What is an inventory? State Cadastre Law

In this article we will consider the question of what is an inventory. We will get acquainted with its characteristics and some differences, allowing to classify this document in different ways. It will also examine historical information and describe a general example.


state cadastre law

What is an inventory and what is it for? First, it is a document in the form of a list or registry. Secondly, it is intended for both subjects and objects. The list of various land plots and objects assigned to them takes the form of a map.

The concept comes from medieval times, from the Latin. lang catastrum. It is connected with the description of the register of souls that were subject to the universal tax.

Historical facts

To answer the question of what a cadastre is, you should read some of its history.

what is inventory

The origin of the term dates back to the era of Ancient Egypt, around 3000 BC. The term itself was enshrined during the reign of Augustus, the Roman emperor.Further, the development of this concept for a long time was in the "blockage", until the Middle Ages almost did not change. It was characterized by linearity and was carried out with the help of a rope and iron; The use of geometric knowledge was practically not used due to its poor development.

In 1718, J.J. Marioni, using a sample of the Roman cadastre, developed the first document of this type and at the same time observed many scientific methods. He tried to determine the boundary between areas of triangulation and polygonometric networks. This document consisted of situational maps for each rural community. The work was carried out using a scale with indicators of 1: 2000 scale. The maps transmitted a pattern with the location of the land plots of each community, the type of soils, the amount of net profit and served as the foundation for imposing taxes. The first of January 1760 was the date of the introduction of this inventory. This is due to the accuracy of its implementation. In the nineteenth century, many European countries used it as a model for their state inventories.

Cadastre in the Russian Federation

In Russia, the question of what a cadastre is, began to be considered along with its first introduction, allegedly occurring in the tenth century, and associated with the collection of land taxes and the valuation of land. However, the cadastral system on the territory of the Russian state was called the “Own Letter”. The cartographic data on land cadastres of Russia filled in the description entered in a special document that was presented in the form of a scribal, review, sentinel or survey book. The compilation was carried out on the basis of the results of the work of natural and land surveying type. The mid-eighteenth century was a time when rights to landowners were expanded, and measures to protect them by improving the quality of the land cadastre increased. The commission on state land surveying was approved in 1765.

Real Estate Cadastre Concept

There is such a document as the state real estate cadastre. It is presented in the form of a systematic collection of information on the registration of real estate. It also contains data on the passage of state. the border of the Russian Federation, the border between the subjects of the Russian Federation, the border for the municipalities of a number of entities, etc.

inventory objects

Statereal estate cadastre is a federal and state information resource.

General analysis

The Law on State Cadastre under number 221-ФЗ, issued on July 24 in 2007, provides for the preparation of documents containing the necessary set of information for recording cadastral type. This form of property is assigned a cadastral number, and management is performed by the cadastral engineer.

The legal basis for the regulation of cadastral relations is the Constitution of the Russian Federation, as well as civil, land, forest, water, urban planning and housing codes.

Cadastre for land

The land cadastre is a collection of systematized and documented data on the position of territories.

land Registry

In Russia, the information and rules for filling out and maintaining such a document are enshrined in the provisions of the Land Code.

During Soviet times, work with land cadastres was provided for in the main points of legislation of the Union of Republics of 1968.

According to the provisions of the Federal Law on the land cadastre, it is defined as a document based on land records and location information.And also there is fixed the purpose and legal status of the lands of the Russian Federation. The last fragment can be called the census of objects located on the landowner's site and firmly attached to it.

State cadastral registration of land plots is a kind of individualization that accompanies the description in the Unified State Land Registry area. As a result, all land plots are assigned a number of characteristics that will allow us to uniquely determine it against the background of other land holdings. Next, carry out his qualitative and economic assessments.

state cadastre

Information purpose of the land cadastre

The creation of the inventory system was done for:

  • providing information to the state. and municipal management entities of land resource management;
  • state controls on the use and protection of land;
  • events, the direction of which "looks" in the direction of preserving and enhancing the fertile possibilities of the land;
  • state registration of legal authority on real estate and transactions related to it;
  • installation and calculation of fees for the use of land;
  • other types of activities associated with the operation and ownership of the land plot.

The data contained in the land cadastre are public, with the exception of the information referred to in the column of the legislation of the Russian Federation, which defines it as limited in access.

The concept of ISGOGD

The cadastre and cartography service in many countries can address different types of issues and solve problems associated with different types of human activity. For example, there is a system of information support intended for town planning works (abbreviation - ISCAS). It is organized in accordance with all the requirements of the Town Planning Code. On the territory of the Russian Federation, this is, for example, a systematic series of a documented set of information describing the development of territories and the process of development. There you can find data to meet all the needs of state authorities. government, local government organizations, as well as for activities of an investment or economic nature. The material is presented to the subject in the form of a text card.

Passport cadastral type

Conducting inventories implies the existence of a special passport in the form of an extract from the state. inventory of various parameters of the object.The cadastral passport is one of the structural units of the general system responsible for the registration of real estate objects.

cadastre and mapping service

In 2015, in Russia, instead of the concept of a “cadastral passport,” which was contained in Federal Law No. 221 dated July 24, 2007, namely, in the section on the cadastral type of activity, the concept of “land-surveying plan” and “technical plan” was introduced. All data about them can be found in the article FZ-218 of July 13, 2015.

However, regardless of the choice of terminology, the information of the cadastral passport about the object is presented in the form of the main characteristics of the land plot, without it it is impossible to conclude transactions related to the action on this site.

All information that is entered into the real estate cadastre, excluding only those that are provided in the form of a cadastral plan of the territory or cadastral certificate, give the subject to dispose of no more than five working days from the moment the organ starts recording the cadastral data on the relevant request.

Public Information

Continuing the conversation on the cadastral passport, it is important to note that all the data of such a paper are publicly available, therefore, any subject can recognize them.The only thing that is required is the availability of the studied data in the state database. cadastral real estate. Inventory objects are presented mainly in the form of land. On them can be located various fixed objects, which can also fall under the need for a description of the cadastral passport. In fact, information from this document may be provided at the request of any physical or legal subject of state rights.

The law on the state cadastre in itself provides for the concept of land surveying. This is the main tool for land surveying a number of works. It is necessary to make changes to any form of land relations. For example, it can be used in carrying out the sale and purchase of land, inheritance, privatization, merger, division, etc. However, once having carried out the process of surveying, it will not be repeated. The exception is the conclusion of another contract.

inventory types

The concept of cadastral number

There is the concept of cadastral number (CN), which is a characteristic feature of all types of inventories, for example, land.This number is unique in relation to cadastral registration. It is assigned individually and is entered in the register during the implementation of two types of accounting: technical and cadastral.

On the territory of the Russian Federation, the purpose of the cadastral number and accounting is regulated by the Law of the Russian Federation under number 221-FZ of July 24, issued in 2007 and named “On State. real estate cadastre.

There is an order issued by the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, in accordance with which the cadastral numbering takes the following form: АА: ВВ: SSSSSS: КК. These lettering symbols carry the following content:

  • AA - district cadastral activity (cadastral);
  • BB - cadastral district;
  • SSSSSS - inventory quarter (can be formed from seven figures);
  • QC is the numbering of the land.

Below is an example of the cadastral number:

Address: Russia - Russia, Rostov Region, Lomonosov District (Lomonosovskiy), Moscow Region, “the indicated name of the entity”, a closed society of shareholders, “indication of the name of the organization”, near the village of Novokaterinovka, worker unit. 64, section number 14.

K.N .: 23: 12: 130024: 756. It lists the cadastral district, district, quarter and numbering of the land plot in the sequence of recording numbers (the figures indicated here are just an example, in fact there are no such forms in the documentation).

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