Undergraduate and graduate school - what's the difference?

For the past ten years, Russia has been participating in the Bolognaa process that focuses on the harmonious convergence of higher education systems in Europe. After the signing of the Bologna Declaration in Russia, the system of higher education reformed and a gradual measured transition to a two-tier system. Bachelor's and Master's are these two levels, of which the system of higher education now consists.

Bachelor's and Master's Degree

In Russia, the bachelor's and master's degrees correspondgenerally accepted systems of education in Europe, which undoubtedly raises the value of diplomas of Russian higher educational institutions in the issue of employment both in Russia and abroad. In addition, a bachelor can apply for a master's program in another profile, in another university, in another country. This is not contrary to the rules and is quite welcome, as well as entering the magistracy after gaining work experience.

The opinion that the bachelor's degree inRussia is an incomplete higher education. Both bachelor's and master's degrees are a complete higher education, differences arise when you are employed in serious positions of responsibility. So, for example, for administrative work without special responsibility with pleasure will accept both the bachelor, and the master. And in the case of production work and high responsibility, preference will be given, rather, to the master. However, the legal magistracy in Russia produces those personnel whose qualification level allows them to be employed as judges or prosecutors, unlike the legal baccalaureate, and this plays a role in the eyes of students - now they are educated in accordance with their plans and ambitions.

Bachelor's degree in Russia

Of course, this situation is not onlywhen training in law, this is a common practice. The fundamental level of preparation without narrow specialization is the bachelor's degree, and the master's program is available only to bachelors, and graduate school is only for masters.

After the division of the higher education system intosteps for employers raise questions about the level of qualifications of applicants, but in most cases everything is decided by the experience and personal qualities of yesterday's students. It is important to understand the difference between a bachelor, a master and a specialist - everyone is a professional, everyone has a higher education. But a bachelor after graduation is a theorist with no special knowledge (but with a specialized education), a master after graduation is a theorist with decent luggage of highly specialized knowledge. A specialist leaves the university walls with a good practice with the necessary highly specialized knowledge, skills and abilities.

Juridical magistracy

It should also be noted that afterThe adoption of the Bologna Declaration reduced the minimum time for higher education. You can become a bachelor after four years of training, which means that you can go through the Master's program in parallel with work in your specialty.

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Undergraduate and graduate school - whats the difference Undergraduate and graduate school - whats the difference Undergraduate and graduate school - whats the difference Undergraduate and graduate school - whats the difference Undergraduate and graduate school - whats the difference