal entity. It is permissible, however, that they do this together and simultaneously.
  • Several people can apply for a patent.At the same time, the legal relationship between them is formalized in writing, in the form of a contract, and also resolved in a civil law order. Each of the patent holders has the right to use the invention independently and at their own discretion, however, the use of the exclusive right is exercised only jointly.
  • Who exactly can patent an invention? Firstly, this is, of course, its author. Secondly, his employer. Thirdly, the assignee of the author (or, again, his employer).
  • Apply for patenting of inventions is necessary in the Federal Institute of Industrial Property.registration of a patent for an invention

What should this application contain?

  • Application in writing for the grant of a patent.It must specify the name of the inventor of the innovation, as well as the name of the person to whom the patent is sought. It is necessary to do this even if these persons are one and the same person.
  • Then follows his invention as fully and as fully as possible. In addition, it is necessary to compile and designate a formula that reflects the qualities and functions of innovation.
  • You should attach drawings and drawings that are necessary to understand the essence of the invention that belongs to you.
  • An abstract in which you need to describe what innovation can be useful to society, the principles of its use and so on.
  • In order to patent the invention, you needpay the relevant fee. However, according to some circumstances, you can get the right either for its reduction, or for a delay, or for exemption from payment. You will need to provide the relevant document when submitting the application.

patent an inventionThe best way to protect innovation is topatented it, and it must be done in a timely manner. Thus, not only do you secure exclusive rights that will maximize your economic benefits, but you can also get rid of competition. Today it is necessary to patent not only technical innovations, but also the results of intellectual activity.

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