What is an epigram? Value and definition

Connoisseurs of literature know that in the world of poetry there are many varieties of poems that can satisfy the request of the most sophisticated reader. One of the types of poetic art is short, capacious, beating right on the target verses - epigrams.

The appearance of the epigram. Value and definition

epigram genre

Comprehending all the variety of poems, it is useful to pay attention to small original rhymes and learn more about what an epigram is. Its ancestor and one of the varieties is considered to be epitaph. If the definition is considered literally, then in Greek this concept means “inscription”. In Greece, it was customary to fill various markings on the base of the statues, above the entrance to the temples and on the objects that were supposed to be presented to the gods as sacrifices.

The epigram as a genre of poetry is a kind of satirical miniature based on the mockery of a character or a social phenomenon.Poems are always filled with irony, joke, they are distinguished by brevity. Its occurrence is attributed to the 7-6th century BC. er And in the 17th-19th centuries, Voltaire, Lafontaine, Rousseau already used this type of poetry in their works. In our literature, this genre appears in the 18th century and is found in the writings of Bogdanovich, Lomonosov, Kantemir and others. This genre was especially respected by the Russian poet Alexander Sumarokov, who makes it very clear what an epigram is, having formulated the basic principles that say that the use of rudeness, swear words, and slander is simply unacceptable. These short, subtle verses should help in cases where all other forms of education, influence did not work.

A talented person is talented in everything ...

what is an epigram

The recognized geniuses of the epigram in its further development become, of course, Pushkin, Vyazemsky, Baratynsky, Dmitriev.

In the Soviet period, Vladimir Mayakovsky, Samuil Marshak, Demian Poor, other poets also use this genre of a short poem in their work. For example, short, witty epigrams of Marshak are very interesting, which, by the way, wrote a whole book called “Lyrical epigrams”.

Modern epigram

What is the epigram, what is its peculiarity - these questions were asked and continue to be asked in our time. These small pieces are perhaps one of the most enduring poetic genres. Today, epics, odes, elegies are unpopular, but epigrams still exist, they are in demand, interesting to the reader and relevant in almost all manifestations of our life.

The Masters of the Epigram Today

epigram verses

Some of our contemporaries have particularly successfully used this genre, for example, the famous poet, parodist, host of a television program, once very popular, “Around Laughter” Alexander Ivanov. His epigrams were distinguished by their gentleness, kindness. Satirists Grigory Gorin, Arkady Arkanov also willingly included sarcastic poems in their work.

But, of course, the leader, master of the epigram genre with a capital letter these days is all of us, our favorite actor Valentin Iosifovich Gaft. Of course, first of all, we appreciate this person for his roles in cinema, theater, but his talent for writing these short rhymes is also recognized by many.This multi-talented person well understands what an epigram is, his works have become just folk folklore.

Features creativity Gaft

Valentine's epigrams

When Gaft was asked about whether he remembers his first work in the genre of a short sarcastic verse, he replied that he remembers. His first epigram was born absolutely by accident: in the theater on Malaya Bronnaya, director Andrei Goncharov, who, by the way, was an avid mushroom picker, put on a play by G. Borovik. After the performance, at the banquet, Valentin Iosifovich volunteered to speak with his congratulations to the director. The epigram sounded from the stage of Gaft was a great success, and the actor, in fact, took up writing for a long time.

Once Valentine Gaft together with one friend decided to publish a thematic book. When he first opened it, he was simply amazed - in the collection were published such epigrams of Valentine Gaft, which he never composed. Offensive, inappropriate, humiliating poems, among which was a poem about actress Irina Muravyov, for example. The actor was very upset. Valentin Iosifovich always noted that an epigram is a confession in a short form, a very accurate hit on the most important thing in a person.

In general, Gaft's epigrams are very caustic, but precisely reflecting reality, verses. And mainly aimed at his colleagues, close acquaintances, and friends. Valentin Iosifovich dedicated his works to Mikhail Kozakov, Mikhail Ulyanov, Ie Savvina, Natalia Gundareva, Irina Miroshnichenko, Oleg Efremova, Lyudmila Gurchenko and many other famous and talented people. Many of them, of course, were offended, did not understand, the relationship between the author and the addressee deteriorated and deteriorated.

Lia Akhedzhakova recalls her resentment at the epigram addressed to her, about how she had not communicated with Gaft for two years, without fully realizing the essence of the dedication. In fact, in the original cardinally everyone changes the final lines of the great actor's message to the great actress and reveals the poet's full laudatory intent.

Valentin Iosifovich always emphasizes in his interviews that offending, offending, bringing a feeling of embarrassment is never his task when writing epigrams. To make sure of this, you just need to re-read these truly unique, apt, recognizable verses of Gaft, in which the very essence of the person is reflected and noticed.Now Valentin Iosifovich, despite health problems, continues to create. He can often be seen among the invited guests on various programs and talk shows. He always has a couple of fresh epigrams "from Gaft", as always very accurate, sharp and topical.epigrams haft


Summing up, it is safe to say that the epigram is an amazing, rare genre that appeared in antiquity and has come down to our time. Pleasure, good mood, new impressions after reading these wonderful poems are guaranteed to everyone!

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