Volga 5000 GL: review, specifications and reviews

In October 2010, GAZ Group officially ceased production of Volga cars, and in its place began the large-assembly assembly of Volkswagen (Jetta), Chevrolet (Aveo) and Skoda (Yeti "," Octavia "). In 2012, the company's website published the news about the resumption of work on their own car. This article is a review of the concept of the new Volga 5000 GL, which is scheduled for launch in mass production in 2020-2021.


Vogla 5000 GL main

At first glance, the new Volga 5000 GL looks unusual, cumbersome and incongruous against the backdrop of modern cars. After all, the project designers (Bukin brothers) were faced with the task of preserving the features of a classic four-door sedan and making it futuristic. And they coped with this task.

The roof of the car has changed significantly in comparison with its predecessors - it has become lower, and its supports are strongly inclined. Because of this, the area of ​​the windscreen and rear window has increased.

Volga 5000 GL Front

On the front (front) part of the concept, there are two headlights that look like an old dagger.They include direction indicators and dipped / main beam lamps. Between them is one of the grille, recessed into the body and divided in the middle by a crossbar of silver plastic. A couple of tens of centimeters below is the second part of the lattice. Along its edges, DRLs (daytime running lights) are placed in the recesses. On the edge of the hood is the manufacturer's logo, and the driver’s side is a recess intended for turbocharging for air intake.

From the side, the Volga 5000 looks unattractive due to the disproportionate ratio of the sizes of the glass and doors, in particular, the front and rear. Handles plastic, recessed into the body. They plan to equip the car with 16-inch wheels with a rubber size of 225/55.

Volga 5000 rear view

The back of the car resembles the Lada Grant in the back of the liftback due to the smooth transition of the roof to the trunk lid. On the latter is a decorative plate of red plastic and a recess for the license plate. At the edges of the fake inserts are combined rear lights. Below the registration number are the outputs of the muffler, one of which is snag.


Officially confirmed information about the arrangement of the salon "Volga 5000" no.Put forward two assumptions. The first is that the interior will be partially copied from one of the partner’s machines, namely the Chevrolet-Volt.

Chevrolet volt

Second - the salon will be made on the model of previous models. In 2016, the first photo of the interior of the new car. Inside the car "Volga 5000" looks ascetic due to the fact that additional controls are hidden under the panels, which come into motion when the ignition is turned on. Most of the dashboard takes instrument cluster, which is still equipped with analog, rather than digital scales.

Dashboard 5000 GL

In the center of the panel are four holes of the duct system. Between the seats, depending on the gearbox used, there is a continuation of the instrument panel: the glove compartment and the on-board computer. The automatic gear lever is located on the steering column, as in the GAZ-21. In the configuration with the "mechanics" gearshift lever is traditionally located in the central tunnel.


The power unit of the Volga 5000 is a 4-cylinder gasoline engine with a displacement of 2 liters of its own design with a supercharged. It is also possible to install a V-shaped 6-cylinder engine with a capacity of 3.1 liters,used by GM. They work in tandem with 6 and 4-speed manual and automatic transmission, respectively. The main drive wheels are rear, but front-wheel drive connection is provided.

Suspension - fully independent, spring-shock absorber with anti-roll bars. Steering is made by technology "gear - steering rack" with the EUR (electric power steering). The brake system is equipped with a vacuum booster and ventilated disc brakes.

The generalized technical characteristics of the Volga 5000 GL are as follows:

  • Maximum engine power (at 5600 rpm): 145 kW or 200 l. from.
  • Torque: 351 N · m at 3000 rpm.
  • Acceleration to 100 km / h: 9 seconds.
  • Maximum speed: 238 km / h.
  • Fuel consumption (city / highway / mixed): 11.7 / 6/7 l.
  • Tank capacity: 80 liters.
  • Fuel type: AI-95 (unleaded).

The start of assembly of trial lots of cars is planned for 2019-2020. The localization level of parts and components of the Volga 5000 GL is planned to be increased to 50%. Domestic components include: body (stamping, welding, painting), engine, wheels (complete) glass, plastic exterior and interior parts.To import - gearbox (automatic and manual), on-board electronics, multimedia and navigation systems. The cost of passenger new items is estimated at 1-1.5 million rubles.


Internet users, who saw the news about the revival of one of the symbols of the domestic auto industry, reacted ambiguously to it. That is, they were divided into two camps - those who liked the concept, and their opponents. The first fewer than the second, so reviews of the "Volga 5000 GL2" contain mostly criticism, namely:

  • Poor visibility due to narrow side windows.
  • Inadequate door design.
  • Poor visibility and uncomfortable landing rear passengers.
  • Small clearance (distance from the road to one of the lowest points of the car).

The car also has positive qualities, but there are fewer of them:

  • Powerful engine.
  • Small (given the volume) fuel consumption.
  • Aerodynamic body.

According to the company officials, the presented model is only a concept, and during mass production its appearance and equipment will be changed.

Alternative opinion

In addition to the two main categories of users can be identified and the third.In their opinion, the photo of the new "Volga GL" is a screenshots of a three-dimensional model laid out in free access. The very same model was made by one of the community members. A similar move from GAZ was made with the aim of obtaining state funding, drawing attention to its activities and advertising its products.


The Volga 5000 GL is a four-wheel-drive full-size car, scheduled for release in 2020. It remains to hope that the machine really gets on the conveyor, and will not gather dust on the hard disk in the form of drawings and a three-dimensional model in the computers of the design department.

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