Useful homemade products: dryer for vegetables and fruits do it yourself

Today, any technique can be found in the store. This also applies to dryers for vegetables and fruits. With your own hands, however, you can do it too. In this case, the equipment will cost much less than the factory equivalent, because you will use the available materials in your work.

In general, such a unit consists of tiers, which are mesh boxes located on top of each other. At the top there is a cover, in the central part of which there are holes for the release of moist air. An electric motor pumps air that enters the working chamber through an opening in the floor. Having studied the features of the device of the dryer for vegetables and fruits, you can make it yourself.

Do the dryer need tiers

dryer for vegetables and fruits do it yourself

Fruits and vegetables are not always so numerous that their placement requires a lot of space. In this case, the dryer is replaced by aerogril any modification.At the stove it is necessary to borrow a baking sheet on which everything that needs to be dried is laid out. These can be fruits and vegetables, berries and mushrooms.

From the convection oven should remove the cover with a fan and a lamp. You will need and the grid that comes in the kit. It should be installed in the center of the pan so that the element rests on the steel and does not rock. On the grid should be installed cover aerogrill and connect to the network. At the same time the handle must remain open to block the inclusion.

It is important to ensure that the dryer is located in a place where ignition cannot occur. Keep it away from children, pets and curtains. On a table, stool or floor, you can install a baking sheet with a convection oven cover. It starts at a low temperature, while the heat will be quite strong.

The timer of the improvised dryer must be set to 1 hour. At the signal, the products are mixed, and after a quarter of an hour everything should be repeated. To act according to such a scheme is necessary until everything is dry. Plus in this case is that you don’t have to do anything with your own hands, and you don’t need to allocate extra places in the room.If you do not have aerogrill, then you can buy a cheap model for the sample, and soon you will not be able to refuse chicken breasts with spices, fried without oil.

Alternative dryer production

useful homemade

If you need a dryer for vegetables and fruits, you can easily make it with your own hands. To do this, you can use an alternative method. It is possible to replace a convection oven with the hair dryer or the engine of a kitchen extract.

To begin with, the technique is set to the minimum mode. To use the grill, as described above, is not recommended, since the output of the hair dryer is rather narrow, so the spout can be melted. The device is suspended on a rope, while it should be sent to the right place. The disadvantage here is that such equipment does not have a timer, so the device may not withstand long work.

If inside there is a thermostat based on a bimetallic plate, then you can eliminate the overheating of the equipment. The plate can be borrowed from an oil heater, iron or electric kettle. In the online stores offer thermostats to adjust the temperature of the heating system. In the described case, this is good.Otherwise, the dryer for vegetables and fruits, made by hand, will quickly fail. After all, a fuse can blow if the motor windings overheat. Therefore, hair dryer is not so preferred, but a valid solution.

The use of available tools for the manufacture of dryers

how to make a dryer for vegetables and fruits

The problem in the manufacture of the dryer rests on the fact that to choose the power of the spiral is quite difficult. Most models of dryers (their body and mesh) are made of plastic. This suggests that the temperature does not rise too high. Therefore, it is necessary to begin to study the characteristics of the purchase model.

The average power can be 600 W, the timer in the unit is not, as well as automation. The capacity of each of the 5 tiers is 1 kg. The temperature does not rise above 70 ° C. Before you make a dryer for vegetables and fruits, you must prepare the following materials:

  • motor;
  • nichrome spiral;
  • heat resistant plates;
  • steel;
  • jar of olives or tomato paste.

As for the engine, you can take a cooler by removing it from the system unit. It is recommended to take a more powerful motor. Spiral nichrome should have a resistance of 90 ohms. As for the heat-resistant plates, they should be made in the likeness of those that are installed in the dryer.For this, some masters use a halogen lamp.

The body is recommended to be made of steel. The grid under tiers is made of food steel. There is no need to use a mosquito net, which was previously made of metal. For racks do not use welded electronic products. Copper wire with varnish insulation will not work either. It should be reserved exclusively for edible salt or edible aluminum.

Performing the drawing of the dryer for vegetables and fruits, you must designate its size. Perhaps they will be determined by the parameters of tin cans from under the olives, pasta or other canned products. Alternatively, you can roll a steel sheet to get the dryer body of the desired size.

Use soldering to connect the edges should not be, but you can rivet. It is important when assembling the described technology to remember about safety. For this, a temperature adjustment mechanism is installed. A bimetallic plate from an oil heater is suitable for this. However, if you find a thermostat with a knob, this solution will be the best.

Method of work

mesh dryer

Performing useful homemade products in the form of a dryer for vegetables, the reflector will need to be installed above the outlet in the bottom.The area of ​​the part must be larger than the channel, this ensures that the fruit will not fall on a spiral, otherwise you may encounter a fire hazard. Sidewalls should also be protected with a grid. A bimetallic plate must be installed on the reflector. The power supply of the helix must be passed through an improvised relay. The problem can only be inertia.

If the reflector is made of tin, then the bimetallic plate will constantly click. Inertia can be achieved if you use 6 mm steel or something like that. Between the grids for the dryer should be expressed distance, which is determined by the needs. Five centimeters for vegetables will be enough.

What else should be considered

dryer fan

The CPU cooler provides DC power. You can use a mobile charger. In this case, the voltage will be slightly less than 12 V, which will cause a decrease in speed. The fan for the dryer is installed under the helix. If there is no desire to communicate with direct current, then an asynchronous motor should be found, since the collector ones may experience some problems, expressed in the fact that they make a lot of noise.

Low-noise motors are installed in refrigerators, fans, and some hoods. When choosing this site you need to focus on hearing.

Security measures

grid for the dryer

When performing the dryer, you must also take care of safety. For this, the metal housing is grounded. In addition, moisture can get inside, and the cork will simply be knocked out.

Making the dryer from the window frames

drawing dryers for vegetables and fruits

Another technology for the manufacture of dryers is the use of window frames. As a base, you can use cellular pallets, which are made of metal mesh. Cell size can be 8x8 mm. Such a miracle of technology may suggest the presence of 6 pallets, which are mounted on rails. They can be fixed to the side frames.

Specialist recommendations

Using three strips of thin steel, gables should be performed. At the bottom of each strip, you need to make longitudinal bends that will not allow rain to get inside. Such useful homemade products necessarily include a roof, which is made of two sheets of polycarbonate. The principle of operation of the device is in the ventilation, for this you should install the box. Through the mesh tray air will penetrate inside, removing moisture.Through the roof, where there are gables and side gaps, excess moisture will evaporate. To increase the intensity of the rear wall should be covered with black film.


Mesh dryer can be a universal solution for harvesting vegetables and fruits, as well as mushrooms and berries, which can be prepared for long-term storage. It is possible to use steel as the basis for the duct, as in the first of the described variants, or a window frame. The latter can still be found in some sheds. The use of scrap materials reduces the cost of the dryer to almost zero.

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