What is a nail buff: definition, use, use and alternatives

In this article, we will look at what a nail buff is, how to apply it with gel polish, analyze the types of abrasiveness of a manicure tool and suggest alternatives. If you have long wanted to try to use the buff, then this article is just for you.

what is the buff

Buffs in general their essence

In order to achieve the perfect manicure, you must use professional and high-quality equipment. In addition to ordinary nail files, in the manicure set of each girl there should be a buff.

So what is the buff? The word is borrowed from the English language. The literal translation means "polish." Not a lot of people now know what a nail buff is, because this newfangled file came into our everyday life quite recently. Let us consider this issue in more detail.

Baf is a certain type of nail file made in the shape of a parallelepiped. Bafom processed both natural and extended nails.

Use buffs

Buffs are used in the detailed processing of the nail, no matter, artificial or not. Also, the native nail is sawn, before it is artificial. This is done in order to remove roughness and irregularities in the native claw.

what is the buff for nails

What is a buff? In more detail about this newfangled thing know manicure. This is a universal nail file, which is used in beauty salons and at home. Both professional and ordinary people can use it. In beauty salons, professionals use disposable buffs for processing the nail plate, but progress does not stand still, and now they make buffs from more expensive materials that can be disinfected in the usual way and to which the masters are used.

Baf and gel polish

Many masters who make a manicure, which is based on gel polish, also use buffs.

How to choose a buff for gel polish? This is the question that girls ask who first came to a professional manicure. Experienced clients know that with careful polishing of the nail gel polish will fall stronger, respectively, it takes longer. As for the choice of buff, then look at your own nails, the thinner the nail plate, the softer the buff should be.

Buff and abrasiveness

What is a buff, we have already figured out, now we need to understand how to choose it.

This newfangled nail file is different from the usual material from which it is made. Usually it has soft sides that do not irritate the nail plate. The tool can include cloth, sand, glass, wood, or even plastic.

buff for nails how to choose

Abrasiveness is a criterion that determines the rigidity of the composition of the buff. There are certain pores on our nail file or, as the professionals call them, grits. Abrasiveness depends on them. There are different types of abrasiveness that you need to pay attention to when buying. Now we will figure out how to choose a buff for abrasive nails.

  • If the buff is 60-80 grit, then it is used when polishing artificial nails on the hands. It is also possible to use when pedicure. Buffs with so many grits are considered tough and rather rough.

  • If he has 100-150 grit, then it is used to correct artificial artificial nails. You can also use before the gel polish in both manicure and pedicure.

  • If he has 150-240 grit, then he is used in small work with nails of artificial origin, and a natural nail is also cut with such a buff.

  • If 300-450 grit, then this buff is used in very delicate works with real nails.Professionals use them to thoroughly polish nails.

Now you know how to choose a nail buff in composition and abrasiveness.

Use buffs

So, what is the buff, we figured it out. It remains to understand how to use it. It is worth remembering that it is often impossible to resort to it.

The buff with its wide side is applied to the nail, covering it as much as possible. The movements should be long, with the tool you need as little as possible to handle the same place. It is very easy for an inexperienced person to damage the nail. When sawing and polishing nail movement can not be changed. You can only move the buff in two directions: right and left. To avoid the risks of damage to the nail plate, it is necessary to make such polishing of nails no more than once a week so as not to worsen their condition.

How to choose a nail buff on abrasivity

Use a variety of strengthening agents, such as cuticle oil after application. This will strengthen the nail and seal the cuticle. If the buff is used incorrectly, it can lead to deformation of the upper layer of the nail plate, and, accordingly, to pain. That is why it is worth remembering the rules for using the buff and not to ignore them.

Alternative nail files

At the moment, the masters will only learn about what a buff is, they are trying to find it, and this creates more and more demand, to which, unfortunately, many tool sellers have decided not to react. If you want to produce nail shavings, it is worth remembering that even the most gentle nail file is not suitable for such a procedure, so you should go around a few shops in search of this thing. If, however, there is no buff at hand, then instead of a nail file it is worth using a rough piece of cloth.

How to choose a buff for gel polish

At the moment, buffs are made completely different, they differ in shape, shades, colors, patterns. You can pick exactly the one you need.

Summing up, we can say that the buff is a soft nail file for polishing nails and removing the top layer. This procedure leads to loss of roughness and irregularities of the nails, which provides a better connection with a varnish, gel or artificial nail. In turn, high-quality connection will provide a more durable and long-lasting manicure.

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