What does a snail dream about: the interpretation of dreams

Today there are a huge number of dream books,thanks to which you can explain night dreams. For example, dream books can tell you about what a snail is dreaming about. However, in order to get a more detailed idea of ​​the meaning of the dream, you need to remember all of its smallest details: any signs or symbols.

If I dreamed a snail

In real life, the snail can not be called the mostfast creature. But is the slowness of the dreamed snail in any way connected with a person's life? What does a snail dream about? And what can you expect from such a dream? Dreams help answer the question about what the snail is dreaming about. Most of them say that if a snail appeared in your dream, then you should think about whether you are moving too slowly towards your goal in life? It does not matter what kind of life this is - it's important that if you do not hurry, you risk missing an opportunity. It is possible that more efficient competitors can bypass you. Dream snail is a sign: it's time to get ready to face the truth, not to hide from problems! Remember: difficult situations are better solved without delay, otherwise they can "draw" even greater difficulties. If you have planned a case, it is better to start it without delay, without thinking. Otherwise, in the future you will not be able to influence any things, let alone the success of the business started.

what does a big snail dream about

If you killed a snail in a dream

If you killed a snail - wait for trouble in your life. Perhaps they will try to involve you in a dubious affair.

You dreamed of a snail in the mucus

Interpreters explain why they dreama snail in the mucus: this is an unpleasant dream, a kind of caution. This vision means that you have got involved in questionable cases and there is no guarantee to get out of them clean. Think about whether everything that you are up to now is justified.

Why snails in the house?

Snails in the house are definitely a good dream. If you dream a snail in the house, wait for pleasant news. And pay attention to where exactly you saw it. For example, a snail on the threshold means meeting with old acquaintances or ancient love.

what does the snails in the house

If the snail is quietly crawling along the road

If the snail in your sleep just creeps alongroad, take a closer look at the other details and try to explain the dream taking into account everything that was in it. If you pick up a snail crawling along the road - you literally catch your luck by the tail. Wait for pleasant news.

What does the snail portend in the aquarium?

what snails do they dream of in an aquarium

Dreamers also explain why snails are dreamed ofaquarium. If you see snails creeping in an aquarium, this means that in life you unconsciously make some mistake, move in the wrong direction. Analyze your actions lately and do not be lazy about changing something in your life.

What does a snail dream about: interpretation of different dream books

Dream Interpretation of Freud. A snail symbolizes your participation in sex - you are too passive. Try to change the approach to making love and try to show more initiative.

Dream Book of Meneghetti.Your spiritual development leaves much to be desired, pay attention to your inner world, perhaps the root of all your troubles within you.

French dream book.Snail in a dream is a warning, you do not have everythingsmooth in the family. If you do not try to make amends for the discord that has arisen between you, the conflict can worsen. To step on a snail - unpleasant acquaintances.

English dream book. Try to look closely at your surroundings. Among the people near you, there may be vile persons, ready for the lowest deeds. You can become a victim of their machinations.

Modern dream book. Higher powers send you a hint of what is notall things should be done in a hurry and immediately make a decision or make a verdict. Try to think about everything before you act. Postpone business, find a secluded place and reflect on how best to do. Be extremely careful! Now is not the time to hurry!

A snail that hid in its little house,symbolizes your passivity when making decisions in matters. Not always the escape from problems ends well. It's worth assembling and calmly to make a decision. A snail the size of a house signals a meeting with an influential person.

Dream interpretation of Feng Shui. For men, a snail in a dream is a bad sign: pay attention to your health! But for young guys - this is a good harbinger, you will receive an unexpected inheritance. Women and girls snail dreams about good, improvement of financial situation and even marriage.

Dream interpretation of Maya.Wait for the letter from a stranger. If you eat snails in a dream - pay attention to the digestive organs.

what does a snail dream about

Roma Dream Book. Stop and look where you areare heading! It may very well be that you have chosen a completely inappropriate way. Do not run from problems, but be honest with yourself. It is better to stop, before it's too late, than "crawl" so far away that you will not return back.
Universal dream book. You are too cocky, calm down. Relax and do everything calmly planned. The black band is slowly disappearing, white is already visible on the horizon.

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