Uralsk Airport: description, features and reviews of tourists

What is the airport Uralsk? How does he act today? These and other issues will be discussed in the article. Uralsk Ak Zhol is an international airport of the city of Uralsk in Kazakhstan. Kazakhs call it Oral Airport.


It is known that Uralsk second-class airport can receive the An-26, Yak-42, Il-76, Boeing 757, Tu-154, Boeing 737, An-2, L-410, An-30, An-24, An-12, Tu-134 and lighter, as well as helicopters of all kinds.

Uralsk airport

As of August 14, 2011, the runway of the air hub for receiving the Armed Forces was in a bad state. Runways needed urgent capital restoration. According to the results of the inspection of the Ural air gates by the engineering consulting enterprise Mott Macdonald (Britain), the central section of the runway remained uneven. In the plates there were many cracks, grooves, places of subsidence. This led to damage to the boards, their thorough repair and an increase in the number of flights that were delayed due to technical factors. Repair of the runway will be discussed below.


On October 10, 2014, the Ural airport, after extensive repair of the runway, took the first board. The flight Astana - Uralsk airline "Bek Air". Then the leadership of the air harbor reported that the mending of the runways was completed by half. Entirely planned to finish work on October 15.

Uralsk airport schedule

The head of the board of passenger transport and roads of the West Kazakhstan Oblast, Meneyev Kazbek, stated that lighting equipment would be installed along the runway and only after that the air hub would be able to receive aircraft without any restrictions. It should be noted that from October 10, the airport began to take only day flights.

The head of the construction association "K-Dorstroy" Akhmetov Nurbolat said that the contractor’s organization had to install lighting and signaling equipment and complete the building of the emergency services. The work of specialists was taken by a commission from the Civil Aviation Council.

It is known that the overhaul of the runway of the international air hub Uralsk began in 2014. From the budget of the republic it was spent 6.3 billion tenge. The workers extended the line by 400 meters and extended them by three meters. Today, the air gate of Uralsk take planes of any class.

Transport infrastructure

From Uralsk airport there is a regular bus route number 12 "Airport - Railway Station". His path runs through the main streets of the metropolis. They also offer their services of urban taxi services.

Ural airport telephone

The following carriers work in the air harbor:

  • Air Astana (Alma-Ata) from March 29, 2015 (Astana);
  • Bek Air (Atyrau, Astana).


At Uralsk airport in April 2006, due to an erroneous fire alarm, he made a forced landing of a Boeing-747 British Airways airline en route Sydney-Bangkok-London. Its mass exceeded the design capabilities of the airfield's hub.

airport in the city of Uralsk

On August 28, 2009, due to leakage of oil from the left engine, the Boeing-737-200 aircraft of the Kyrgyz airline Itek Air (flight NGI-631 Bishkek - Moscow) had to land. The board landed successfully, there were no casualties and casualties.

Aero node characteristics

What is good airport in the city of Uralsk? Tourists are constantly leaving positive feedback about him. This civilian hub is located in western Kazakhstan. Its operator is Ak Zhol International Airport. The terminal operates around the clock and has the following parameters:

  • IATA: URA (external code of the URL) - ICAO: UARR (UARR);
  • NM height +38 m;
  • located 14 km south of Uralsk;
  • Position: 51 ° 09’06 ”p. sh. 51 ° 32’42 ”c. d.

The terminal is equipped with two runways:

  • unpaved runway 2.5 km long and 100 m wide;
  • artificial runway, reinforced with reinforced concrete, 2.4 km long and 42 m wide

Special features

Before you plan a trip, be sure to check the schedule of the airport Uralsk. On the account of this air hub there are forced landings of several sides, the weight of which, it would seem, exceeds the capabilities of the landing strip of the air gates. Terminal Uralsk saved a lot of people in 2006 and 2009, as mentioned above.

There are places in the aeronautical building where you can have a tasty meal before departure, as well as newsstands. It is interesting that the Technical Flight School of the Civil Air Fleet is located in this air port. Here, during the school year, refresher courses for pilots and navigators are held, as well as personnel for aerodot services.


The airport in question is located at the address: 417027, Kazakhstan, West Kazakhstan region, the city of Uralsk, an aerodrome. The necessary information, as well as the phone number of the Uralsk airport can be clarified on the official website. There is also a flight schedule.

Service and facilities

Every tourist is studying the schedule of the Uralsk airport before the trip. This airport has a typical range of services and safe service for travelers. On the territory of the air gate there are ATMs, a post office, ticket offices, a currency exchange office. Tourists like comfortable waiting rooms in the areas of departure and arrival, lockers, mother and child room, medical station.

scoreboard airport Uralsk

Travelers traveling VIP-class, delighted with the recreation areas of superior comfort. They also like the meeting room with free internet and office equipment. Phone Uralsk airport is available for each tourist. The terminal’s 24-hour security is provided by a local police station. On the parade ground there is a parking for a private car.

New flight

In early 2017, the airline S7 Airlines announced the opening of a unique flight Moscow - Uralsk. The flights from the Moscow Domodedovo air hub to Uralsk began to run from March 31, 2017, on Fridays. Tourists depart from Moscow at 2:10, and arrive in Kazakhstan at 6:10 local time. On the way back, the airplanes depart from the aeronautical center of Uralsk at 7:10 and arrive at Domodedovo at 7:10 Moscow time.Flights are operated on comfortable Airbus A319 airliners.

This information can also be found on the scoreboard of the airport Uralsk. S7 Airlines is the only airline operating flights from Uralsk to the Russian Federation. The direct line opens up the possibility for the Uralsk population not only to visit Moscow, but also to wander along the megalopolises of the wide S7 Airlines route network with comfortable connections at the Domodedovo air gate. Aviation enterprises' flights are performed on airplanes of world manufacturers Boeing and Airbus. S7 Airlines belongs to the group of S7 airlines. In 2016, the group's air carriers transported more than 13.1 million travelers.

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