What displeased Crimean tourist

Expensive housing, clogged transport, rude taxis ... At the end of the holiday season, the Public Chamber of Russia counted over 800 complaints to the hotline to protect the rights of tourists from different regions of Russia.
What exactly complained about the resort, after visiting the shores of the Crimea?
50% of complaints were received from tourists who were not satisfied with the infrastructure and service in hotels, about 30% complained about problems related to poor performance of air carriers, cancellation and delay of flights. Another 20% of applicants wanted to get a clear advice on the collection of the resort and the rules of transportation of baggage.
Interestingly, the Ministry of Resorts of Crimea also opened a similar hotline for holidaymakers in advance, but after the season the department did not publish statistics on complaints about the Crimean service.
It is understandable. Not only the locals, but also the guests of the resort noticed that the officials pay attention to the problems only after the citizens appeal directly to the head of the Crimea, for example, through social networks.That's where they turn, and there were plenty of reasons.
The best beach of Evpatoria
The season was spoiled by the scandal that erupted around the famous hiking trails, for example, Golitsynska in the New World and in general around specially protected areas (PAs). For the entrance there, the Ministry of Environment and the State Committee in its structure were allowed to charge tourists. Through the media, our officials had to interpret that Russian legislation does not imply a tariff for passage. Fee can be taken only for the service, and then unbound.
In fact, in response to the indignation of citizens, the ministry remembered the fines imposed by the Water Code of the Russian Federation for entering vehicles in coastal areas. The width of the water protection zone of the sea, according to the law, is 500 meters, and therefore motor tourists, in fact, were forbidden to rest by “savages”. The tsunami of the ensuing scandal forced the officials to soften their position. But the sediment remained ...
Golitsyn trail
Actually, the meeting itself, the rest of the season, was overshadowed by the irrepressible appetites of the Crimean taxi drivers, who “occupied”, including the parking of the International Airport Simferopol. Tourists were outraged that often the price of air travel from Moscow to Simferopol coincided with the local fare from Simferopol to the South Coast.A separate wave of indignation, they noted the local "taxi driver etiquette", comparable to how hungry seagulls rush to the garbage trucks. About what I wrote more than once. At the same time, a salutary alternative - public transport traditionally disappointed not only guests, but also local residents. As the checks showed, carriers in the capital of Crimea prefer to work intuitively: without a schedule and without an exit on the line after the evening rush hour.
Crimean taxi drivers
Many people have the most memorable impression of the Crimean holiday in the 2017 holiday season were traffic jams. In addition, the majority of urban minibuses to the summer and not got air conditioning, bringing passengers to a faint. Hellish traffic jams of transit Simferopol, where some main directions, for example, Tolstoy Street and later Karl Marx Street were blocked for major repairs, are still remembered with a shudder. The southern capital of the republic, Yalta, is also near, where the city administration spent 15 million rubles to fight traffic jams to develop a new traffic scheme. The result was dubious. In Yalta, it was proposed to ban all left turns as dangerous in the near future.
In addition, evacuators, whose victims even became tourist buses, started to fly on the South Coast of the Crimea.Because of the work of evacuators, there are only more traffic jams, because while on the narrow streets of Yalta the cranes are loading incorrectly parked cars, it is impossible to go around them. In this case, the authorities reduce the number of parking spaces.
Well, how not to remember the most hellish place of the 2017 season - the 10-kilometer stretch of Golden beaches between Feodosiya and Primorsky.
Traffic Theodosia - Seaside
But no matter how often motorists did not turn left, it was difficult for them not to notice the coolness with which the sights of the South Coast were destroyed. For example, the Solar (Tsar) trail is a favorite walking route not only of the royal family, but also of modern tourists, and, in fact, another visiting card of Yalta. Five-meter stone fences have grown very mobile here. Behind them, in front of the rest under the construction site, the entire green zone was cut down, not sparing the Red Book junipers. And today, the Yalta residents unsuccessfully argue that the plots on the Tsar's Trail are distributed to buildings illegally. By the way, the official sign indicating that this is the territory of the Yalta mountain-forest nature reserve is still preserved and updated on the trail under Russia. Local officials, telling about how they are fighting for the image of a civilized resort city, frankly ignore the fate of the dying Tsar's trail.

The resort’s face - embankments, in some coastal cities and even in the “land” Simferopol remain a talk of the town. In Simferopol, the embankment of the central river Salgir is now in disrepair, and in some places poses a threat to the citizens, since the fence has been plundered, and the riverbed itself is littered. Interestingly, the sanitary state of the river does not cause complaints from Rosportebnadzor. Back in May, the prosecutor's office of Simferopol promised to enforce the city administration in court to repair the embankment. But things did not move. Similarly, in the summer, the embankment repair them. Lenin in Yalta, where the private shopping complex “Food” was demolished. The ruined cover was patched only in the middle of the season after public outrage. But in other places the bald spots are still gaping, they promise to finish once ...

The fact that the fuel in the Crimea is of poor quality was outraged not only by the guests of the peninsula, but also by the head of the republic Aksenov. The subsequent inspections of public figures only confirmed this fact. At the same time, when, at the end of the season, there was suddenly a shortage of diesel fuel and gasoline of running brands in the republic, the Ministry of Fuel and Energy of Kazakhstan reassured that prices would not increase due to the deficit. But predictably the opposite happened.As a result, the Arbitration Court of Kazakhstan forced to pay a fine of 129 million rubles to five oil traders, who simultaneously raised retail prices at Crimean gas stations for gasoline grades A-92, A-95 and diesel fuel. Prices have been increased by the same amount, regardless of the supplier. And the head of the FAS of Russia, I. Artemyev, confirmed that fuel prices in Crimea were the highest in the country and at the same time do not correspond to quality.

Another problem is not drowning - unauthorized sewage on the Crimean coast. For example, Voloshynsky Koktebel, where from each beach cafe the hoses discharge during the season are transferred to the sea right along the beach. In fact, the uncontrolled discharge of sewage from hotels and catering establishments goes into the sea virtually along the entire coast. Recall the huge complex of Santa Barbara slipways near Alushta, in the village of Utes. Inexperienced vacationers, arriving there, understand the whole scale of the disaster when they try to enter the water, and not only by smell. Crimea catastrophically requires the construction of new sewage treatment plants (KOS), but for the republic it is very heavy investments.But the aforementioned Koktebel was lucky; the construction of a WWTP under the federal target program “Social and Economic Development of the Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol” is planned to begin as early as 2018.

Of course, most of the battles were caused in the Crimea by resort prices for food and accommodation in hotels. Although here opinions are divided.
Some declare that it is cheaper to take off to Egypt or Turkey, where "all inclusive" than to the Crimean peninsula. As an example - the Black Sea region without a developed infrastructure. During the season there some mini-hotels demanded 4 thousand rubles a day from a rest for a room, while offering only two towels for two as a service. Although at the same price you can find a comfortable room with breakfast in the center of Moscow.
More optimistically motivated proves that the range of prices for services, products and services in the republic is so wide and rich that anyone can find a suitable option for themselves.

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