What is a mezzanine? Interpretation of the word

What is a mezzanine and what does a house look like with it? These questions often arise before people who are going to engage in individual construction, and simply inquisitive. Almost everyone knows that this is a kind of add-in, but which one? Many people confuse the mezzanine with the attic. To eliminate this error, let us examine in detail what the word "mezzanine" means.

General information

In order for people who are not strong in architectural knowledge to understand what a “mezzanine” is, you need to consider the following. The mezzanine is a superstructure above a residential building, which in most cases is located in the center, but with its own roof. As a rule, from the mezzanine there is a balcony.

This type of building can be of very different forms:

  • square;
  • rectangular;
  • hexagon;
  • cylindrical;
  • cruciform.

Usually the mezzanine is shaped like a square. Basically it carries a utilitarian, rather than a decorative function. Although the house with a mezzanine, in accordance with building codes, is considered as one-storied, it has a number of indisputable advantages over the usual one-story.

Fancy Roof

Design advantages

What is a mezzanine in terms of architectural solutions? And what are the benefits to the owners of such a house? Here are some of its main advantages:

  • To organize a powerful stove in the house, you must have a chimney length of no less than five meters. The mezzanine-style add-on makes it possible to place a pipe of impressive length in the house space without using additional stretch marks.
  • The ceiling zone, above which the mezzanine is located, will require significantly less costs for its insulation. This, in turn, will give less load on the foundation and increase the service life of the entire building.
  • Due to the fact that the mezzanine is not the second floor in the full sense of the word, due to its special design, there is no need for additional heating costs needed in a two-story building.

Pluses of isolation

In addition to the above advantages associated with the design of the mezzanine, there are others that gives the isolation of this room. These include the following:

  • Due to the isolation of the mezzanine, in winter (if it is unclaimed) the room can be locked, so as not to waste heat.
  • Mezzanine is a great place for solitude. No noise from other rooms penetrates here. Here you can work productively, children do their homework, relax in peace.
  • Since the staircase leading to the second floor, as a rule, is located in the house in the rear part, it is possible to let the mezzanine floor to the tenants.

To better understand what a mezzanine is, consider it in comparison with the attic, with which it is often confused.

Light colors are preferred.

Difference from the attic

Although the mezzanine and attic have common features, they fundamentally differ from each other in that the first is a dwelling with its own roof, and the second is in fact an attic that does not have its own roof, and is subject to beautification if the owners wish. Here are some other differences between these designs in detail:

  1. Roof. At the mezzanine - straight, the attic - sloping. As a result, a long stay in the attic room is not comfortable enough.
  2. Period of construction. The mezzanine is built when the main building is already in a state of readiness, while the attic is being built simultaneously with the house.
  3. Walls. On the mezzanine, they have a vertical direction to a certain level, and then move into the roof gradually. In the attic they go immediately at an angle from the floor.
  4. Illumination.On the mezzanine, it is more intense and natural. By increasing the level of masonry vertical walls. During its construction, it is possible to increase the area of ​​window openings by creating a figured window. In addition to decoration, it is possible to get more light than through the usual rectangular hole.

Mezzanine arrangement options

The roofs of the mezzanines come in very different configurations - both primitive, flat, having two slopes, as well as the most original and even whimsical. As a rule, developers stop at the gable option, which has both advantages and disadvantages. In order for the mezzanine space to be used most optimally, its side walls are recommended to be made one and a half meters high. Then the height of the entire superstructure will be equal to 2.5 meters.

Sometimes mezzanines build over the garage. In this case, you can enter the premises directly, through a special street staircase. In the superstructure you can equip a room for training on simulators, a home cinema, a workshop, a room for playing billiards. Very often, tenants prefer to make a bedroom on the mezzanine for adult family members or for guests staying overnight.

You can equip the kitchen

Other features

Mezzanine provides plenty of options for its use.These include solutions such as a creative workshop, office, library, children's room. Some manage to arrange for themselves “autonomous” existence on the mezzanine. They attach a small kitchen, a bathroom and a dressing room to the bedroom and equip a separate entrance from the street.

However, you should not save on lighting on the mezzanine - both natural and artificial. Then the room will be more complete and can not yield to others who are residential. It is preferable to cover walls with paint or wall-paper of light tones. Furniture, like textiles, is also better to buy light. This technique contributes to a visual increase in space.

There is another, very close meaning of the word "mezzanine". Below we consider it in more detail.

The mezzanine has a balcony

Other meaning

Considering the interpretation of the word "mezzanine", one can not say about the warehouse mezzanine. It is a structure consisting of metal shelving. They are separated by floors with floor panels, which can be made of various materials. For example, such as plywood, chipboard, lattice flooring or a continuous sheet of metal with a notch, professional sheet.

Storage mezzanines are designed to maximize the height of the room by increasing the number of floors in the warehouse. They have two varieties: mezzanines, located on the platform and stacked racking systems. The design of the mezzanine allows you to increase the useful storage space, and also allows you to place additional office space and additional retail space.

Flat roof

Parse the word

To conduct the lexical analysis of the word "mezzanine", we will use the data of dictionaries: linguistic terms, synonyms, homonyms, antonyms, and also a phraseological dictionary. Based on the analysis of the information indicated in them, the following conclusions can be drawn:

  1. The word "mezzanine" refers to a superstructure located at the top of the house, which is an incomplete floor, often with a balcony.
  2. Mezzanine can be of two types - residential and warehouse. That is, there are two meanings. This is a room that can be both domestic and industrial.
  3. The word is used in the literal sense.
  4. In a strict linguistic sense, there are so-called partial synonyms, these are the words “half-russian” and “mezzanine”.
  5. There are hyperonyms that include: “floor” and “superstructure”.
  6. Antonyms are absent.
  7. The word is borrowed from the Italian language, in which it fell from the Greek in the sense of "medium".
  8. "Mezzanine" is an architectural term and historical word. However, with the introduction of private property in Russia and the associated expansion of the forms of individual developments, with the advent of new technologies, it is gradually becoming common.
    Monument to Chekhov
  9. It is not part of the phraseological units, but, thanks to A. P. Chekhov, the title of his story “House with a Mezzanine” is a symbol of a past, but not forgotten past, which is always a pleasure to remember.

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