Vladimir Shevelkov: photo, biography, personal life, actor filmography

Vladimir Shevelkov - a talented actor, who came to prominence in his youth. He managed to declare himself by playing the leading role in the drama “I ask you to blame Klava K. for my death”. Shooting success in the star helped shooting in the adventure tapes "Hearts of Three" and "Midshipmen, go!". By the age of 56, he managed to light up in about 50 films and TV shows. What can you tell about the life of this talented person, his creative successes?

Vladimir Shevelkov: biography, childhood

The actor was born in St. Petersburg, which was then called Leningrad. Vladimir Shevelkov was born in May 1961. In childhood, his main passion was sport. Constant training prevented Volodya from paying due attention to the lessons. However, he received good grades in subjects that he liked. For example, Shevelkova attracted literature.

actor Vladimir Shevelkov

It is known that the movie began to offer Vladimir, when he was still in school. However, he refused to shoot in children's films, as he did not present himself as an actor. In his dreams, the boy saw himself as a famous athlete, but this was not to be translated into reality.

Choice of profession

By the time of graduation, Vladimir Shevelkov had not yet decided on his life path. He decided to continue his education at the Leningrad Electrotechnical Institute, where he entered on the first attempt. Even while studying in the first year, a charming student caught the eye of film directors. New acquaintances convinced Shevelkova to test their strength in the world of cinema.

In 1980, Vladimir dropped out of his studies at the Leningrad Electrotechnical Institute. The young man moved to Moscow and became a student of VGIK. Andrei Gusev, Natalya Vavilova, Alim Kuliev and other future stars worked on the same course as him. After the fourth year, the student was dismissed due to attendance problems. A beginner actor was actively acting in films, which did not allow him to devote a lot of time to classes. A year later, Vladimir persuaded the university management to allow him to retake the final exams. Thanks to this, he received a diploma of VGIK

First roles

In 1979, Vladimir Shevelkov first hit the set. His filmography began with the painting "Grandmother's Grandson", in which he played a cameo role. In the same year, the aspiring actor embodied the image of Harry Hartley in the mini-series "The Adventures of Prince Florizel."

Vladimir Shevelkov in the film "I ask you to blame Klava K. for my death."

The first major achievement of Shevelkov was the picture in the drama “I ask you to blame Klava K. for my death,” which is aimed at a teenage audience. In this picture, Vladimir brilliantly embodied the image of the key character Serezha Lavrov. His hero is in love with a beautiful schoolgirl Klava, is ready for everything for her and does not notice the other girls at all. However, Lavrov’s cunning lover is fond of another guy, after which he decides to commit suicide.

Films and series

Thanks to the role of Seryozha, Lavrov turned into a favorite of directors Vladimir Shevelkov. Films and series with his participation appeared one after another. The key and minor roles of the actor performed in the following film and television projects.

  • Othello.
  • "Father had three sons."
  • "For no apparent reason."
  • "The mistress of the orphanage."
  • "Convict".
  • European History.
  • "The hero of her novel."
  • "Road to yourself."
  • "Train out of schedule."
  • "Big Adventure".
  • "How to become happy."
  • "Premiere in Sosnovka."
  • "Not to be announced."

The actor does not hide that in the wake of his success he had a slight stellar disease. The performer of the role of Sergei Lavrov managed to overcome it, but it took time.

"Midshipmen, go ahead!"

It’s not at all due to the shooting in the Soviet drama “I ask you to blame Klava K. for my death.” The actor Vladimir Shevelkov is known to modern audiences. The taste of real glory helped him to feel the historical adventure mini-series “Midshipmen, Forward”, filmed by Svetlana Druzhinina.

Vladimir Shevelkov in the film "Midshipmen, Forward!"

The events of the picture unfold in the troubled times of palace coups. Entire dynasties ascend and perish in a ruthless struggle for power. The fate of the temporary workers break, the throne is occupied by the regicides. By the will of fate, three young cadets of the navigational school founded by Peter the Great are forced to take part in a dangerous conspiracy.

Vladimir Shevelkov convincingly played one of the main characters - Prince Nikita Olenev. This bright role allowed the stately and charismatic actor to get into the lists of the most beautiful men of the country. Of course, he had thousands of fans.The reason why Shevelkov refused to take part in the continuation of the mini-series remained a mystery.

"Hearts of three"

What did Shevelkov do after filming in the mini-series “Midshipmen, Forward,” who gave him real fame? The actor continued to work on the set.

Vladimir Shevelkov in the film "The Hearts of Three"
  • "Puppy".
  • "Eighteen".
  • "Devilry".
  • "Trip to Wiesbaden".
  • "The adventure of a lifetime."
  • "Mirror ball".
  • "Slick and Hippo."
  • "Assassin".
  • "Thirst for passion."
  • Cherry Nights.
  • "Time X".
  • "Murder in the Sunshine Menor."

Again, to attract the attention of viewers, Vladimir managed through filming in the mini-series "Hearts of Three." Adventure picture tells the story of a young millionaire Francis Morgan, who goes in search of an ancient treasure. Many centuries ago, the treasure was hidden by its distant ancestor-pirate. The company of a young man is his ruined distant relative Henry Morgan. Also the young beautiful Leoncia becomes a participant in this dangerous undertaking, which, of course, both heroes fall in love with.

Vladimir Shevelkov, whose photo can be seen in the article, brilliantly played by the rich man Francis Morgan.The same image the actor embodied in the continuation of the mini-series, which was presented to the audience court in 1993.

Search yourself

After filming in the film "The Hearts of the Three 2" Shevelkov made an unexpected decision to leave the cinema. Vladimir considered that he no longer wanted to limit himself to the scope of this profession. He sang, composed poetry and prose, dreamed of directing and did not want to deal exclusively with the embodiment of other people's ideas on the screen.

For a while after the break with the cinema, Shevelkov worked in the cafe "Desert-Hall", which was owned by his brother. Then he switched to cooperation with the Leningrad television, created the program "TV Effect", "Music Phone", took a lot of commercials.

From the biography of Vladimir Shevelkov it follows that he managed to declare himself and as the creator of video clips. For example, he collaborated with the singer Tatiana Bulanova, for whom he shot videos for the songs “Clear My Light”, “My Beloved”, “Only You”, “That's the sun set”.


One day, Shevelkov realized that he was missing movies and TV shows. This thought pushed him to remind the audience about himself as an actor.In 2004, the first season of the series “Opera: The Chronicles of the Slaughter Department” was released. The teleproject tells about the everyday life of employees of the “slaughter department” of the militia department of St. Petersburg. Day after day, these people are forced to unravel complex cases, investigate contract killings, bring drug dealers to clean water and pursue dangerous maniacs.

Vladimir shilov in movies

In this series, Shevelkov embodied the image of Ikonnikov, the main character. This honest and decent man is fully committed to the cause in which he believes. He is ready to sacrifice even his own life for the sake of the triumph of justice.

A family

The personal life of Vladimir Shevelkov interests his fans as much as his creative achievements. In the early 90s, fate brought the actor to a model named Irina. It was this girl who helped the star get out of the depression in which he was at that time. Is it any wonder that Vladimir soon offered his savior a hand and a heart. The age difference, which is about ten years, did not become an obstacle for lovers.

Vladimir Shevelkov with his wife and son

My wife gave Shevelkov two children. Son was called Andrew, and daughter - Alexandra. Andrei has already managed to repeatedly visit the set, appeared in several commercials.

This is all that you can tell about the personal life of Vladimir Shevelkov.Photos of his wife and son can be seen above.


What is Vladimir keen on? The actor has carried his love to sport through his life. Most star attracts football, it is part of the amateur team. Shevelkov also plays hockey, skates and downhill skiing.

Writing is another serious hobby of Vladimir. In 1995, he presented to the readers a historical novel “Modern”, which contains his reflections on the roots of the Russian revolution. He also co-wrote with Vladimir Kornev with the work The Last Hierophant. A novel of the beginning of the century about its end. ”

New Age

In which movies and TV shows Shevelkov appeared relatively recently? A talented actor can be seen in the following film and television projects.

Vladimir Shevelkov
  • "Mistress".
  • “Life and death of Lyonka Panteleev”.
  • "Love is one."
  • "Wedding Barbarians".
  • "Hello to you!".
  • "Love is supervised."
  • "Thirteen months."
  • "Vasilyevsky Island".
  • "White filling".
  • "Bedouin".
  • "Village".
  • "Do not leave me, Love."
  • "Born Star".
  • “Letters on glass. Fate".

Vladimir played his last currently playing role in 2017. The actor embodied the image of Alexei Tikhonovich, one of the minor characters, in the film “Substitute player.”Sports drama tells the story of a talented young hockey player, whose gift everyone envies. Further creative plans Shevelkova still kept secret.

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