"Vatsapp" - what is it, what functions it performs, its application

Recently, more and more userscomputers, laptops, tablets and smartphones give an advantage when communicating with social networks. But not all popularity was lost and chats, such, for example, as Google Talk, WhatsApp, ICQ, Skype, IM +, Gchat + and some others. After all, very often there is a need to communicate with someone short, without running cumbersome social networks and without using a lot of Internet traffic. That's when the chats come to the rescue. We will deal with "Batsapp". What it is?

What is "Vatsapp"

what is this? One of the actively developing applicationsis "Batsapp". Its main purpose - the exchange of messages, without paying them as a SMS. Available for Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Nokia and Windows Phone. What's important, the owners of all these smartphones can communicate with each other. It uses the standard tariff plan for your Internet, the same as for e-mail with the browser. For this reason, a separate payment for messages will not be taken, and you can endlessly stay in touch with your friends and acquaintances. A brief introduction to the "Vatsapp" program, what it is, we got.

It is also desirable to know about the possibility of users of this program to create groups, send any number of messages, video and audio files, photos inside it.

How to install "Vatsap"

vatsapp for ipad So it is.Thought you zaimet on your smartphone "Vatsapp". How to install this program? It is important that now this procedure is absolutely free, although once the application was paid. Run it, get a request to your own address book. Permit access, select a country code from the drop-down list, enter the phone number and click "Done". Check the entered data and press "Yes".

On the given number comes SMS-ka with the code,which you need to enter in the appeared window. Now we come up with and write down the name that your interlocutors will see. We save it. Next, we get a proposal to send out contacts to the phone book about the installation of the program.

So they installed "Vatsapp".Signing up was easy. What is it - also figured out. Now select the desired contact and send him a message. If you want to send a photo, video or contact, then click on the arrow next to the message input line and select the one in the list that appears.

Advantages of "Vatsapp" in front of other messengers

Understanding what the "Vatsapp" is like, how to use the program, you need to remember its advantages to suggest to others. The most basic:

  1. No passwords and logins, the ability to send messages and files.vatsapp to register
  2. Snap to your phone number and integrate with the phone book.
  3. The program for iPhone has many advantages.
  4. Even while roaming, you can transfer files via 3G or Wi-Fi networks.
  5. Many different mobile platforms are supported.
  6. Easy installation of the program.
  7. Presence of push notifications, which work even at the time when the instant messenger is closed.
  8. Clear interface.
  9. Ability to set your favorite avatar for your profile.

"Vatsapp" for the computer

vatsapp how to install Initially the program we are consideringcould only be installed on iPhones. After some time, it was possible to put it on other mobile phones and smartphones using the java platform. And now you can download "Vatsapp" for a personal computer and a laptop.

The solution of a number of problems was as follows. The messenger copied from your address book your contacts to your list, and for unique user IDs took phone numbers. At the same time, the number of the SIM card became a login, and messages from users arrived to it. No registration is needed, since the messages were in the form of sms-ok, but much cheaper.

So, the program "Vatsapp" - what is it? This is the messenger, which begins to outpace its popularity "Kvipy", "ICQ" and "Skype".

Is it possible to set "Vatsapp" to the iPad

Despite the fact that the iPhone and iPad are the products of onecompany, with the installation of our application on the second device until recently, there were problems. It took jailbreak. Now this issue is resolved. To perform the task, we need: aypad, iphone (for application registration) and a computer. At the same time, it does not matter what operating system the PC is operating under. It can be both Windows and OS X. The difference in installation is so insignificant that you can not pay attention to it.

We bring to you information that this method is repeatedly tested almost and completely suitable for iOS7, starting with iOS 4.3. So, we proceed.

Install "Vatsapp" on the aipad

Our procedure with the installation of "Vatsapp" for the iPad is performed in stages and consists of 12 items:

  1. First of all you need to install iFunBox - the manager for managing filesvatsapp for computer between Apple devices and the computer. You can download it from its own site.
  2. Next, start the native iTunes, go to the App Store and load the necessary application "Vatsapp" from there.
  3. We find the downloaded file on the PC and place it on the desktop.
  4. We connect the tablet to the computer and start the iFunBox file manager.
  5. We press the button "Install App". In the window that opens, you need to specify the "Vatsapp" file from the desktop and open it using a special button. As a result, the program will be downloaded to the device via the iFunBox. Remember that before using the messenger, it must undergo an activation procedure.
  6. To do this, open it on your tablet computer and activate it via SMS via iPhone.
  7. Now, be sure to connect the same gadget with the activated application to your computer.
  8. In the left part of the iFunBox, select the connected phone and the file section User Application, in the right - "Vatsapp".
  9. We are looking for two folders, Library and Documents, we copy them also to the desktop.
  10. After the copy operation is completed, turn off the iPhone and connect our new device, which already has "Vatsapp" installed.
  11. Once again you need to start the manager of iFunBox. On the left we select our device and the already known section User Application. On the right - "Vatsapp".
  12. Finally, delete the folders with the names Library and Documents, and also copy the two directories that were previously placed on the desktop.

We managed without junkbreaking and can now run the program without any problems.

Conclusions on the use of instant messenger

vatsapp how to use At this time, onlydevices "Android" more than 500 000 000 versions of "Vatsapp". What it is, know billions of users around the world. A few programs can boast such popularity. To all the above functionality of the messenger you can add the possibility of parental control. That is, you can track all your child's correspondence, what files he receives and sends. To do this, you must additionally install one of the special programs. Also, spouses can track each other, because applications are invisible to users. But here you need a lot of accuracy.

In general, "Vatsapp" most people praise,are satisfied with its use. Of the drawbacks, it should be noted that downloading the program must be very carefully, only from official sources, as there is a possibility to get a virus or "get" on money. Also, users complain that an Internet connection is constantly required. Although the further, the easier it becomes with this question.

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