Vaginal Candle "Betadin", reviews

Vaginal infections are a common problem for women,you can often hear about thrush, which is treated for a long time and gives a lot of trouble to its "owner." Gynecologists treat candidiasis in different ways, among preparations for topical use there are candles "Betadin", the reviews about which can be both positive and negative. Why does one woman help this very well for some women, but do not like others at all? Let's figure it out.

Betadinovye suppositories, instructions

Means based on iodine, which include andsuppositories "Betadin", have antiseptic effect. They are destructive not only to bacteria, but also to viruses with fungi. Iodine affects the proteins that make up microorganisms, as a result of which they die or lose their activity. The long antibacterial effect of candles is due to the fact that the active substance is released gradually. Most bacteria die within a minute after contact with iodine, as a result of this interaction, it loses color.

It is known that candles have an annoying property, but they contain the substance polyvinylpyrrolidone, which blocks this property.

Prolonged use of the drug may lead to an increase in the concentration of the active substance in the blood (iodine), to normal values, these figures are reduced 10-15 days after the end of treatment.

Candles betadinovye, indications for use

This drug is prescribed for inflammationvagina of different etiology, trichomoniasis (in combination with other medicinal substances), as well as fungal diseases of the vagina on the background of hormones or antibiotics.

In obstetrics and gynecology, such candles are used for disinfection before surgery or diagnostic manipulation in the genital area.

To insert candles into the vagina is necessary in the moistened form, during their use it is desirable to protect the linen with a gasket, since the contents of the brown color can flow out.

The use of "Betadin" suppositories during menstruation is allowed. The maximum daily amount is 2 pieces, the course of treatment is on average up to 7 days.

Betadinovye suppositories, contraindications and side effects

All unwanted reactions after the application of the suppository are associated with an allergy to the active substance - iodine.

Perhaps the swelling of the vaginal mucosa, the appearance of rash and itching.

Because of the increased concentration of iodine in the body, anaphylactic shock may occur (a rare side effect).

Contraindicated to apply suppositories "Betadine", reviewswhich is of a contradictory nature, with thyrotoxicosis, thyroid adenoma, dermatitis, impaired renal function. It is not recommended to combine the drug with procedures during which radioactive iodine is used.

Do not use candles in the second and thirdtrimester of pregnancy, during lactation and in children up to a year. This is due to the ability of the active substance to penetrate the placenta into the fetus, which can lead to transient thyrotoxicosis. The same situation occurs when iodine enters the bloodstream of a child with mother's milk.

Candles "Betadin", reviews

Many of those who used this remedy were satisfied. However, suppositories in most cases were combined with other medicines.

Those who did not like the "Betadin" candles, reviewsleft negative. Basically, there were complaints of burning sensation after the introduction of the suppository into the vagina, as well as a brown discharge. One of the women complained of "lumps" from the genital tract for two days after using one candle. Such a reaction is not normal, it can speak of a mucous burn, in this case it is necessary to stop treatment and consult a doctor.

In general, the drug combines efficiency and accessibility.

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