The series "Univer": actress. Main characters. Secondary characters

“Univer” is a youth series, a situational comedy, the heroes of which are students living in a dormitory. In each series, they get into different comic situations and always find original ways out of them.

university actress

The cast of the series is quite diverse - both its male and female half. Of course, adorn the series "Univer" actress who play in it. Consider the biography of each of them in more detail.

Kozhevnikova Maria

She was born in 1984 in Moscow, the girl's parents were quite wealthy, so she did not need anything and could choose any hobbies. First, Maria Kozhevnikova decided to connect life with sports and took up gymnastics. Her work was rewarded, and the young athlete won the championship in the capital. The next passion of the girl was music, she was even going to sing in the popular girl group, but the main purpose of Mary was an acting career, it was on her future actress and focused.Maria received her education at the Russian University of Theater Arts.

Eugene Sviridov

In the TV series "Univer" a young actress came after a brilliant casting. The girl got one of the main roles - student Alla, who cares only about her appearance and rich cavaliers. Maria simply played her heroine amazingly, although in life she is completely different. It was this role that made Maria a famous actress. During the filming, the girl had a lot of fans, she had several novels. In 2013, the actress married. Now she is happily married and has two sons. Maria Kozhevnikova is also actively involved in TV shows and films and is engaged in political activities.

Rubtsova Valentina

Accidentally learning about the casting in the new comedy series, the young actress Valentina Rubtsova also decided to try her hand. "Univer" was a good start in the career of a girl.

Valentina Rubtsova was born in 1977 in Ukraine, in the Donetsk region. Even as a child, she participated in amateur school activities, the artistic makings of a girl were visible to the naked eye. For a while, young Valya worked in the theater of a young audience,then firmly decided to become an actress. She decided to get an education in Moscow and entered the Russian University of Theater Arts. After her studies, Valentina almost immediately appeared on television: she took part in the show “Big Difference”, where she played wonderful parodies. As a result, the talent brought the girl to the shooting of the series "Univer".

Mariya Kozhevnikova

Valentina got an interesting heroine - Tatiana, who is engaged only in her studies, is not particularly worried about her appearance, leads a rather modest and calm lifestyle. For all the seasons, the heroine of Valentina managed to go to graduate school, give birth to a child from the son of an oligarch and move to live in the elite district of Moscow. The actress perfectly played her role and completely reincarnated into her heroine. After shooting in “Univer”, Valentina didn’t go anywhere, she continued the story of her heroine, who was so much loved by the audience. The girl and her partner in "Univer" became the heroes of the series "Sasha - Tanya", where they continued their family history. The personal life of the actress is quite successful, she is married to a businessman who is ten years older. The couple is raising a daughter.

Baranova Larisa

The following discussion will focus on the biography of another talented person who played in the TV series Univer - the actress who mastered perhaps the most extraordinary role.

Larisa Baranovawas born in Bashkiria in 1982. Larisa's parents are entertainers. During her school years, the girl took an active part in amateur activities. Over time, she decided to enter the school of culture at the directing department, after which she continued to receive education in Moscow, where she studied at the Boris Shchukin Theater Institute. Larisa Baranova gradually gained acting experience - she began to act from the first year.

Larisa Baranova

In 2010, the young actress got into the TV series "Univer". Larisa got the role of a peculiar student Lily, who behaves quite unusual, strangely dressed, believes in magic and does not eat meat. Watching this character performed by Larisa is quite interesting and fun. The actress easily coped with the role, because she has much in common with her heroine. After filming in "Univer", she continued to work in other films. As for the personal life of the actress, not everything is so smooth here - Larissa has not yet met the man of her dreams, but she is raising a wonderful daughter, Alexander.

Secondary characters

Not everyone was lucky to play the leading roles in the TV series “Univer”.The actresses who played the supporting roles were also well remembered by the audience, and their biographies would interest the fans.

Sviridov Evgenia

Evgenia Sviridov is a talented actress who was born in 1986 in Volgograd. Since childhood, the girl was engaged in singing, but decided to link his life with acting. After graduating from school, Eugenia entered the Boris Schukin Theater Institute. After studying, the young actress began to actively develop her acting career.

elena biryukova

Before joining the “Univer” casting, Eugene already had several occasional roles on her account. In the same series, Eugene SviridovReceived the role of an attractive leader of the theater group, in which one of the main characters fell in love.

Biryukova Elena

Another actress who played a supporting role in the TV series "Univer". Elena Biryukova was born in 1970 in Belarus, in Minsk. In school times, the future actress had many hobbies: dancing, sports, and art — some of them. In high school, Elena worked in an actor's studio. Acting education girl received at the Russian University of Theater Arts.In her student days, the actress starred in various programs and worked in the KS Stanislavsky Theater.

Valentine Rubtsova University

In the series "Univer" Elena Biryukova hit in 2011. She played the role of the prodigal mother Larisa, who left her son and husband, having left France with her lover. But twenty years later she returned to return the family's location. This role, like everyone else, Elena played great. In total, the actress has about ten roles. Helen's personal life is very rich. She was married twice, but both marriages were unsuccessful. Now she is in a civil marriage with a new lover. The couple has two daughters.

Yanovskaya Anna

The actress was born in 1971 in the city of Nikolaev. Anna's parents had nothing to do with art, but they saw in the daughter of a musician. The girl was forced to learn to play the piano against her will. Under the strict guidance of her parents, Anna spent four years in a music school. But after graduation, she firmly decided to become an actress and left to conquer Moscow. Being late for the entrance exams to the drama school, Anna did not despair and left for Yaroslavl, where she successfully entered the drama school.Even in the first year the actress got her first major role. Because of the shooting, Anna started having problems with her studies, but the girl didn’t leave the shooting. And after some time, she returned to Moscow, where she entered the theater school.

Anna Yanovskaya

In 2008, Anna Yanovskaya received a small role in the TV series “Univer”, she played a teacher of literature, in which the oligarch fell in love. This role, like everyone else, the actress played with talent.

As for private life, in this regard, Anna Yanovskaya is all right. To date, the actress is married and has a son.

Instead of conclusion

More than three years, filmed the popular youth TV series "Univer". The actresses who played in it, of course, decorated and made this project more interesting and original. Each played an incredibly talented role, which attracted a huge number of viewers to this series. For some of them, “Univer” became a successful start in an acting career. In addition, all the actresses have their own fans and fans who will be happy to follow their progress in the work and enjoy every achievement.

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