Water towel dryers: which are better, reviews, types, specifications and features

The heated towel rail for the bathroom today has ceased to be a device with conditional functionality. Previously, this feature was explained by the simplicity of the design, which was represented by the only solution in the post-Soviet space. The described unit had the appearance of a steel pipe, which was bent in the shape of the letter G.

The presence of such a device in the apartments, as for even the construction of Khrushchev and prefabricated houses, was not a whim. Water towel dryers (which are better, the reviews below will help determine) are a compensatory loop of temperature differences. What is true for impressive risers with a horizontal arrangement. A similar system is found in every high-rise building.

Varieties of towel on material

water heated towel rails which are better reviews

The most affordable today are towel warmers, which are made of steel. You should not assume that such structures are similar in quality and coating technology for protection. According to the standards, all connections in such devices should be rolled and should not have sharp edges.

Considering low-cost models, you can understand that they are usually applied pentaphthalic paint, which is not able to guarantee one hundred percent protection against corrosion. Manufacturers, trembling their reputation, use the technology of polymerization of steel towel rails. But the best option would be models that are coated on both sides with a polymerized compound.

If you are interested in water heated towel rails, which are better, reviews can help you decide. The most durable devices are stainless steel. They have a high cost, but today there are also chrome-plated brass products, which are somewhat cheaper, because brass is distinguished by plasticity, which greatly simplifies the production process and reduces costs.

Features water brass towel warmers

which electric towel warmer is better

Experts recommend choosing a towel warmer for the material that underlies the heating system pipe. In the shops you can find products made of black steel or non-ferrous metal. Recent solutions involve the use of copper or brass. It is important to keep in mind the anti-corrosion coating.

As practice shows, brass products are ready to serve for about 10 years. However, during this time, substances that precipitate into solid sediment will dissolve in the liquid, this will adversely affect the diameter of the pipe, which will gradually decrease. Brass units are also subject to abrasive wear, this is important for walls and bends. Particles will thin the material over time. Therefore, brass units are used quite rarely.

Which towel warmer is better: the choice of the technical characteristics and the company

heated towel rail electric reviews

Quite often, the owners of apartments and houses think about which towel warmer to prefer, as well as what design it should have, so as not to be difficult to install and maintain. Different manufacturers try to solve these issues in different ways.

For example,Russian suppliers most often produce models in the form of letters M and P, but recently it is possible to find ladders that are more advanced, which is why they have gained popularity. Considering the color scheme, you can find not only conventional chrome and gloss, but also unusual solutions, matte coatings, as well as all sorts of patterns on the surface of heated towel rails.

Under the order and at all you can purchase designs that have a unique color. True, to pay for this decision will have a little more. In favor of domestic-made towel rails, it can be said that they are cheaper than the others, moreover, they are adapted to coolant pressure in the Russian systems. The test pressure is equivalent to 22.5 atm, while the working pressure is 15 atm, which indicates a good safety margin.

If you prefer water heated towel rails, which are better, reviews will allow you to understand faster. For example, Finnish designs are known for their high quality as well as certain features. So, the standard distance between the axles is 200 mm, which is true for U-shaped forms, this parameter increases to 630 mm and to 310 mm, if we are talking about M-and S-shaped structures.These dimensions should be taken into account by the master in order to avoid misunderstandings during installation, which are quite difficult to eliminate. Among other features, it is necessary to highlight the fact that Finnish heated towel rails should be connected to the heating system by a rigid method.

Reviews of German products

what is the best heated towel rail electric or water reviews

If you want to make the bathroom more technological and comfortable, then you should listen to consumer reviews, they argue that German designs and those imported from other European countries often have a turning mechanism.

With it, the unit can be rotated 180 °. Consumers consider this option very convenient, however, when choosing, it should be considered whether the area of ​​the room will allow to unfold the structure without obstacles. Such systems, according to buyers, are inferior to stationary ones in the ability to withstand impressive weight. Load rotary heated towel rail should not be more than 5 kg.

Varieties of electric towel warmers on the internal filler

choose the best electric towel warmer

If you are faced with the question of which electric towel warmer is better, then you should deal with the internal filling.On sale you can find "dry" and "wet" options. In the latter case, the heating occurs as in a conventional heater.

And if you liked the "wet" heated towel rail electric. Which is better? A review of the models will first of all make it clear that such models have a body filled with liquid that is heated by heating elements. Such devices are usually filled with oil or antifreeze. But if you have a “dry” model, then a heating cable is used instead of a liquid, which resembles the one that is placed in the “warm floor” system. Based on this and make your choice.

Which electrical appliance is better - “dry” or “wet”?

how to choose an electric towel rail

When we choose the best electric towel rail, we make a comparison. The basis of this analysis can be taken two devices, one of them will work on the dry principle, while the other - on the wet. “Dry” electric towel warmers are cheaper, they do not imply increased tightness, as is the case with liquids. In the matter of installation, "dry" electric towel rails also benefit, since they do not have heating elements, which should be located below.This indicates that “dry” models can be hung, orienting them in different ways.

As for the "wet" models, they should be located only vertically. If you still have not decided what to choose an electric towel rail, then you should also pay attention to power. Liquid models in this issue is stronger. But the “dry” version will consume no more energy than a 100 W light bulb, while the heating level will be lower.

Reviews about which towel warmer is better - water or electric

heated towel rail

Quite often, homeowners are wondering about which heated towel rail is best - electric or water. Reviews will help you figure it out. As the main advantage of electric models, consumers emit a closed loop, which is not the case with the water variant. This indicates that electric heated towel rails can operate autonomously, they do not depend on whether there is hot water in the house.

When thinking about which electric towel warmer is better, you should take into account that such appliances cannot have air plugs and pressure problems.The main danger are only interruptions in electricity. If the light is turned off for a long time, the unit simply will not work. However, usually interruptions in current are solved within 24 hours, but maintenance work on the pipes can take all summer.

Overview of the features of "dry" and "wet" electric towel rails

Electric towel warmer, reviews of which will help you make the right choice, may differ in the level of heat saving. In cable devices, the heating rate is higher, because the liquid takes time to "swing". However, the “dry” after cooling off immediately cool down, and the oil or antifreeze will “work” even after turning off the network.

The heated towel rail electric, reviews of which are presented above, can be supplied with adjustable heating temperature. Quite often, such functionality is implemented in new versions, because the liquid can heat up to high temperatures. Therefore, the consumer will be able to set the desired level of heating. But cable systems to find with this addition is more difficult.


One of the main functions of the towel warmer is heated towels, which meets the standards of hygiene.If you want to make a bathroom room not only comfortable, but also aesthetically appealing, you should consider modern water towel rails. What are the best, reviews about products of different types, as well as their basic characteristics - all this is described in the article. You just have to make your choice.

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