What are the best quests on the PC

It so happened that, historically, quests are the ancestors. When there was not enough power yet and there was almost nothing to play, text quests began to stir the minds of then not even PC users, but simply curious and lucky ones who got home game consoles . But as time went on, the computer equipment was improved, and what appeared to be full-fledged games appeared before us. Let's think and choose the best quests on the PC.


If you are looking primarily for a way to relax, then the quests are a good choice. Among the games of this genre are cartoony light applications that are designed to entertain the user, and not to load with unnecessary information. The best PC quest games in this sub-genre are forever.

best quests for pc

  1. "Brothers pilots". The story of the brothers-detectives, who during the first two parts, rescued first pet, and then - the missing elephant from the zoo. These toys will be a good example in the collection of children's games on the shelf.But this does not mean that adults will not be interested. "Pilot Brothers" is a good way to spend time with a child without leaving home.
  2. "Petka and Vasily Ivanovich save the galaxy." This quest is very peculiar. Like their prototypes from jokes, the characters have a very specific adult humor, so do not be confused by the bright cover. Good-quality colorful quests from this series will force you to break your head for many hours.


The complete opposite of the previous subgenre is realism. Many may say that the best quests on the PC are those that have good graphics, vivid characters, and so on. In fact, in such games, it’s not so much the picture as the deeply thought out plot.

best pc quests

  1. Our first candidate in the nomination "The Best Quests on the PC" will be a project such as Siberia. This game has received many positive reviews in all respects, is unpretentious in terms of system requirements, but at the same time it is just fascinating with its atmosphere.
  2. Still Life is an incredibly interesting detective, whose action takes place immediately in the past and present. You have to investigate two cases of serial murders, which are like two drops of water, but you can get to the bottom of the truth only when you complete both parts of the dilogy.

As you know, coming up with a plot is only half the battle. The best quests on the PC also include an unforgettable atmosphere in which the user plunges headlong.


But this is what lies at the origins of the genres. Oddly enough, even text puzzles are able to captivate the user. These are not trivial puzzles, but a whole separate adventure, going to that, you plunge into a special world, requiring you to endure and wit.

  1. "Dune". An old toy from the time of the console. It completely explains the plot of events occurring in the strategy of the same name. Play, you will not regret.
  2. In addition, text quests are an integral part of the Space Rangers series of games. It was she who became a hit and made this space epic a model for games. Text quests will make you think about solving some riddles for many days.

best pc quests


As you know, no list of the best games will be complete. The person who compiles it, in any case, adds a piece of his personal opinion. For example, the nomination for the best soundtrack. Well, how can you give it to someone, if one user likes rock, and another user likes quiet and measured classical music.So with everything: trying to read these lists of the "best" is actually a futile exercise. Until you yourself play, you will not be able to understand whether the game is really worth it or not. Therefore - go ahead! Dare and try projects, and as a result make the list of the best.

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