Video card nVidia GeForce 9500 GT: characteristics, testing, reviews

Every year, NVIDIA Corporation, in addition to gaming giants, also produces low-end video cards. This was almost always the case. The company in every way sought to release not only a new model, but also an intermediate one, which would be “work on the bugs”. Sometimes it worked, sometimes the video cards didn’t differ from each other.

NVIDIA has been on the market since 1993. The company is now one of the largest manufacturers of graphics accelerators and processors. The first video card was released in 1995 and was called NV1. GeForce viduh gaming series was announced in 1999. In May 2016, the 1000 series was released, which is now considered the most powerful and is used in gaming PCs.


In 2008, NVIDIA Corporation, in pursuit of the championship, launches the GeForce 9500 GT. At that time, competition was especially important. Now AMD and NVIDIA have their own fans, who prefer this or that company. And then it was important to show their power in practice.geforce 9500 gt

But the companies did it with cunning.As a result, the release of a new video card did not always mark something new. So they began to produce models that really did not differ. For example, in the case of AMD, the video card Radeon HD 3870 came out, which differed from the older model only in a thin technical processor, in the type and amount of memory.

When the NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT appeared on the market, it was completely unclear what the company wanted to say with this model. This video is a replica of the GeForce 8600 GT. In addition, even the entire 9800 series was not particularly original compared to its predecessors.

Budget segment

The new model could be attributed to the lower price segment. Its feature was an updated graphics core, which, despite this, was used in the early model, but the new one was simply renamed.

The company at that moment decided to make a progress that would transfer all the chips to a new technical processor. Thus, the frequency indices increased slightly. The technical processor has become more ergonomic. Reduced power consumption, as well as the heat dissipation of video cards has become much less

It should also be said about the identification, according to which they began to distinguish budget viduhs and “with a claim”.Although the 9th series marked a new breakthrough, the number “5” indicated just the budget segment. That is, most of the models were intermediate, having such an identifier.geforce 9500 gt Price


The GeForce 9500 GT after appearing on the market still attracted the attention of buyers. It replaced the 8500 series and was previously created for mid-level toys. But in the end it became quite famous in its segment.

The main reason for the popularity of this video adapter was that not everyone wanted to buy an expensive 9800 series. Firstly, at that time gaming sport was not as popular as it is now, and secondly, few people could afford such models.

But the GeForce 9500 GT, whose characteristics were average, has become an excellent partner for the average user. In addition to basic tasks, viduha coped well even with game projects, but with a deterioration in quality.


It is worth saying that, despite the criticism towards the new model, it is still a little bit, but different from the 8500th series. GeForce 9500 GT has become more powerful as it has received an increased number of unified pipelines. They also installed not only 512 MB, but there was also a 1 GB version.geforce 9500 gt specs

In general, among the entire range of this video card, you can find GDDR3 memory, which has a capacity of 256 or 512 MB. There is also a GDDR2 version with a capacity of 512 MB and 1 GB.The latest modifications nevertheless became popular, besides being the most likely replacement of previous models from the company.

a brief description of

Before we talk in detail about the video card, we should briefly review the main characteristics of the GeForce 9500 GT. Conveyors are streaming and unified. There are 32 of them here. Viduha supports DirectX 10.0, which even allows you to play projects in 2013. The core frequency is 650 MHz. The memory capacity, depending on the model, can be 256 and 512 MB, as well as 1 GB.

The memory frequency is 1000 MHz. The bus is 128-bit. There are two DVI-I outputs on the model, as well as TV-Out. There is support for HDCP, as well as the ability to decode video in HD-format.


Again, depending on the modification, the delivery and appearance of the video card was different. NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT, the price of which was then quite low and is now being sold in some online stores. On average, now you can get it for 2-3 thousand rubles.

The packaging for the GDDR2 version with 512 megabytes was colorful and large. Its design was unchanged for the company. The box indicated the standard video card and the amount of memory. Also there was information about the use of factory overclocking.

The manufacturer noted that the frequency was increased by almost 20% and was equal to 650 MHz. Although the question immediately arose how such miracles are possible if the recommended frequency is only 550 MHz.nvidia geforce 9500 gt

All possible information about the model was marked on the back of the box. Listed and features that can now be found on the official website of the company. In addition, we all know that this is only a marketing ploy. A special series Ultra Durable 2, to which the GeForce 9500 GT belonged, was also mentioned. This meant that only high-quality components were used in the production.

In the basic configuration was nothing special. Although given the budget of this model, just enough. An internal SPDIF cable was introduced here, with two adapters from DVI to D-Sub and HDMI. There was also a manual and a disc with "firewood". In addition, the latter could be installed from the official site.

External data

The GeForce 9500 GT 1Gb proved to be quite compact. Perhaps, this characteristic is a distinctive feature of this video adapter segment. Everything is placed on a standard bluish textolite. The layout of the PCB is quite original. This is again related to Ultra Durable 2.

In addition, here you can find the MIO interface, which helps to integrate models of video in SLI mode. But there is no additional power connector, since the video card has low power consumption.

The cooling system is simplified, given the current models. It is impossible to control the movement of the cooler, so it works steadily all the time, by the way, it also does not emit any noise. The active cooling system is also supported by a monolithic ribbed radiator.geforce 9500 gt overclocking

As mentioned earlier, the panel has two DVI connectors, as well as TV-Out. If you need to connect an analog monitor, then there are adapters in the box. It is even possible to display an image in the HDMI format, an adapter is also available.


The GeForce 9500 GT was presented in two versions, relative to the chip. Initially, there was a model with 65 nm technology, and then a modification was released on a chip with 55 nm. After the release of the model, she passed many tests. The operating frequencies showed 650 MHz, as indicated on the box.

The shader domain showed a frequency of 1600 MHz, and the memory chip showed 500 MHz. The temperature was mediocre enough. Without load, the graphics core was 67 degrees. Naturally, this flaw was caused by a weak cooler.By the way, the same reason could have a negative effect on the “home” overclocking.geforce 9500 gt reviews

The results of various tests showed that, despite the absence at first glance of changes relative to the old model 8500, still the 9500th worked 2-2.5 times faster. Also, similarity with another model - 8600 - became noticeable.

Extra help

Independently, overclocking was not difficult for the GeForce 9500 GT. The only thing that was necessary to add the “helper” to the regular cooler. As a result, after an additional fan, the core temperature became 58 degrees.

As a result, the results of “home” overclocking turned out to be quite good. The frequency of the video processor increased by 50 MHz and became 700 MHz. Slightly, but the work of the shader domain has increased - up to 1800 MHz. They also worked on the video memory frequency and raised it to 94 units - 594 MHz. At the same time, testing showed a temperature rise of 63 degrees, which was considered not critical.

geforce 9500 gt 1gb

Overclocking also influenced the behavior of viduhi in games. It is possible to achieve that productivity will increase by 14%. Moreover, if we take into account the fact that there was still factory overclocking before, the results of the potential of this video card are excellent.The only thing that needed to be bought in addition to those who improved their performance independently was an additional cooling system.


The GeForce 9500 GT graphics card has received quite good reviews. Despite the fact that this model appeared due to the fact that it was necessary to release an intermediate version and close the “hole” in the series of budget adapters, it still became popular among ordinary users.

In addition, this viduha was a good replacement for the 8500th and 8600th series, which at that time, although they were not already popular, were nevertheless commercially available. It was also bought due to the fact that the price of the GeForce 9500 GT was much lower than that of the 9600th model, and the characteristics did not differ much.geforce 9500 gt video card

We didn’t see anything new in the video card. And you could even find quite unpleasant moments, such as the use of outdated memory chips. The price of relatively competitive models from AMD also turned out to be incomprehensible. When they released the Radeon HD 4650, which outperformed the GeForce 9500 GT in performance, it became difficult to guess how the company would deal with this problem. After all, the price of both adapters was the same.

The disadvantages, even after almost 10 years, can surely be called the presence of slow video memory, the lack of control over the cooler and the unreasonably high price in terms of performance. The advantage of this model was the use of high-quality materials for manufacturing, also a quiet cooler, low power consumption and, of course, the presence of factory overclocking.

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