Video card GeForce 9800 GTX: review, features, reviews

Video cards are created for more than 10 years. Each company tries to create the best sample that would conquer users. In 2008, the world learned about one model, which came to compete with others. The GeForce 9800 GTX filled in the gaps in the Nvidia lineup, and also received many modifications that have spread around the world.


Before the novelty appeared on the market, the company had to go through a difficult path. Having developed the G92 graphics core, the manufacturer decided that he now had everything in his pocket. But it was not there. At first, nothing foreshadowed trouble. The company advertised the G92 well, it justified user expectations, turned out to be successful and was applied in other models.geforce 9800 gtx

Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTS has become the most successful video card on this chip. This adapter coped well with the competition. But later the company decides to release the older model GeForce 9800 GX2 and gets into a difficult situation. The gap between the cost of the younger and older models was significant.

The competing company, without thinking for a long time, launches ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2. This video card becomes dual-chip, and the cost fluctuates around $ 400. Nvidia could not allow such a monopoly, so it strongly announced the new GeForce 9800 GTX.


I must say that initially Nvidia decided to release several models in the ninth line. This was due to the fact that if the manufacturer insisted on introducing new products into the eighth series, then there would be a real confusion. But the increase to GeForce 9 would not confuse anyone.

Thought so at first, but then the GeForce 9600 GT and GeForce 9800 GX2 models appeared. The first one worked on the G94 chip, and the second one - on two G92. Along with this introduction, the GeForce 9800 GTX video card that we surveyed appeared. Unlike the previous options, this one began to work a little faster and with new technologies.

Over time, there was another problem. Comparing the cards of the ninth and eighth series, advanced users began to realize that they do not differ in hardware. The main change is the introduction of graphics card support.nvidia geforce 9800 gtx


Before we consider a couple of modifications, we need to consider the reference version of the GeForce 9800 GTX specifications.As mentioned earlier, the card works on the G92 processor. The number of texture units does not exceed 64 pieces, there are 128 universal processors. The card operates at a frequency of 675 MHz, unified processors with a speed of 1688 MHz.

Bus received 256 bits. A type of GDDR3 memory with a capacity of 512 MB and a frequency of 2200 MHz. The reference version consumes up to 156 watts.


After we have reviewed the reference version of the GeForce 9800 GTX specifications, we can proceed to the analysis of some modifications. As always, manufacturers based on the reference model developed products that are no different in hardware. The main difference in the modifications is the presence of factory overclocking or overclocking potential, as well as modified cooling systems.

Since the model of the video card is “ancient”, it doesn’t have as many modifications as it is found in new products of recent years. As always, ahead of the rest of the world was the company ASUS, GIGABYTE and Gainward.


The video card is packed in a bright box, on which the main information about the model is on the front: volume, memory type, special technologies. Behind the information a bit more, but still it does not fully disclose the entire specification of the map.geforce 9800 gtx specifications

In addition to the video card, the box contains adapters for VGA, HDMI, TV-Out and PCI Express for six contacts. In addition, there was a SPDIF cable. As a standard, there was an installation guide for the card, brochures, CDs with drivers and software, and the bonus was a corporate mouse pad.

The appearance of the card ASUS Nvidia GeForce 9800 GTX is similar to the reference. Board covers the front plastic cover with built-in fan. On the cover there are graphic elements for decoration. The interface model also did not receive something unusual. There is a couple of DVI, for which adapters are included, and there is also a TV-Out slot. There is also a small lattice through which warm air comes out.

Power connectors are located on the top end of the adapter. They were placed next to the audio input. The cooling system is simple. Under the cover there is a grille with three heat pipes that converge on the core. There is a thermal paste on it, which evenly falls on the chip itself. The fan is in limbo. It keeps itself apart from the whole structure, such a choice is rather weak and not effective.

Characteristics of the model practically do not change relative to the reference version. Everything is also 512 MB of GDDR3 memory type.It still works at a frequency of 2200 MHz.


Those who carefully studied the specifications of this card should not have been disappointed. The numbers indicate that it is somewhat improved from the previous version, and in general it is a “plug” in the price segment.geforce 9800 gtx graphics card

Buyers praised the cost of the accelerator, and this is not surprising. The price of the ASUS GeForce 9800 GTX was 300-350 dollars at the time of release. Thus, this model resolutely broke into competition with the Radeon HD 3870 X2.

Customers were baptized that they had to additionally buy a power supply unit with a power of more than 500 watts, as the card required. I did not like the cooling system, which does not fully cope with heavy tasks. Despite the fact that the accelerator could work adequately with modern games, sometimes there were overloads associated with a small amount of memory - 512 MB.


This company decided not to think for a long time and presented a modification for the Nvidia GeForce 9800 GTX ahead of the rest of the world. She sent a novelty at once to her eXtreme brand series to hint to the customers about the features.

The card box turned out to be big and bright. It displays the game character, and also provides a brief specification of the model.In addition to the type and amount of memory, some technologies are indicated. More information behind. There are a couple of screenshots from the games.

Completion sufficient for any user. There is a CD with drivers and software, a pair of power adapters, a video adapter, instructions and installation instructions. "Waste paper" recommends a powerful power supply from 450 W, but if you use a bridge for two cards, then you need a PSU even more powerful - from 750 W. If you connect the third, it does not interfere with the unit at 1000 watts.geforce 9800 gtx Price

Appearance at the usual modification. In 2008, they were still shy about experimenting with design. Before us is again a plastic casing with graphics in a similar box. The cover is black with a glossy finish and has a curved shape, imitating a wave.

Under the cover of the GeForce 9800 GTX as usual radiator and fan. Three heat sink tubes lead to the copper core. The fan is successfully placed next to the batteries, helping to cool not only this zone, but also the "heart" of the video card - the processor.

The indicators also remained unchanged, as the factory overclocking in this model is missing. But the values ​​after overclocking were pleasantly surprised. The core frequency has risen to 828 MHz, which is 22% more than the reference version. Overclocking of the shader domain has increased performance by 18%.Memory managed to raise from 1100 to 1260 MHz. The overall performance increase after home acceleration was 16%.


Positively those who are familiar with overclocking and can correctly implement it. The overclocking potential really turned out to be great. It was possible to raise the frequencies, and with them the overall performance. Customers were praised for the support of 3-way SLI, a technology that allows you to connect 3 accelerators simultaneously. The cooling system also received positive feedback.geforce 9800 gtx review

But discontent expressed about the cost. Despite the fact that the system supposedly can withstand as many as three video cards, in practice it turned out to be much more difficult. It was necessary to purchase a motherboard that would implement this technology, as well as a power supply unit that would withstand a similar load. In the end, the processor also had to fit the entire system.


The Gainward GeForce 9800 GTX video card also needs to be reviewed, as this modification was at least as popular with respect to the above options. The accelerator was packed in a large bright box, looking at which, now there is no desire to purchase goods. But then it was a fairly presentable product.

Inside the box was another one, smaller.It was a video card. Next to this box was an adapter for the D-Sub, a universal splitter, a manual, a disc with "firewood" and software, as well as the game Tomb Raider: Anniversary.

geforce 9800 gtx reviews

The appearance of the adapter is attractive. The casing is bright and covers the entire board. The cooler is represented by a fan and a radiator. The latter consists of thin aluminum plates, which are assembled together in a copper heat exchanger. A fan is not something unusual. It is the same as that found in the reference version of the GeForce 9800 GTX.

Specifications remained unchanged. Testing indicated that the main competitor of this version was not ATI with its Radeon HD 3870 X2, but a fellow GeForce 8800 GTS 512MB, which had long been on the market. It turned out that the new product is only 5-6% stronger, but the difference in cost is significant.


They pointed out the main drawback of the Gainward GeForce 9800 GTX reviews. The package bundle turned out weak, there were no special power adapters. And although the manufacturer tried to compensate for all this by lowering prices, the model could no longer claim to the high-end segment.

But there were plenty of positive reviews. Buyers praised the good performance of the single-chip model, anisotropic filtering, support for PCI Express 2.0, and sound via HDMI.There were no compatibility issues. The modification did not consume much energy, was quite effective. The cooling system is well developed, due to which it did its job perfectly, without making much noise.


At the time, the output of the video card was rather controversial. Looking back at this situation after 9 years, this moment becomes even more difficult to understand. Anyway, this card was published, and therefore received feedback. If at the time of the release, a comparison with products from a competing manufacturer was made for the GeForce 9800 GTX, then it became clear that the main rival lurked in his own “shop”.geforce 9800 gtx comparison

So, many users have wondered whether it is worth paying a significant overpay if it is possible to buy a GeForce 8800 GTS 512MB, which is only 5% inferior in performance. Or you can collect money and purchase a more powerful model Nvidia GeForce 9800 GX2.

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