What do Americans eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

Every nation has its own national cuisine with characteristic dishes over a long history. We are all familiar with the most popular Italian or Japanese dishes. But we know little about American cuisine. What do Americans eat? Surely each of us will come to mind only fast food. But is it really? Let's look at this issue.

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In order to understand what Americans eat, you need to recall the history of the country. Despite the abundance in the country of fast food, eateries and McDonald’s, American cuisine still has its own dishes, which have come to her thanks to numerous immigrants. Of course, the local cuisine is high in calories. It is a mixture of borrowed European, Asian and other dishes. Of course, such food for many years has undergone significant changes and has been adapted to the realities of American life.what do Americans eat

Typical Americans do not burden themselves with cooking due to lack of time and fast pace of life.It is much easier for them to eat at the nearest cafe than to cook healthy and balanced food. In addition, Americans are actively using convenience foods from supermarkets. Many residents eat full homemade food only in the evening. And yet let's find out what Americans eat at home.

American breakfasts

What do Americans eat for breakfast? Local residents pay the least attention to the morning meal, since many people do not have the opportunity to cook in the morning. But in the afternoon you can see how in the restaurants and canteens huge queues are lined up for the so-called business lunches. In general, it is worth noting that the diet of the population is far from ideal, because the ration is based on sandwiches, cookies and quick snacks. But the dense evening meal subsequently not in the best way affects on health, leading to such a problem of modern society as obesity. And yet among Americans there are those people who have succumbed to the fashion to lead a healthy lifestyle and are trying to organize for themselves the proper three meals a day. What do Americans watch over their health?

Light breakfast menu

As a rule, the basis of the morning meal is made up of fast-carbohydrate foods, which are now incredibly popular throughout the world thanks to all the people of the New World. These can be corn flakes, which are poured with milk, sandwiches sold here in every shop, bacon and eggs, toasts with all sorts of additional ingredients in the form of butter, jam, nut paste or honey. In general, Americans simply adore sweets. Therefore, on the question of what Americans eat for breakfast, it can be said that the menu is not based on the most “correct” products in our understanding. Very often in the morning, waffles, cakes, hot buns, fat donuts, toast (salty or sweet), cinnamon pretzels, and pancakes appear on the table. In general, all that was bought the day before in one of the grocery stores.what Americans eat for breakfast

From more useful products on the tables you can see fruit smoothies with proteins, prepared with the help of a blender. Speaking of what Americans eat, it is worth saying that they absolutely do not understand what porridge is. Some use oatmeal, but no more. People do not understand at all what can be prepared, for example, rice with milk or semolina.

Hearty breakfasts

Some Americans prefer a more dense breakfast.In this case, in the morning ration there will be small sausages, french fries, scrambled eggs, beans and bacon. If you are going to the United States, then be prepared for the fact that the hotel will offer you just such a breakfast. By the way, the main part of the morning meal is coffee. And if it is not, then the person believes that the meal failed. Coffee is not a small cup of flavored drink, but a large container. Many American cafes where citizens eat breakfast provide an unlimited amount of drink. This means that you can pour as much coffee as you like while you are eating.

Breakfast in public areas

Where do you think Americans eat? Of course, in public catering. Many of them do not bother with preparing homemade meals in the morning in the conditions of lack of time, because it is easier to drop in at one of the local eateries or canteens. Of course, most of them offer traditional hamburgers or hot dogs. Food of such a plan in America is incredibly common and popular. Huge size rolls with filling are sold in any institution. But there are also other establishments in which you can taste potatoes with meat or liver for breakfast. But at the same time the dishes are quite impressive in size.For example, on one plate you can serve potatoes, pancakes, waffles and sausages. And on top of it all poured some syrup.what do Americans eat for dinner

Most often used maple. The portions are so impressive that after them there is definitely no desire to do anything. In American places, dishes sometimes seem very unusual to our people. For example, chicken is served with waffles. If for us this combination seems wildly, then for Americans it is the norm. Based on the size of hamburgers and portions in cafes, we can talk about how much Americans eat.

Coffee culture

We have already mentioned that Americans are very fond of coffee. They drink it a lot, and the number of times a day is completely unlimited. In addition, the cafe will not understand if you order "American." As the local population drinks “drip-coffee”, in other words, it is a drink made from filter bags. In this coffee a lot of caffeine. That it can be drunk indefinitely in a cafe, because the visitor is not limited in its quantity. More to drink you will certainly bring cream.

What do Americans eat for lunch?

As you know, lunch in America is called lunch.It takes about eleven to twelve hours. At this time, in numerous fast foods, huge queues are lined up for all the same hamburgers and other baked goods with bacon or a tasteless chop inside. At lunchtime, Americans prefer food that quickly saturates, but it is incredibly harmful and calorie.what do Americans eat for lunch

Answering the question of what Americans eat for lunch, we can safely say that the basis of the diet is dishes from fast food restaurants.

Americans' lunch menu is quite predictable - rolls, sandwiches with meatballs, cheese, lettuce and vegetables. And of course, it is impossible to imagine a meal without another coffee. Also for lunch pizza with a huge glass of cola, mashed potatoes, a salad resembling "Caesar", sausages, rice, biscuits, yogurts can be offered. There are simply no soups in the lunch menu. Yes, and borscht in America can be found only in a Russian restaurant. Americans do not know the first dishes in the sense in which we are accustomed to them.

During the day, people can easily arrange for themselves snacks in the form of sweets, bars, fruits and the same coffee.In general, at lunchtime on the streets of the cities, in parking lots, in the squares on the benches you can see a lot of people with large burgers. And this is the norm for America. If it is not customary for us to eat on the street, then there is a very common phenomenon.

American dinner

What do Americans eat for dinner? Evening meal for people is the most important meal, as it is in the evening that a family can gather around the table. If all work, then preparing a meal in haste, as a rule, from semi-finished products. A second option is also possible - ordering food in a restaurant. A favorite dish even for dinner is a burger. They are prepared in all sorts of variations. Also at dinner, there is often french fries and some salad. Grilled steaks and turkey are also incredibly popular. But this is rather a festive option, because on weekdays people do not have time to prepare special delights. Therefore, simpler options are used - nuggets, chicken (wings and legs).what do Americans eat every day

Americans treat garnishes cool. And all sorts of cereals in general cause them complete bewilderment. What do ordinary Americans eat? These are peas, beans, rice with vegetables, spaghetti and potatoes. But no sauce is complete without sauce.All sorts of gas stations, ketchups, mustard and others are used. In addition, the dinner may well be served cream soup, which is fundamentally different from our usual first courses. Very popular among residents is corn. It is used in any form - fried, boiled, in the form of popcorn. And flour is made quite tasty tortillas. What Americans eat for dinner is quite different from the usual diet. In fact, for many residents, the evening meal is the only full meal of the day. Yes, and often it is based on convenience foods, because this is exactly what Americans eat every day.


What do Americans like to eat for dessert? Without sweet delicacies, they simply do not represent a delicious dinner. Among the favorite desserts, favorites include pumpkin and apple pies, puddings, ice cream, chocolates, muffins, chocolate chips cookies, marmalade and curd delicacies. Sweets are usually washed down with cola, coffee, cocoa, juice, and very rarely with milk.


Americans like to cook anything on the grill. Therefore, on weekends, they are often gathered by the company and cook meat.Generally, barbecue is the most common occupation of people in their free time. We can say that this is a typical American tradition.what do Americans like to eat

If you come to the country to friends, for example, then you will certainly be invited to such an event. Usually, famous American steaks are cooked on a grill and baked potatoes in foil.

Strong alcohol

In our view, Americans use only whiskey from spirits. But in fact, they prefer vodka. In addition, the population consumes an incredible amount of beer. Fashion is common here to watch sports in any public places. Such gatherings are necessarily accompanied by the use of beer. An interesting fact is that in the shops there are practically no single beer bottles for sale. They are usually sold in mini-packs with between six and eight tanks.


Surely you have heard that America is called the country of snacks. And this is difficult to argue, because in no other country can you find such a number of them. In local stores sold an incredible variety of all kinds of cookies, both salty and sweet. One of the most popular is considered "Oreo".how many Americans eat

Americans love the combination of caramel with peanuts and chocolate. And the nuts themselves (peanuts) are generally very popular in the daily menu. Peanut butter is the most popular product that is present on the table of almost every resident of the country. They smear buns, toast, canapés.


One of the everyday dishes of all Americans is the famous pizza. Here, everyone eats it for any reason, be it a holiday or a simple dinner. To order pizza in any institution is the most common thing.

In America, the dish came along with immigrants from Italy. And now pizza is fast food. Of course, it is not much like a real Italian dish, because it has undergone significant changes. The thickness of the dough in pizza varies from the wishes of the customer. As a rule, customers prefer a lush dish. But the options for filling offered a great many. It is for this reason that America has its own "American" pizza, quite unlike Italian. In any local institution you will be offered:

  1. New York pizza with a thin base and lots of cheese and sauces.
  2. New Haven - pizza with white sauce, garlic and cheese.
  3. Chicago pizza - a very thick cake with bulk filling.
  4. Greek pizza is an option closest to the Italian dish.

In American food culture, pizza occupies an important place. It is as popular as sandwiches and hamburgers. Surprisingly, the locals can eat it three times a day. And she does not bother them at all. In addition, it is customary to order a dish at home, be it a holiday party or a regular dinner.

Where and how do Americans eat

Americans, like all modern humanity, suffer from a lack of time. Of course, they know how to cook in their free time, but very rarely do it. Yes, and often cooking is heating the semi-finished products. Residents of the country do not bother to cook. It is much easier for them to order in the evening food from any restaurant or an appropriate establishment, which there is an incredible number in any city. Convenient service allows you to spend more time with your family, and not stand at the stove the whole evening. Homemade dinner cooked with your own hands is rather a festive option when mother wants to please the children and husband. And in everyday life, American women do not want to spend precious time on such an occupation as cooking.In addition, the country has a terrific selection of various catering establishments in which you can not only eat delicious food, but also order any dish at home in the shortest possible time. Of course, in different regions of the country, food preferences can vary greatly. For example, Mexican dishes are very popular in the states near Mexico. Americans here generally prefer very fatty and spicy foods. The famous Mexican burrito has long been one of the everyday dishes of Americans. And in California, there are many fish restaurants that serve delicious seafood. No less popular throughout the country and Asian dishes, which are distinguished by their nutritional properties and aroma of spices.

If during lunch people quickly eat and leave the cafe, then in the evening with the family they can afford to have a good time for a meal. It is the dinner that Americans consider to be something special, because only at this time the whole family can get together, because during the daytime everyone is busy with their business and work.where do Americans eat

But on weekends, people are not in a hurry to get involved in cooking culinary delights, since it is easier to order guaranteed something tasty from any establishment.

Instead of an afterword

At first glance, it may seem that traditional American food is something incredibly harmful and high-calorie. Of course, in many ways it is. However, the local cuisine has very tasty dishes, which can be tasted for the most part in restaurants or cafes. After all, the power system of Americans built on fast food. As a rule, the main diet consists of them, as well as snacks and convenience foods. And yet, traveling around America, it is worth trying the most famous dishes in order to understand why the locals love them so much.

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