Vodka or beer: what is more harmful? Calorie, alcohol content

At the festive table, the hosts often treat the guests with various alcoholic beverages. Especially popular are beer and vodka, without which no feast passes. What you need to know before using these what properties they have and can they be mixed? What is more harmful, beer or vodka? This is what we will try to find out.

Useful properties of vodka

The composition of vodka is extremely simple - ethyl alcohol and water. In addition, various additives can be used to soften its taste. The medicinal properties of the drink mainly relate to the use of ethyl alcohol, which is included in its composition. It is known that it is an antiseptic, which is added when preparing various herbal tinctures.

The benefits of vodka with its moderate use are as follows:

  • Prevents ischemic heart disease.
  • It serves as a prophylaxis for colds infections.
  • Prevents the development of oncology.
  • Normalizes pressure.
  • Reduces the chances of developing angina and arthritis.
  • Normalizes sleep, helps to cope with insomnia and sleep disorders.
  • Improves appetite.

vodka or beer

Harm of liquor

Alcohol in principle is safe for an adult, but on condition that a person uses it in limited quantities. Ethyl alcohol in small quantities is a medicine, but with an increase in safe doses, it turns into poison. People suffering from alcoholism, often suffer from cancer. In addition, they increase the risk of stroke and heart attack. Being a toxin, vodka causes intoxication of the body, and due to the accumulation of harmful substances the immune system suffers.

Beer benefits

What benefits the body will bring from drinking beer will again depend on its quantity. If the recommended rate is not exceeded, then the beer benefits.

The drink prevents the development of diseases of the cardiovascular system, normalizes blood pressure and prevents the development of atherosclerosis. For women, its beneficial properties lie in the fact that the foam drink stops the aging process.

Beer - a source of vitamin B, which is involved in the creation of red blood cells. Also in a malt drink in large quantities contains trace elements, on which the well-established work of the whole organism depends - magnesium, copper, iron and phosphorus. It also activates the metabolism and helps cleanse the body of toxins and slags.

what is better beer or vodka

Harm of beer

Beer becomes harmful because manufacturers are finding more and more new ways to reduce the cost of production, replacing its natural components with artificial substitutes.

The harm of a malt drink for men is that it contains female hormones, therefore, with abnormal consumption, the stomach may begin to grow and problems may arise in the intimate sphere. The alcohol contained in the beer harms all internal organs, without exception. The heart is particularly affected. Hypertension and tachycardia are the safest diseases that can appear on the background of the love of beer. This is due to the cobalt contained in the drink. It is especially harmful to the brain. Under the influence of the drink, the erythrocytes stick together, due to which the necessary amount of oxygen is not supplied to the brain and its cells begin to die.Harmful beer and pancreas, and for the stomach. On the background of its increased use, diseases such as pancreatitis and gastritis, often oncological diseases, can develop.

that beer is more harmful than vodka

The consumption of vodka and beer

Any product can be a panacea and poison for a person, since everything depends on its use in moderation. So, for men, the permissible dose of drinking beer is 0.2-0.5 liters per day. In a week you can only drink beer up to 5 times. In women, the consumption rate of the product is less - 0.2-0.3 l.

As for vodka, the recommended doses look like this:

  • up to 50 ml of vodka for men;
  • up to 30 ml of strong drink for women.

Beer or vodka - which is better

No holiday is complete without alcoholic beverages, because when making the decision to drink at the table, a simple man in the street wonders if it’s better: beer or vodka. If we consider the situation in terms of the harm of a large amount of alcohol, then, of course, it is best to drink beer, in which the degree of alcohol is less. It should also be noted that it is possible to drink it at the table more in accordance with the recommended norms.

The beer contains malt, water, hops, yeast and additives,therefore, it contains a rich vitamin and mineral composition, which favorably affects the cardiovascular, digestive systems, skin condition and well-being. Since vodka contains only water and ethyl alcohol, which plays the role of an antiseptic, it is best to give preference to the malt drink.

In addition, the following facts speak in favor of beer:

  • Beer less calorie than vodka.
  • It has an excellent diuretic effect, cleansing the body of toxins and removing excess water from it.
  • It is more difficult to control the use of vodka than beer, because most of the crimes are committed while intoxicated.

how many calories in beer

Whether in all cases vodka is more harmful than beer

The answer to the question that it is more harmful - beer or vodka, cannot be unambiguous, because there are situations when the latter will bring more benefits to the body.

In cold weather, it is best to give preference to vodka, since it has heating properties. In the hot season, it is best to stop drinking vodka, since even after a small amount of it, severe alcohol poisoning begins. Beer is a summer drink, it cools and tones.

If we are talking about a feast, then for appetite it is best to drink some vodka and eat salads and main dishes well. Preference should be given not to brandy, not to liquor, but to good quality vodka. Then the morning hangover will be easier. If we are talking about summer rest on the river bank in a friendly company, it is best to drink beer.

When choosing vodka and beer, it should also be noted that the composition of vodka is simple and predictable, whereas a lot of “chemistry” can be added to beer. Therefore, if there is a beer on the table, which is not certain, it is better to drink 50 g of vodka.

Calorie beer and vodka

The higher the degree of an alcoholic drink, the more calories it is. In the glass of vodka (50 g) contains 110 kcal, in 100 g 235 kcal. This is comparable portions of porridge with butter or half chicken. It is impossible to recover from a single alcoholic drink, but if you have a good snack, you can see the weight gain the next day. How many calories in beer depends on its strength and manufacturing technology. Per 100 g of its caloric content varies from 29 to 53 kcal. How many calories in non-alcoholic beer? 33 calories per 100 g. It is believed that a light drink is less caloric than a dark one.The calorie content of one liter of beer is equal to a chocolate bar, because in order to spend the received calories, you need to either run for 10 minutes or walk for half an hour.

what's worse for liver beer or vodka

What alcoholic drink harms the liver more

Among nutritionists and doctors, there is often controversy over what is worse for the liver — beer or vodka. In any case, if there is a share of alcohol in the drink, it negatively affects the main filter of the body - the liver. If the body is healthy, then a small consumption of beer and liver vodka does not harm, that is, 3-5 times a week you can afford to drink 0.5 liters of beer or 50 g of vodka. But if a person is abusing alcohol, the consequences are not long in coming. Even after drinking a beer that contains much less alcohol than vodka, you can greatly harm the liver if you drink it in liters. And it is quite possible, given that this drink is like no other quickly addictive. The sad consequences of alcohol abuse can be:

  • Alcohol toxic hepatitis.
  • Obesity of the liver.
  • Cirrhosis of the liver.

Can I drink vodka and beer together

At the table these drinks should not be used together, since they have a different composition of substances.If beer is a product of fermentation, which contains yeast, then vodka is a product of distillation with its own set of special additives. When two alcoholic drinks are consumed together, a large amount of impurities gets into the body, which negatively affects the digestion process and, consequently, well-being.

Thinking about why one should not interfere with vodka with beer, it is also worth mentioning the fact that if a glass of vodka is drunk, it will pass through the gastrointestinal tract without being absorbed into the mucosa. If after it to drink beer, then the mixed liquid will be in a stomach long time. Alcoloids, being absorbed and getting into the blood, will cause severe intoxication, because the liver will not be able to cope with so many harmful substances. The excreted toxins, in turn, will have a negative effect not only on the liver, but also on the brain. The consequence of the combination of beer and vodka is the strongest hangover in the morning and the absence of memories of the evening spent.

The negative effects of a combination of vodka and beer can also affect the work of the pancreas. Due to a malfunction in her work, indigestion and other problems with digestion are possible.

after vodka drink beer

Which drink is stronger: vodka or beer

The strength of alcoholic beverages are divided into light and strong. Beer is considered to be a light alcoholic beverage, vodka refers to strong alcoholic beverages. Per 100 g there is 40 ml of pure alcohol, whereas 100 g of beer contains only 6 ml of alcohol. That is, the ratio of beer and vodka in alcohol looks like this: 40 to 6. However, one should not think that it is best to give priority to beer, since much depends on how much alcohol was drunk. To get a degree, you need only to drink about a liter of beer (140 g of vodka) instead of 100 vodkas. Considering that vodka is drunk with glasses only during a feast, and to drink several liters of beer, a light alcoholic drink, for many people it is a common thing, it turns out that beer drinkers sometimes use even more alcohol than those who drink 100 g for appetite.

why it is impossible to interfere with vodka with beer

How harmful are kidneys to beer or vodka

The kidneys are the organ that is responsible for cleansing the blood of harmful substances, toxins and poisons, performing the function of a filter. Alcohol is poison, because the more it is drunk, the more work the kidneys will have to do. It is they who, along with the liver, have to hold the main blow of alcohol. To remove all toxins from the body, the kidneys have to distill a large amount of blood.At the same time, they have to work in very difficult conditions, since both beer and vodka have a powerful diuretic effect, because there is not enough fluid in the body, and even dehydration can occur, which has extremely negative consequences.

You can often hear that with the help of alcohol you can remove stones from the kidneys, but this is not so. Neither beer nor vodka can be used during the treatment of urolithiasis. Moreover, they cannot prevent its occurrence.

If we compare what is more harmful to the kidneys - beer or vodka, then doctors recommend drinking one glass of vodka than a liter of beer (a glass of a drink never ends). This is enough to bring the body into a tone and relax, and it does not harm the kidneys.

Kidney disease is common in alcohol abuse. Alcohol can cause kidney disease such as:

  • kidney inflammation;
  • failure of the body, because of what the immunity falls and the body constantly suffers due to intoxication;
  • the formation of kidney stones;
  • appearance of oncological formations.

The above proves the simple truth that alcohol is extremely harmful to the body.Of course, you can not do without feasts, and sometimes you want a drink to relax. In such situations, it is important to remember about the norms of consumption and in no case should they exceed them, so that there will be no health problems in the future.

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