What is a group? Meaning and usage

It would seem that each of us knows what a group is. However, if you ask someone to give a few examples, only two or three usually pop up in memory. This is despite the fact that in fact there are so many examples of groups. Let's look at the most famous of them, and also learn the etymology of this noun.

What is a group?

In a broad sense, this term means the totality of something or someone with a common attribute.

Interest group

In such a community can unite people and animals that have something in common or located nearby from each other. For example, tourists gathered around a monument are already forming a community.

In addition, in such associations can be collected and some objects that have something similar to each other.

In fact, it is the binder that allows the group to form and affects its type. And since there are a lot of common features, there are many similar communities.

Etymology of the term

Learning what a group is, you should pay attention to the origin of the word.

This term came to the Russian language in the eighteenth century. It was borrowed from Italian (gruppo), through the mediation of the German (Gruppe). There is an opinion that such a mediation language could be French (groupe) or English (group). However, this is unlikely, since in this case the term would have been written with one letter “p”, as is typical for these languages.

It is noteworthy that in Ukrainian, Bulgarian and Belarusian there is also a similar name for “group”, although it is written for some reason with one letter “p”. But in Polish, Czech and Slovak, other words are used to designate this phenomenon.

Groups in kindergarten

Having understood what a group is and where the studied noun came from, it is worthwhile to proceed to the consideration of the most well-known examples of the use of this term.

Children's group in kindergarten

So, one of the first meanings of this word that every child has to face is children's groups in kindergartens.

For the first time in these institutions, children learn to independently establish contact with their own kind without the participation and protection of parents.

In most cases, children's groups are formed on the basis of the general age of the pupils, as well as their level of development.

  • The very little ones are defined in the nursery or as they are also called - the "younger group".
  • When pupils reach the age of 4-5 years and are able to independently perform most of the self-care activities, they are transferred to the middle group.
  • In 5-6 years, children fall into the older group.
  • And at 6-7 - in preparatory to school.

By the way, in addition to the kindergarten, in the national education system there is another institution where students are divided into groups.

Study group at the university

These are institutes, universities and secondary vocational schools. In them, groups are analogous to school classes and are formed on the basis of the number of years of study at the university, as well as the specialization of the student.

Musical group

Another area in which this name is so popular is music. In this environment, a group of people whose activity is associated with the creation of melodies is called a musical group. Moreover, such associations can include not only the musicians themselves, but also their producers, sound producers, songwriters, etc.

For example, the legendary Liverpool four (group The Beatles) was a quartet. However, from time to time the "fifth Beatle" was assigned to this group. Such an honorary title was given either to the producer of the project, George Martin, or his commercial manager, Brian Epstein.

Music group "Green Day"

The most famous musical groups in the history of the world are Queen, The Rolling Stones, ABBA, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Rammstein, Green day, The Offspring, etc.


But for law enforcement officers, the meaning of the word "group" is rarely positive. Since most often we are talking about organized crime groups - organized criminal groups.

Such is the name of a group of persons whose goal is to commit a crime, sometimes even a few.

Groups in social networks

With the advent of the Internet and social networks, the phenomenon of interest groups has become widespread.

They can be dedicated to absolutely any topic - from discussing a favorite television series to working together on the invention of a perpetual motion machine.

Many such communities have open commercial goals and are organized in order to promote their product or service among users of a selected social network.

Regardless of the link, interest groups play an important role in modern society because they help people with common interests to find each other. And often they can live in different parts of the world, but maintain constant communication thanks to similar communities.

The meaning of the term "group" in the military

But in military affairs, the considered noun has not one, but several methods of interpretation at once.

Military group
  • An army group is the highest operational and strategic unification of the ground forces at the site of ongoing military operations in the armed forces of several states at once. An example of such a group was the front during World War II.
  • The group of fronts and districts - the main command of the direction of troops.
  • In a narrower sense, a military group is a temporary formation consisting of two or more people. Their goal is to complete the assigned important tasks.

The meaning of this term in other areas

In addition to all the above, there are many other examples of the use of the noun "group". Let's look at the most famous ones.

  • In algebra, this is the name of a set with a binary operation defined on it, corresponding to several axioms.
  • In chemistry, this term is associated with the periodic table.In it, the group refers to a sequence of chemical elements (possessing the same type of electronic structure), selected according to the degree of increase in the charge of their core.
  • In botany, there is such a thing as a group of varieties. This is the name of the combination of varieties of various cultivated plants, which has arisen as a result of selection / selection. It has a certain set of characteristics that distinguish it from other varieties or groups of the same genus / species.
  • In sociology, the term "social group" is used. This is the name of the community of persons united by one significant social attribute. It is based on their participation (sometimes not participation) in certain activities connected by a system of relations regulated by formal / informal social institutions.
  • The art group is a community of artists who jointly create their masterpieces. As a rule, it differs from the artistic grouping / movement / direction by the joint creative process, by the collective nature of the activity, and also by the fact that authorship is attributed not to one person, but to the whole association at once.
    Blood type
  • In medicine, the phenomenon of "blood type" is common.This is a blood type with specific specific biochemical properties. There are four such groups - the first, second, third and fourth. Information about this is usually contained in a medical card or passport and is used in the implementation of operations and other medical procedures.
  • In the field of information security, this word refers to a certain circle of users with similar access rights to certain objects.
  • In the first half of the twentieth century in geology, the group called the division of the stratigraphic scale. Today it is called by another word - "eratem".

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