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Filming is a multi-step and time-consuming process. During the work attracted a huge number of different specialists - from make-up artists to stuntmen. Therefore, directors and producers are interested in the qualitative selection of the cast and film crew. Special attention is paid to the selection of stuntmen, since they must possess not only the necessary qualities and skills, but also be suitable for the role of the actors of the film. This article will be dedicated to the talented actor Allan Bradley James. Unfortunately, his film library has a small number of films, but recently quite often information appears about his participation in the new film industry.

early years

Australian actor Alan Bradley James was born on the outskirts of Melbourne on February 14, 1973. At an early age, he fell in love with martial arts, he paid special attention to wushu.The future actor devoted all his free time to this kind of struggle, in preparation for international competitions. This training was fueled by interest in films with Jackie Chan. The athlete set himself a goal - to act on the same platform with his favorite actor. Just the height of Allan Bradley James (162 cm) perfectly fit into both the chosen style of martial arts Di-Tang Quan, and the potential set. His image was complemented by such martial arts as boxing, kickboxing, karate and aikido. The young athlete participated in the World Wushu Championship in the Australian national team. Such a rich early biography of Allan James Bradley allowed him to prove himself already in the role of an actor.

Carier start

Filming the movie "gorgeous"

Once in Melbourne was casting actors for the film "Mr. Cool". The young stuntman just managed to return from training in China, so nothing did not prevent him from going to the casting, where his idol was present. During the selection team Jackie Chan appreciated the fighting skills of the actor. After the selection, Allan Bradley James successfully joined the Jackie Chan team. He received the role of the background in the movie "Mr. Cool".

After successfully completing the film, Jackie Chan offers the actor a role in the film "Who Am I?" In this film, Allan had to confront Jackie Chan. Now the actor has already had experience in cinema and helped to put the fighting scenes to the crew. The actor has always laid out in full, therefore, the result was obvious - very dynamic and colorful fighting scenes with his participation.

Full work in cinema

Allan Bradley James positioned himself primarily as a stuntman. He was well aware that his appearance was not suitable for filming the leading role in Hollywood films. However, his fighting, acrobatic skills, as well as teamwork, allowed the actor to perfectly establish himself and gain a foothold in the world of cinema.

In order to maintain his physical form and improve his range of acting capabilities, he was constantly engaged in martial arts. In addition, he successfully mastered various types of falls, climbing, horse riding, gymnastics, high-speed driving.

Kingsman photos

In a short period of time the actor managed to declare himself. His success depends on a terrific time allocation.In one of the interviews, the stuntman said that the training depends on his schedule, he spends about six hours a day, six days a week. Free from filming, he skillfully spends on the acquisition and improvement of their abilities.

Filmography actor

photo by james allan bradley

Films with Allan Bradley James were especially popular at the beginning of the 2000s. His career has about 12 cinematic films. In three films he got a role, in others he was a stuntman. Huge success and popularity brought the film "Magnificent", where he played a full role. In recent years, his filmography has become more and more replenished. It is not known what this activity is connected with, but he takes part in the filming of popular militants, who, going to rent, collect large box office.

List of films:

  • "Mr. Cool" (1997) - the actor;
  • "Who am I?" (1998) - the actor;
  • Rush Hour (1998) - stuntman;
  • "Magnificent" (1999) - an actor;
  • "Shanghai Noon" (2000) - stuntman;
  • "Random spy" (2001) - stuntman;
  • Rush Hour 2 (2001) - stuntman;
  • Tuxedo (2002) - stuntman;
  • "Shanghai Knights" (2003) - stuntman;
  • The Chronicles of Riddick (2004) - stuntman;
  • Rush Hour 3 (2007) - stuntman;
  • "Hellboy 2: The Golden Army" (2008) - stuntman;
  • Ninja Assassin (2009) - stuntman;
  • Pipets (2009) - stuntman;
  • "Scott Pilgrim vs all" (2009) - stuntman;
  • Avatar (2009) - stuntman;
  • "Armageddets" (2013) - stuntman, director;
  • "Kingsman: Secret Service" (2015) - director, stuntman;
  • "Wonder Woman" (2017) - director;
  • "Han Solo: Star Wars. Stories" (2018) - director.
    2000 visit to Moscow

Personal life of an actor

The actor does not like to advertise his personal life, rarely gives interviews to publishing houses and rarely gets under the camera lens, not counting the film set. It remains unclear whether he is married or if he has children. Now the actor is 45 years old, many of his Hollywood partners have long been married, have children. Perhaps he is completely immersed in the cinema and is engaged in self-improvement.

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