What is the penalty for parking in the wrong place?

The streets of modern megacities are so overloaded that it becomes more and more difficult for them to travel on their own vehicles every day. However, to exclude from his life "iron horse" is not possible. It not only allows its owner to solve numerous questions during the day, but also helps to unload urban transport, which hardly copes with the flow of passengers, especially during rush hours.

Parking problems

Motorists living in large cities still remember those times when they did not think about where and how their car could be left. Not long ago, on the streets of settlements, one could observe an ugly picture of vehicles that were randomly left by their owners.

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To date, the situation has changed radically. The state took the decision of this problem into its own hands and imposed a penalty for parking in the wrong place.As practice has shown, this method of restoring order in the city streets is the most effective. Today, anyone who parks his car in a place that is forbidden for this, runs the risk of parting with a considerable amount of money. Sometimes the owners of the “iron horses” get bewildered by the penalty imposed on them. In order not to get into such a situation and not to pay a parking penalty in the wrong place, you should clearly know all interpretations of the legislation on this issue.

Parking violation

Sometimes drivers, especially beginners, come to despair when they cannot long find a place to park their cars. Having discovered the free space, they immediately send the car there and decide to stop. The result is often the penalty for parking in the wrong place. Stopping in violation of existing rules brings unpleasant surprises. After all, when there are nearby traffic inspectors or installed surveillance cameras, the owner of the vehicle will be charged a considerable amount of a parking penalty in the wrong place. Such actions are qualified as an administrative violation.On this basis, every driver should know and remember the rules of parking and, of course, immaculately abide by them.

Why can't the car be left anywhere?

In any settlement there are places designated for parking vehicles on the streets. However, there are some sections of the streets where leaving cars is strictly prohibited. Traffic police fines for parking in the wrong place are needed to adjust vehicles that are chaotically abandoned, which interfere with the normal functioning of organizations, do not allow to streamline the movement of pedestrians and maintain the improvement of the city.

Of course, most car owners are familiar with places where parking their “iron horses” will not be punished with a fine. However, in practice, they often violate existing rules. However, they do not think about other road users at all.

Compliance with parking rules

The legislative basis for parking on the streets of the city is subject to constant changes. New surprises brought residents and guests of Moscow and the year 2017. A fine (parking in the wrong place) now threatens motorists who have left their cars where it was recently possible to do it completely legitimate.The government of the capital has significantly expanded the list of points where vehicles are strictly prohibited to stand. And this is despite the fact that the penalty for parking in the wrong place in Moscow is significantly higher than in other cities and towns of Russia. The only exception is St. Petersburg. Here, drivers have to pay the same amount for illegal parking as in the capital. In addition, the size of the minimum penalty for an incorrectly left vehicle from 01.07.2017 in Russia increased substantially - ten times.

how much is the penalty for parking in the wrong place

More actively will be charged fines for parking in the wrong place in Krasnodar. The authorities of this city have decided to install a new complex, which bears the name "Autopatrol parking". Such equipment is capable of tracking illegally parked cars around the clock. In this case, all types of existing license plates are recognized by automata. The system notes the time of the violation on its records by sending them to the traffic police department. There already are written out certain amounts of fines. This practice is applied in Stavropol.

And in other states, requirements are also constantly becoming more stringent and parking fines in the wrong place are increasing.Belarus, for example, is currently considering a new bill obliging law enforcement officers, as well as employees of housing and communal and other institutions to immediately call traffic police inspectors if they find an incorrectly parked car.

Fines for parking in the wrong place in the Republic of Kazakhstan are becoming tougher. In April 2017, the Code of Administrative Violations of the Republic of Kazakhstan was amended in connection with the adoption of some amendments. They strengthened the responsibility of motorists for traffic violations, including for neglecting the rules of parking the vehicle.

In such a situation, drivers must be vigilant and not forget the rules that they studied in a driving school. So what is parking? This is a place specially reserved for parking it on the vehicle. Parking may be on the road or be part of other objects of the transport network. Sometimes for parking cars used parts of buildings and buildings. This takes place in the case of underground parking. Parking for the vehicle can be paid or free. It depends on the decision of the owner of the territory in which they are located.

The amount of the fine for parking in the wrong place is regulated by the Code of Administrative Offenses. However, this legislation does not specify the specific amount. The size of the fine may be different. Everything will depend on the location of the parking violation.

Requirements of the law

In traffic regulations, parking means a full stop of a vehicle that lasts for more than five minutes. Leave this way the car can only be on the right side of the roadside. If there is none, then closer to the edge of the roadway. It is worth remembering that only cars and motorcycles have permission for such parking.

You can not leave the car on a pedestrian "zebra", as well as at a distance of less than five meters. Otherwise, a traffic police fine is provided. Parking on the road is also prohibited in some specific places. In their list are areas designed for the passage of fire engines. These places are marked with white or red paint. Sometimes such areas are marked with a plate. Those who still took this passage will have to lose a certain amount of money. How much is the penalty for parking in the wrong place in this case? He is inlimits from 1.5 to 2 thousand rubles. The reason for punishment is a violation of existing fire safety regulations.

Doubtful solution to the problem

Parking is sometimes very difficult. Particularly relevant problem is described for large cities. Drivers are not willing to call in paid parking, because their cost is quite high. In order not to pay a penalty for parking in the wrong place, some drivers found, in their opinion, a way out of this situation. They leave the car in a paid parking lot and at the same time thoroughly cover up the numbers, making it impossible to read them. The calculation is simple. Drivers believe that if it is impossible to identify the numbers, they will not have to pay. However, such actions were quickly stopped. An anti-terrorism law began to operate in Russia, which allowed them to immediately evacuate such vehicles, which may carry a real threat. The cost of delivery of the car to the penalty parking is more than 5 thousand rubles, which the owner of the vehicle will have to pay.

Moscow penalty for parking in the wrong place

There are various options for improper parking. You can talk about it in the event thatif the car will stand on a non-designated area. In any case, parking in the wrong place is completed with a fine. 2017 was not the exception. For drivers, some of the points of the Administrative Code have only become tougher.

How much will have to pay those who neglected the rules of DD? The amount of money that the driver will have to pay will depend only on the place where he left his car.

Second row

This problem, as a rule, has to be confronted by those who live in megalopolises. Drivers who want to park closer to their home or to the building they need to visit understand that there are no places in the back row because of the vehicles standing there. In this situation, they leave their cars in the second row. This way, they block the path of transport, which is located near the sidewalk. Under the parking "second row" is understood and the location of the machines "herringbone." In this embodiment, the vehicle is left by the driver not parallel to the curb, but diagonally. Of course, in this case there are no problems with the arrival and departure of other cars. However, with this variant of the parking area, the carriageway area is taken.

A similar violation is considered to be a car support from the side or from behind. At the same time, the same second row is created, which does not allow the vehicle to be in front of it, or it will have to be done with great difficulty. It should be borne in mind that parking spaces for such a parking lot are not designed. Consequently, the second row will partially occupy the roadway and cause problems with traffic.

The actions described above are classified as administrative violations. In this case, the driver will be imposed a penalty in the amount of 2000 rubles. The same fine for parking in the wrong place in St. Petersburg and Moscow will be 3 thousand rubles. If the owner of the vehicle is absent, his car will be blocked and sent to the penalty area. About the cost of towing services mentioned above.

Avoid fine in case of emergency. In this case, the driver must turn on the lights and stay in the car.

Near water bodies

Cars along the river banks are a familiar sight, especially in the summer season. However, such parking, according to the current traffic rules, is not always acceptable. Vacationers often just do not realize that for such a parking they will have to pay a considerable amount of money.

parking penalty

According to the law, the car should be only in those places that have a hard surface.However, lakes, rivers and seas do not have this. And here the following rules of car location come into force:

  • at the river, reservoir, lake or stream up to 10 km long - no closer than 50 m;
  • at the river or stream length from 10 to 50 kilometers - 100 m;
  • by the river or stream more than 50 km long - 200 m;
  • at lake Baikal and at the seas - 500 m.

What is the penalty for parking in the wrong place is written in this case? Its size is from 3 to 4.5 thousand rubles.

Places for disabled

The state protects the rights of this category of citizens especially carefully. A driver who has parked his car in the place where the corresponding sign is drawn will have to pay an impressive fine of 5 thousand rubles. Moreover, according to the recently introduced rules, the characteristic image on the glass will not save either. If the driver left his vehicle in the parking lot for the disabled and hitched a yellow sticker, he would have to confirm his status with documents.

penalty for parking in the wrong place Krasnodar

Also it should be borne in mind that in addition to the fine, if the parking is incorrect, the driver will have to pay for towing services, as well as to pay the amount for illegal use of the corresponding sign, if any.In the latter case, the car may even be confiscated.


A federal law does not regulate a fine for a car parked in a green area of ​​the street. Each region establishes its own size for such collection. How much is the penalty for parking in the wrong place (on the lawn) in the whole country? It ranges from 2.5 to 5 thousand rubles. For example, for Moscow, a similar penalty is maximum. It is equal to 5 thousand rubles.

parking in the wrong place fine 2017

For the northern capital, it is in the range of 3 to 5 thousand rubles. It should be borne in mind that the term "lawn" is not clarified by law. Thus, fines for violation of such a parking are issued at a stop in the place where there is no asphalt. This also applies to those areas where even in summer nothing grows, and in winter the wheels of the car stand on rolled snow.

Parking at a pedestrian crossing or on the sidewalk

The place intended for the movement of pedestrians is very tempting for drivers who do not know where to put their car. As a rule, this applies to overcrowded courtyards of residential high-rise buildings. However, such parking creates serious inconvenience for pedestrians, especially those who walk along the sidewalk with a sidecar.

penalty for parking in the wrong place rk

No less inconvenience will be delivered by a car parked right on a striped "zebra", and also at a distance of less than 5 m from it. Such a car creates a big risk for road users. It blocks the visibility of the approaching vehicle. The driver may simply not notice a pedestrian crossing the road. The penalty for such an incorrect parking is low and is equal to only 1 thousand rubles. A large amount will have to lay out the guests and residents of the capital. The size of such fines in Moscow and St. Petersburg is 3 thousand rubles. In addition, in the capitals the car is being evacuated to a car park.

Parking on the bus lane

To date, many roads are marked on the far right lanes. They are intended for public transport. According to the current legislation, in these places not only parking of cars is prohibited, but also their movement, except for a turn in the location of the intermittent mark. If you violate these rules, drivers are fined. It is equal to 1.5 thousand rubles.

Parking at the railway transport

Penalties for violation of the law in this case, the driver waiting for the most severe. Especially if he did it again.After all, it is unlikely that a motorist will be able to prove to the traffic police officer that such a stop is for him forced. The driver will have to pay the amount of 1,5 thousand rubles. or even lose the rights.

Parking in the courtyards

This type of crime is the most common. And it is not at all necessary to wait for the raid of traffic police officers. Outraged tenants can call law enforcement officers.

Parking in the courtyard is considered illegal if:

  • the vehicle's engine is running loudly and for a long time (more than 5 minutes), but on condition that passengers are not disembarking or landing at that time;
  • in the absence of special places, there are trucks that weigh over 3.5 tons;
  • vehicles are on the sidewalks or on lawns, near which there are no special signs.

Such violations are punishable by fines in the amount of 1.5 thousand rubles. In the capitals, such a punishment is 3 thousand rubles.

Parking under the sign

Stopping and parking the vehicle is also impossible in cases where the place is marked with 3.27. Its action extends to the nearest intersection or is determined by a sign on it with a directional arrow.Parking under the sign faces a fine of 1.5 thousand rubles. The same violation in both capitals is punished with the sum of 3 thousand rubles.

Sometimes the sign 3.27 is equipped with a sign "Towing works" (8.24). In this case, the car can be sent to a car park. If there is no such plate, then evacuation of the car will be considered illegal.

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