What is different from CASCO OSAGO: features and characteristics

Insurance policies are presented in numerous forms and are offered by various companies. They differ in cost, accounted for insurance claims and other features. Therefore, many car owners are interested in the question of how CTPL differs from CASCO.

what is different from osago casco

Each such policy has both advantages and some disadvantages. They have similar parameters, but also significant differences.

Policy Definition

CTP is a mandatory policy that must be purchased by each owner of the car. For his absence, a serious fine is imposed. He insures not the damage that may be inflicted on the car, but the responsibility of the driver. They cover the damage caused by the owner of such a policy to other car owners.

The culprit of the accident in the presence of only the CTP policy will not be able to count on any payments, so he repairs his car for personal funds.An exception is the situation when the driver himself was injured, therefore, expenses for treatment are reimbursed from the PCA money.

What is different from CASCO CASCO? If a CASCO policy is purchased, then it insures precisely the harm that can be caused to the car, and it does not matter whether the car owner himself is guilty of an accident. Therefore, this type of insurance refers to property.

CASCO and OSAGO what is the difference

Additionally, it is allocated DSAGO, which is a voluntary policy that insures the immediate driver. With it, compensation is provided for the harm done to the health of the policyholder, and it does not matter who the cause of the accident is.

So, CASCO and OSAGO: what is the difference? When studying this question, you should check all the points related to these policies.

What do insurance policies insure?

If a CTP policy is purchased, then it insures solely the responsibility of the driver.

When buying a CASCO, it is possible to obtain compensation in such situations:

  • car theft;
  • causing him damage in the event of an accident, vandalism or collision with various restraints and other objects;
  • damage to the machine, making its recovery impossible.

What is the difference between the insurance policy and Casco?

Tariffs established by insurance companies for hull insurance are not regulated by law, and therefore depend on the insurance claims and the pricing policy of a particular company.

What similar moments do policies have?

It is important to understand not only the difference between CTP and CASCO, but also what similar features they possess. These include the following:

  • insurance of cars, but not the property being transported;
  • the cost of insurance increases even after a single accident in which the buyer of the policy is the culprit;
  • the price of each type of insurance product is influenced by similar factors, which include the age of the driver, his experience, place of registration and other parameters;
  • it is impossible to get a refund under any policy if it is established that at the time of the accident the driver was intoxicated, which may be alcoholic or narcotic;
  • the need for technical inspection, as it is imperative to go through this procedure before purchasing a policy to make sure that there are no significant flaws in the car that affect its management, and even an employee of the insurance company can visually inspect the car;
  • the period of "cooling" suggests that, regardless of the type of policy purchased, there is an opportunity for the buyer to cancel the contract drawn up within 5 days, after which the insurance premium is fully refunded.

Although there are several similar points, it is important to understand how CASCO insurance differs from CTP.

What is the difference between CASCO insurance and CTP?

Insurance type

CTP is a compulsory insurance, for the absence of which a fine is imposed.

CASCO is acquired by citizens voluntarily. It can act as a prerequisite only when obtaining a car loan.

It is impossible to refuse the first option of insurance, because if it turns out that the driver does not have a CTP policy, it will be an administrative offense. If he is absent when a person gets into an accident, he will have to cover the damage from his personal funds.

Legislative regulation

What is different from CASCO insurance policy? There is a special law “On OSAGO”, which regulates the rules for the purchase and use of this policy, designed to insure driver liability. All issues and disputes arising between the insured person and the insurance company are resolved in court.This usually refers to situations where the size of the payment is underestimated or even the drivers are denied reimbursement.

what is the difference between CASCO and OSAGO

When buying a CASCO policy, only provisions of the law protecting the rights of consumers should be taken into account. There is no specialized law for this policy. Often, employees of insurance firms make a contract with ambiguous conditions, and the adjustments made are not regulated by government agencies. Applying to the court is optimal only if the terms of the contract are violated.

Tariff Size

When studying the question "CASCO and CTP: what's the difference?" Especially much attention is paid to the cost of policies.

Tariffs for compulsory insurance are approved and modified by the government of the country. Rates must be taken into account by each company.

The cost of voluntary policies is set independently by insurers. To do this, take into account the financial policy of the company, the situation on the insurance market and other parameters. Therefore, usually the price of such a policy is significant.

how hull is different from CTP

Features of insurance payments

What is different from CASCO insurance CTP? According to the last policy, the size of the insurance payment is regulated by the state, therefore the authorities set different limits.

If CASCO is bought, the insurance payment is determined by both parties involved in the transaction. Usually it depends on the cost of the machine itself or the maximum limit. Under some contracts, the insured amount reaches even 5 million rubles.

Insurance object

According to OSAGO, civil liability of a person is insured, so if he is the cause of the accident, the injured party receives compensation. According to the hull insurance it does not matter who the culprit is, since the buyer of the policy in any case receives a refund for the repair of his car.

For compulsory insurance, you can receive compensation for the costs necessary for treating victims.

Insurance claims

In studying the difference between CASCO and OSAGO, all insurance claims are necessarily considered.

When purchasing a compulsory policy, compensation is provided only in a situation where the insured person harms other persons or their cars. Therefore, an insured event is hit in an accident or hit a person.

If the CASCO policy is bought, compensation is assigned not only for accidents or hitting a pedestrian, but also for other actions that in any way become causes of damage to the car.These include the fall of a tree on the car or the deliberate actions of third parties, theft or theft of a car, as well as the impact of natural factors.

how does casco differ from osago

Policy price

The cost of compulsory insurance is established at the legislative level, and the tariffs are regularly increasing, but still available to people of moderate means.

Buying CASCO is much more expensive, and the cost can often reach 150 thousand rubles. It depends on various factors, but the price of a car is considered the most important, and the amount of insured risks also affects this parameter.

Thus, each person should understand in what KASKO differs from OSAGO. On this depends the purchase of a policy. The decision to purchase voluntary insurance is usually taken by the citizens themselves, but often they can be forced to do so by the bank, if it is planned to buy a car with credit. It is important to carefully study the insurance contract in order to understand what is included in insurance claims.

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What is different from CASCO OSAGO: features and characteristics 76

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What is different from CASCO OSAGO: features and characteristics 91

What is different from CASCO OSAGO: features and characteristics 16

What is different from CASCO OSAGO: features and characteristics 92

What is different from CASCO OSAGO: features and characteristics 54

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