What dreams of pregnancy: several options

Pregnancy is a very important stage in the life of any woman. And every woman, planning to become a mother, is always interested in what dreams of pregnancy. Of course, realists will say that pregnancy can be detected only by making an appropriate test or visiting a gynecologist. But quite often, future mothers see various signs that indicate a soon pregnancy, and in dreams. In order to find out exactly which images and symbols indicate the coming miracle of birth, look in the dream book.

what is dreaming about pregnancy

What dreams of pregnancy

Paradoxically, but most dream books agree that to see a pregnancy in a dream does not mean that in the near future you will have a child. For a young girl, such a dream means a possible deception, for older women - a quick pride or joy, for men - some far-reaching plans.

What dreams of pregnancy

First of all, I would like to note that, according to experts, dreams, foreshadowing pregnancy, are designed not only to notify the future mother, but also to psychologically prepare her for this condition. Indeed, as shown in surveys conducted in the UK, about 80% of women who became pregnant were not mentally prepared for this.

We now turn directly to what dreams of pregnancy:

- The most frequent symbol is swimming with a dolphin.

- Your husband or young man chooses a watermelon for you long and carefully, and then buys for you.

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- You swim in the sea or a large pond. Or your man gives you a ticket to a marine holiday.

- In a dream, your child gets sick, and you are trying in every way to save him.

- In the dream you see your reflection in the mirror with a rounded tummy.

- You see eggs: either you buy them, or you feel them, or you are considering them, and so on. Or in a dream you are cooking dishes in which you need to add a lot of chicken eggs.

- Buy underwear for your loved one. Most often underwear is blue.

- If you dream of a pregnancy test with two red stripes, this is also a sure sign of future changes in your life,associated with the imminent appearance of the baby.

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- Little mice that dream of being active and having fun are dreaming about pregnancy.

- In the dream, you are held by the hand of a baby or several children who do not want to let you go in any way. You are very pleased with their attention.

- Red caviar in a dream suggests that you are most likely already pregnant.

- A bird has arrived for you, which you have tamed. Even if you do not hold it, it does not fly away, but remains with you.

- You are walking through the tunnel, at the end of which you see a bright, but very soft light. You do not stop moving towards it.

- In a dream, you eat or even steal beans, nuts or tomatoes.

- In the forest, you pick berries or mushrooms. At the same time you feel just fine and not afraid to get lost.

- In the dream, you see a hard-working spider, which neatly weaves its web.

So, we have considered what dreams of pregnancy are, and more precisely, the main symbols and images that foreshadow such an important event in the life of any person. You may already find in this list the dreams you have seen, which are likely to be prophetic.

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