Unexplored space: life on the moon

The first answer to the question of whether there is life in theMoon, the astronomer Karl Sagan tried to give. In the early 1960s, based on the testimony of special instruments, he concluded that in the bowels of the moon are impressive cave sizes. Life on the Moon seemed quite real, after studying the microclimate of these caves, scientists came to the conclusion that they have all the conditions favorable for life. According to the astronaut, the volume of some of them is equal to 100 kilometers cubic. A few years later, Soviet scientists M. Vasin and A. Shcherbakov advanced the hypothesis that the Moon is a kind of space ship with a huge cavity inside.

life on the moonIt is interesting that the flights of "Apollo" were also forcedto think about the fact that life on the moon is not fiction. According to former NASA space communications officer Maurice Chatelen, Apollo was equipped with a special nuclear charge, with the help of which it was planned to cause artificial moonburst. It was supposed that after the explosion scientists will observe the lunar infrastructure and process the data with the help of special seismographs. However, "Appolon" was never destined to fulfill its mission: the mysterious explosion of one of the oxygen cylinders in the cabin destroyed the ship, and the nuclear experiment was unsuccessful.on the moon there is life

Another proof that there is a moon on the moonlife, maybe the fact that in the maps of ancient astronomers there is not a single record of the satellite of the Earth. The drawings of the ancient Maya also depicted the gods, who descend from the "new sun". And in 1969, another experiment was conducted: empty fuel tanks of drones were dropped onto the surface of the Moon. As a result of processing the information received from seismographs, astronomers concluded that at some depth there is something remotely resembling an egg shell with a thickness of 70 kilometers. According to the analysis, it was found that this "shell" includes nickel, beryllium, iron, tungsten and other metals. Apparently, such a shell could only have an artificial origin.is there life on the moon

Although from a biological point of view, an intelligent lifeon the Moon is really impossible. And this is not surprising: while the solar side of the moon is heated to + 120ºC, - the shadow is cooled to -160ºС. In addition, there is no atmosphere on the Moon that could protect living organisms from a colossal temperature drop. And the peculiar shroud of gases around the satellite can not be called a full-fledged atmosphere.

Plus, the surface of the moon is dotted with dozensthousand craters. At first glance, they seem shapeless and immobile. However, in scientific circles, the so-called "phenomenon of a moving surface" was adopted. This means that the diameters of the craters are unstable: for a couple of days the crater can grow in diameter, and small ones often disappear. It can be argued that almost the entire surface of the moon moves in this way: the craters then disappear completely, then again appear.

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Unexplored space: life on the moon Unexplored space: life on the moon Unexplored space: life on the moon Unexplored space: life on the moon Unexplored space: life on the moon