What does life mean for Mtsyri? Short answer

What does it mean for a person to live? First of all - to experience a feeling of happiness, fullness of your existence, to enjoy your being in the world. And it is difficult to admit that for the main character of the poem of the same name by Lermontov Mtsyri, happiness could mean something else. According to Lermontov himself, freedom is the most important value in the life of any person.

what does mtsiri mean to live

Thirst for will is against all odds

The question of what it means to live for Mtsyri can be answered unequivocally - to be free. For the hero, it is the will is the primary value. It is interesting that nothing in the life of the hero in any way contributed to the awakening in him of the thirst for freedom. After all, the main value in the walls of the monastery is humility, piety, and too freedom-loving people, most likely, simply sinful. However, Mtsyri, in addition to the covenants of monastic life, does not forget about the covenants of his country.

Caucasus is a symbol of freedom

The action of the poem unfolds in the vast mountains of the Caucasus, which for Lermontov himself always symbolized freedom.Among the wild and at the same time beautiful nature, which is able to inspire romantic feelings, you can feel truly free among the mountaineers who are used to the complete freedom of the mountaineers. The Caucasus has become a symbol of freedom in the work of the poet, expressing one of the most important values ​​of its main character, Mtsyri. He is a real child of the mountains, and no life in a monastery can change this.

what did it mean to live for mtsyri

Although he was taken away from home at a very young age, he remembers his family, beautiful sisters, and his father’s terrible weapon. The memory awakened in the hero calls him free. He is completely embraced by this passion. What does it mean for Mtsyri to live if not to be free? This question can be called rhetorical. In his work, the great Russian poet shows the strength of the spirit of a person, possessing which, it is possible to overcome any difficulties on the way to his dream.

Monastic "prison" for the hero

The life of the hero within the monastery can not be called difficult or difficult. The monks, in their own way, take care of their novice, wishing him only good. However, what they regard as good turns out to be a real prison for Mtsyri. They do not understand what Mtsyri means to live.The real being is there, outside the stifling monastery. Those who have spent their entire lives within it cannot understand the whole value of freedom for the protagonist. For him, there is nothing higher than will. Even love is subsequently relegated to the background.

True value

And so Mtsyri runs away from the monastery on a rainy, stormy night. The monks are afraid of this thunderstorm, but she only pleases the main character. What it meant to live in the representation of Mtsyri is shown in his desires: he wants to become one with the raging elements, to measure his strength with the terrible beast, to experience the heat of the scorching sun.

what does it mean for mtsyri to live briefly

Of all these episodes, and the life of the hero in freedom. It is bright and saturated, it can not be compared with the dull imprisonment in the walls of the monastery. The poet in his work poses the question: what is better - long years of life in peace, but in prison, or complete freedom, lasting only a few days?

What did it mean for Mtsyri to live? Short answer

To this question, the romantic hero gives a completely unequivocal answer: higher values ​​than freedom are not and have not been. He very scornfully responds about life in the monastery - Mtsyri is ready to exchange two lives for one, “full of anxiety”. But in the wild he was destined to live only three days.And this time is worthy to devote a whole poem to him.

Answering the question about what it means to live for Mtsyri, every schoolchild can think about their own values. Could a person who was forced to live not with his life be happy? Who is forced to live according to values ​​imposed from the outside? Even if he gets used to this existence, it cannot be happy in any way.

what does it mean for mtsyri to live a composition

Mtsyri spent his whole life in captivity. And he dreams of only one thing - to gain complete freedom, not to be bound by anything. He wants to feel the fragrance of this freedom, breathe it in with a full breast. Also, the main character dreams of returning to his native land, once again seeing those people who are dear to him. And it is precisely this desire that pushes him to leave the stuffy monastery.

Fighting the leopard as a symbol of confrontation

There are obstacles on the way to Mtsyri. In particular, one of the most serious difficulties he faced was a fight with a wild leopard. The animal was the personification of his past life. It symbolized bondage, and the struggle against it was a test for Mtsyri. Is it worth the new life? Is it worth his dream of a better life becoming a reality? And Mtsyri fights with a terrible beast with his bare hands.This Lermontov shows what can be capable of a person who is fighting for their highest value. At stake in this battle is the freedom of the protagonist. The fight with the leopard in all its breadth shows what it meant for Mtsyri to live. He does not want to be content with the measured and predictable life that is prepared for him. And for the sake of this desire, he is ready to bet his own existence.

what did it mean to live in the representation of mtsyri

In the work “What Mtsyri means to live,” the student can emphasize: real life is freedom, the ability to do what your heart desires, to be where you want. The protagonist is aware of the value of these things, being imprisoned. For the sake of the opportunity to be at least in their native lands, Mtsyri is ready to die and fight the terrible leopard. This story should teach everyone what is necessary to appreciate the available. After all, now everyone has the freedom, is free to do whatever he wants. Real life is freedom.

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