Verbs in Russian

A verb is one of the most important units of a language. Without it, it is impossible to construct an elementary. Therefore, one should know how to correctly use verbs taking into account the subject performing the actions and the object on which this action is directed.

In Russian, there are 3 faces of the verb.

1 face verbs

From the point of view of semantics, the first person expresses an action that is performed by the speaker or speakers. To identify 1 face of a verb, it is necessary to determine the number. In Russian, the category of a number is expressed as plural and unique.

verb faces

To determine the form of a 1 person verb, you must substitute the pronouns "I" or "we." If you get a harmonious combination, and the verb has not lost its meaning, then this is 1 person.

Consider this by example. Suppose the verb “read” 1 person, since you can put it with the pronoun “I”: I read. But the word "read" is no longer appropriate. Can not say "i am reading".

2 face verbs

The form 2 faces of the verb denotes an action that is performed by an indirect object, and in conversation - by the interlocutor.2 face is defined by the pronouns "you" and "you". It is worth noting that in Russian the word "you" has 2 meanings: an appeal to a group of people and an appeal to a respected, senior by rank or age person.

verbs faces

Face shapes of verbs sometimes cause difficulties in terms of spelling. When writing verbs 2 persons must consider the conjugations. So in the 2nd conjugation the endings are written -look, you (you scream, you scream) and 1 conjugations -eat, eat (you sing, you sing).

3 face verbs

Verbs 3 persons designate an action that is directed at a subject, or a person who is not participating in a conversation. They are defined by the pronouns “he, she, it” in the singular and “they” in the plural.

Verb face shapes have some peculiarities. Thus, in the 3rd person, indicators of the category of the gender are erased. For verb forms, 3 singular persons have the same endings: -em. Let's look at examples:

He's sitting. She is sitting. It sits.

As you can see from the example, the actions can be performed by masculine, neuter and feminine persons, but the verb will be the same.

face forms of verbs

For the plural verb 3 person verbs there are endings -atin 2 conjugations and -yatin the first conjugation. For example,they write(1 conjugation) andthey are sitting(2 conjugations).

Impersonal Verbs

In the Russian language there are impersonal verbs. Such words signify an action that does not have a subject, that is, an action that occurs by itself. In sentences with such verb forms there is no subject.

Impersonal verbs can mean:

1. Actions and natural phenomena. For example:It froze on the street. We can not substitute the pronoun and find out who exactly performed this action.

2. Human condition. This includes a small group of verbs. For example,i feel unwell.

3. Desired action required. For example,would warm up.

As a rule, impersonal verbs have the form:

a) infinitive (will freeze);

b) the subjunctive mood (would break).

It should be remembered that impersonal verbs never change in numbers and faces. They are a stable form. In impersonal verbs there are forms of all moods, except imperative. If the verb is in the imperative, then it is definitely not impersonal (for example, the word "get dark"does not allow imperative).

If we analyze the whole system of faces of verbs in Russian, then we can conclude that there is nothing difficult in their definition. It is enough to know the basic endings and related pronouns. It turns out something like stable formulas.

It should be noted that in the Russian language, the system of persons is a special category. It will be easier to use it if you know about other mutable signs - conjugation, tense, number and moods, which verbs may have.

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