Wedding in the church: protect love

True love is not afraid to take onobligations and vows. Our society is finally returning to pre-revolutionary values ​​- and people want to get married again. Let this is often a tribute to fashion, but through fashion, the wedding in the church becomes the norm of life. And not only for young couples: more often in the church there are pairs of people aged and ask to marry them. It is always very touching and beautiful. Although the wedding in the church is always beautiful.

As everyone knows, after baptism everyone appearsGuardian angel. There is a beautiful belief that after the wedding couple is given another angel who protects the family. There are many cases when, after the wedding in the church, husbands stopped drinking and the spouses stopped quarreling frequently. To the wedding, believing people are more serious than registering a marriage in the registry office, because church marriage assumes a huge responsibility not of a material, but a spiritual plan.

Among the questions the fathers are often askedthe question of whether it is possible to have a wedding before the wedding in the registry office. Such a wedding is allowed only in exceptional cases, usually in small rural parishes, where the priest knows the prospective bride and groom for many years and is confident that they will take seriously the obligations of church marriage. Most fathers refuse to crown before registration, since the church is separated from the state and the church marriage does not have legal force. So, a woman in a "purely church" marriage is not protected by law, her material interests are as vulnerable as in unregistered cohabitation. Therefore, if your young man proposes to find a priest who crowns without registration, it is better to run away from such a groom as from a fire, because in fact you want to be deceived. Alas, while marriage in the church does not become equivalent to marriage, concluded in the registry office, you need to be very careful.

In marriage, he and she unite not only formally,it's not just a license for a sex life. Unite not only the body, but also the souls of loving people. The wedding in the church creates the strongest spiritual connection, as a result of which one spouse can atone for his deeds and faith to atone for the sins of the second spouse.

The meaning of the wedding is to connectloving people and help them to better understand the measure of their responsibility, to testify to their people and God their sincere and selfless love. Love is a gift from heaven and a miracle when it passed through the stage of falling in love and became mature. It is not necessary to hurry with the conclusion of marriage, scientists say that it is necessary to know each other at least a year before making an important decision. Undoubtedly, there is no intimate relationship. Bludnikov (that is, those who entered into intimate relations before marriage) the holy fathers generally recommended to separate. In our time, after a sincere repentance of both, a church marriage is possible, but this is always a very difficult journey. Sin corrodes the soul and destroys even the most powerful love.

Often asked: what will happen if we are sexually incompatible or do we only find out about it after the wedding? In fact, absolutely incompatible partners do not exist, any problems can be solved if people are dear to each other. And "checks" only provoke people to try with new partners, getting deeper and deeper into sin. And then there are abortions, venereal diseases are acquired and for no reason despair and despair come. A person who has sinned is more vulnerable to demons, and therefore more grief becomes in his life.

The wedding in the church allows us to sanctify our bonds and protect our love from various demonic influences. Believers married wives can not be afraid of sorcerers and "babok" with their love spells.

Protect your love - go to the priest in the nearest church for a conversation about the wedding. The wedding in the church will change your relationship for the better and help you feel like a whole.

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