Vitamins for the brain and memory (reviews)

Modern realities are such that we constantly need to keep in mind a huge amount of information. These are numbers and events, phone numbers, access codes, passwords and more. But it is not enough just to remember the information, it is also necessary to maintain a clear mind, the ability to analyze and synthesize, and all this with sufficiently high loads. That is why depression and mental disorders are the scourge of modern society. But there is a solution: taking vitamins for the brain and memory, you can significantly improve the quality of thought processes, keep a clear mind in the most difficult situations and transfer the highest loads.vitamins for brain and memory

Age changes

Most often in youth, the resources of the body are enough to ensure that all thought processes take place as efficiently as possible. But with age, their quality deteriorates, memory and attention suffer, their quality gradually deteriorates. The accelerating pace of life has led to the fact that degenerative diseases are noticeably younger, today they are observed even among schoolchildren. Stress, metabolic dysfunction caused by unhealthy diet, fatigue - all this leads to such changes.In such conditions, vitamins for the brain and memory are simply necessary.

Major memory impairment

Higher nervous activity and thinking are so complex processes that there are a great many different disorders, so we will stop only on a brief listing of memory disorders. Hypomnesia is often found among them, which is characterized by a weakening of higher mental functions. It occurs on the basis of alcohol intoxication, injuries, lack of sleep, stress and malnutrition. In this case, vitamins for the brain and memory are ideal. Such complexes as Neuromultivit and Milgamma have proven themselves very well. Reviews of neuropathologists, as well as patients who tested their effect on themselves, suggest that such a violation is completely cured for the full course of taking the drug.

The opposite option is considered to be hypermnesia, it is a rather rare, but very unpleasant state, when a person cannot forget the information, remembering the smallest details. Finally, the third group is paramnesia. A person begins to remember something that never happened, or his memories are very different from reality.The last two groups of disorders are treated quite difficult with the use of special medications. Vitamins are only a supplement to the main therapy.vitamins for the brain and memory

The most important vitamins for the brain and memory

This is, of course, the whole group B. They are the ones who activate memory and thinking; a person cannot do without them, especially if he wants to maintain clarity and sharpness of mind. Their unique function is to comprehensively support the central nervous system. In the absence of adequate amounts of vitamins in this group, a person experiences not only difficulty concentrating, but also various problems with the spine, and chondrosis becomes a frequent companion.

Being the most important antioxidants, vitamins of group B serve as a good protection of the brain against overloads and early aging, take part in the enrichment of brain cells with oxygen. What happens if they do not enter the body in sufficient quantities? In this case, the synthesis of amino acids is difficult. They, in turn, form a transport network, because they are neurotransmitters that transmit nerve impulses between neurons. If their production deteriorates, then memory suffers first.vitamins for memory and brain function

Whole group b

What vitamins are in this group? This is primarily B1 - thiamine. He is responsible for cognitive functions, so the vitamins for the brain and memory must include it in sufficient quantities. The lack of this element leads to the accumulation of uric acid, which leads to a weakening of the brain. B2 and B3 (nicotinic acid) stimulate brain activity, under their influence energy is produced in the nerve cells. Trace elements such as B5 and B6 affect brain activity. They are the most important antioxidants, protecting the brain from the effects of alcohol and nicotine poisoning. Auxiliary functions have vitamins B9 and B12. What complexes contain the whole set of these essential elements? This is primarily the "Milgamma". Reviews about it are very good, it contains vitamins in a therapeutic dose and allows you to quickly adjust the work of the brain, even with severe lesions. Just for the prevention or improvement of memory, doctors recommend an inexpensive and effective "Vito plus" and "Pentovit."

Additional elements

Vitamins for the brain and memory include not only group B.Thought processes are very complex, and therefore require a large number of different substances. This is ascorbic acid, which enters the body from a huge number of products and is a very strong antioxidant that protects against mental and physical exertion. In addition, do not forget that the assimilation of one trace element depends on the presence in the body of another. So, not only the absorption but also the stability of the B vitamins depends on vitamin C.

Considering vitamins for memory and brain function, we should not forget about ergocalciferol and cholecalciferol (group D). These "sunny" vitamins protect brain cells from premature aging and destruction, help improve attention and memory. Vitamin E, the most important antioxidant, removes brain tissue from toxins and the effects of free radicals, improves memory and the perception of new information, regulates mood swings. We must not forget about the health of capillaries. They are responsible for the nutrition of brain structures. Vitamin P cares about the health of brain capillaries, reduces their permeability and fragility, helps to improve concentration.

These are all vitamins for memory and brain function. As you can see, the B vitamins, despite the fact that they play a leading role, will not work so productively without the whole team.vitamins to improve memory and brain function

Useful material

There are other substances that are needed for higher nervous activity. We have listed vitamins for memory and brain function, however, there is also such a trace element as coenzyme Q10. This is a true energy brain, the most powerful of all, known today. With its help, the ability to concentrate attention and short-term memory is improved, the cardiovascular system is strengthened. Another substance that is not mandatory, but has a beneficial effect on the brain, is an extract of the plant ginkgo biloba. It is widely used by neurologists, recommending to patients as a means of restoring brain cells and improving short-term memory. All complexes containing vitamins to improve memory and brain function include these beneficial substances.

Sources of essential micronutrients

If you feel that you feel tired during the working day, your eyes stick together, and there is a solid fog in your head, it means that you clearly lack useful trace elements.The body does not cope with the load, but the brain suffers first of all. Come to the rescue of vitamins to improve memory and brain function. However, it is not necessary to immediately go to the pharmacy, you can debug your diet and performance will always be on top. Every day you need to eat brewer's yeast and nuts, unrefined cereals, milt and legumes. Do not forget about potatoes and cabbage, cereals and eggs, green buckwheat is an indispensable source of thiamine. Biotin and other B vitamins are found in large quantities in beef liver, rice, fruits and soy products. Sources of ascorbic acid are citrus and black currant, cabbage and apples, peppers, tomatoes and wild rose. These vitamins for memory and brain function in adults need to be consumed regularly, as they are water soluble and do not accumulate in the body.vitamins for memory and brain function for adults

Vitamin complexes for adults

Today shelves in pharmacies are filled with a variety of products from domestic and import manufacturers. At the same time, do not forget that vitamins for memory and brain function in adults should be prescribed by a neuropathologist, taking into account the individual characteristics of the organism. Judging by the reviews of doctors, one of the best is the Vitrum Memory complex.It is perfectly balanced and at the same time is affordable. An excellent preparation of general action for a good memory. If the problems are not only with memory, but it is necessary to additionally activate the work of the brain, then the “Direct” solution will be an excellent solution. For those who suffer from constant stress, which have a bad effect on mental activity, the “Active Day” complex is suitable. Finally, the last drug - "Phosphatid-complex". Judging by the reviews, this is an excellent, balanced dietary supplement that normalizes the nutrition of brain cells. All these vitamins for the brain and memory for adults are sold over the counter without a prescription.vitamins for brain and memory for adults

Vitamin deficiency in children

Today, teachers are sounding the alarm, the level of knowledge in children is falling. Perhaps this is due to the fact that, due to the high availability of information, the memory of the younger generation is untrained, and children withstand high loads with difficulty. That is why vitamins for the brain and memory of children need to be given not only during the examinations, but constantly. Symptoms of beriberi become restlessness, inability to absorb the training material, inability to concentrate attention.

Vitamin complexes for schoolchildren

Judging by the reviews of pediatricians, not all complexes are of high quality and meet all the demands of a growing organism. Russian doctors agree that the best vitamins for the brain and memory for schoolchildren are Pikovit. It is distinguished by reasonable price and high reliability. The Vitrum, Multitabs, Jungle and Complivit complexes also performed well. Any of them with regular admission can significantly improve your child's studies.vitamins for brain and memory reviews


So, for each person is very important balanced diet. However, it is difficult for a modern person to maintain an optimal menu every day, so doctors recommend taking vitamins for the brain and memory. Reviews of neurologists and the people who are constantly taking supplements, note their very good effectiveness. The efficiency increases significantly, it takes less time to sleep and recuperate, it is easier to transfer workloads at work or school, the number of errors and conflicts due to forgetfulness is reduced. Based on this it should be concluded that it is necessary to take vitamins for everyone, every day, all year round.

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