What is the fine for xenon and how to avoid it?

Many drivers love their car. They constantly care for him and improve him. However, not all changes are allowed by the State Traffic Inspectorate. Some even entail monetary penalties. Recently, many drivers are interested in the question of whether there is a penalty for xenon. To understand this will help motorists this article. We will tell not only about xenon itself, but also in what case when you install it, you can become a violator.

Why xenon became popular and popular?

The popularity of xenon is not at all random. The fact is that such an improvement of headlights allows much better to illuminate the surrounding objects, which is a virtue. It is worth noting that xenon works great in any weather. Because of this, even despite the fog or rain, the driver can easily see everything that is not only on the road, but also on the sidelines.

Many saved money for the installation of xenon. This is not accidental, because it differs not only in the characteristics that make the ride more comfortable, but also in significant savings. As practice shows, xenon works for about 3 thousand hours, and ordinary halogen lamps - no more than a thousand.

The number of drivers who installed xenon is growing every day. Close attention of the State Traffic Police Inspectorate to such tuning is connected with this. It is for this reason that lately many have been wondering whether there is a penalty for xenon.xenon penalty

Is xenon allowed on the territory of the Russian Federation?

Xenon on the territory of the Russian Federation is allowed. However, it should be noted that this applies only to the tuning that is certified, and the car itself allows the use of a gas-discharge light source. Problems with the State Inspectorate of Road Traffic have only those drivers who install xenon headlights despite the fact that they do not fit a particular car. In case the headlights on your car are intended only for halogen lamps, it is impossible to connect gas-discharge lamps in any case.Failing to follow this simple recommendation, you risk getting a fine for installing xenon.What is a fine for xenon

What threatens violators for installing a non-standard xenon?

Perhaps, each driver is interested in what kind of punishment is provided for violators. It is worth noting that the clause that prohibits the installation of xenon, in the legislation simply does not exist. We believe that this information is misleading everyone. This is not accidental, because the workers of the State Traffic Inspectorate often enough pay attention to gas-discharge lamps. Do they have the right to do so?

The penalty for installing xenon, of course, provided. As we said earlier, this only applies to abnormal tuning. If employees of the State Traffic Inspectorate notice that xenon is installed in a car, which is not provided for it, clause 12.5 may be applied to the driver. According to this decree, the violator can be deprived of the certificate for a period of six months and up to 12 months. It is worth noting that in this case the discharge lamps are dismantled and confiscated.

How to avoid a fine for xenon?

Not every driver wants to stay without a certificate or get a fine.Probably every owner of a car with abnormally installed discharge lamps is interested in the possibility of not paying a monetary penalty. In our article we will discuss how to avoid a fine for xenon easily and at the same time completely legitimate.

fine for installing xenon

If you are stopped by an employee of the State Traffic Police Inspectorate who claims that you are using abnormal discharge lamps, first of all ask to confirm this fact. The inspector may well substantiate the charge and demand that the hood be raised. In such a situation, you must ask for proof of identity. If the inspector did not do this, then you can safely ignore his accusations.

There is also a certain trick that will help avoid such troubles as traffic police fines for xenon. To do this, in case of suspicion on the part of the inspector, you need to report that your car has the usual halogen lamps, but with a cold glow. To distinguish them from xenon is almost impossible.

If the inspector is still on his own, ask to attract witnesses. It must be emphasized that there must be evidence to draw up a protocol.Inspector alone speculations are not enough. As we said earlier, gas discharge lamps are dismantled and confiscated. However, it must be remembered that the inspector does not have the right to perform this procedure before the trial. This is confirmed by article 162 of administrative law. Compliance with all the above recommendations will allow you to easily avoid the fine for xenon.

The amount of the penalty for non-standard xenon

As the statistics show, in the territory of the Russian Federation every fourth inhabitant is a driver. Recently, a large number of motorists prefer to improve their vehicle. Almost every driver is interested in the question of what a fine for xenon. This information you can find out in our article.how to avoid a fine for xenon

Today, the penalty for a non-standard xenon is 15 thousand rubles or more. For legal entities, the figure is much larger. On average, this is 400-500 thousand rubles. After we figured out what a penalty for xenon, we strongly recommend you to think and not to install prohibited tuning.

Is it possible to legalize the installed xenon?

A couple of years ago there was the possibility of legalizing gas discharge lamps. For this it was necessary to go through many checks and instances. If everything worked properly, the driver could easily get permission for such a tuning. Today, the self-installation of xenon is strictly prohibited. What penalty threatens for non-compliance with standards and GOST, we figured out earlier. If the installation of xenon was made before its ban, it can be dismantled only at the request of the driver.

Experienced drivers recommend with a great desire to install gas-discharge lamps and negotiate with the inspector. We strongly recommend you not to use this method in order not only not to lose your ID, but also not to go to jail.

Non-standard xenon: deprivation or fine?

As we said earlier, abnormal xenon headlamps - a direct violation of the rules of the road. In the form of punishment, the driver may be deprived of the certificate or required to pay a monetary penalty. Probably every driver is interested in what the penalty is.

Who chooses the punishment for the offender?

Many believe that the offender independently decides to pay a fine or lose a certificate. This is a misconception. First of all, the automobile headlights of the violator are sent for examination and the case is transferred to the court, where a statement from the State Road Traffic Safety Inspectorate states that a non-standard xenon is installed. Penalty or deprivation of rights - this decides the bailiffs at the trial.xenon deprivation or fine

How to avoid deprivation of rights for abnormal xenon?

Discharge lamps, according to the updated rules of the road, can only be installed in the car that is adapted for this. In our article, we found out what a penalty for xenon headlamps and how to avoid it. There are also several tips that will allow the offender not to lose his rights.

If you have an active document that confirms that your car has passed a technical inspection, you can in no way be deprived of rights. In this situation, you just get off with a small fine. This is not accidental, because, as we said earlier, the inspector cannot assert without confirmation that the lamp is gas-discharge.For this reason, you can safely refer to the inspection. This will avoid punishment, even despite the established xenon fog lamps. In this case, the inspector may not appoint a fine, having believed the conclusion of the technical inspection.

Why are abnormal discharge lamps banned?

Xenon - is a certain type of lamps that are installed in car headlights. They have a long working life and good power. Penalties for the use of xenon, which is set independently, ranges from 15 to 400 thousand rubles. The prohibition of discharge lamps is not accidental. In case your car is not designed for xenon, the light from such tuning will be scattered incorrectly and dazzle oncoming cars. It is no secret that this may lead to a traffic accident, the number of which has increased significantly due to the incorrect use of gas-discharge lamps.xenon installation which is fine

Xenon benefits only if it has been installed by a specialist. It is strongly not recommended to use discharge lamps, if they do not fit your car. This will not only avoid the fine for xenon, but also not pose a threat to your life.

Should I install xenon?

As we said earlier, gas discharge lamps have recently become extremely popular. In our article we talked about the merits of xenon. However, it has its drawbacks. It is worth noting that the gas-discharge lamps illuminate not only the whole way, but also the side of the road. This leads to the scattered attention of the driver. In addition, xenon also prevents motorists who are traveling towards. However, it is worth noting that it also allows you to notice dangerous zones. It can be pedestrians, and pits, and many other factors that are hard to see in the dark or bad weather.xenon fog lights fine

It is worth saying that xenon can also be used during the day. For his good work, we recommend installing discharge lamps only from a specialist. Because of this, they will work as long as possible and not create unnecessary problems. Also, as we said earlier, we recommend installing them only in those cars that allow their use. Otherwise, they will shine too brightly, and also attract the attention of employees of the State Traffic Inspectorate.

Summing up

Almost every driver is trying to improve his car.Recently, gas discharge lamps have become especially popular. The prescribed penalty for xenon, which was installed off-board, we have disassembled in our article. On average, its amount ranges from 15 to 400 thousand rubles. Use this tuning or not - you decide. It is worth emphasizing that on cars that are not designed to use gas-discharge lamps, xenon quite often does not work at all in the way that the motorist wants. As we said earlier, such tuning not only leads to waste of money, but also, in some cases, to traffic accidents. Take care of your health and life!

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