Turkey in cream sauce: stewed, baked, in a slow cooker

You can’t cook a classic Christmas turkey without a significant reason: the bird is very large, a small family will eat for a long time, and its purchase will hit the wallet significantly. However, turkey - meat is very tasty, and besides dietary. Those who like it should like the turkey in sour cream sauce, for which you can take not a whole carcass, but some of its “spare parts”. Bird under sour cream can be baked in the oven, you can stew, you can use the slow cooker or sleeve.turkey in sour cream sauce

Bake in sour cream

It is best to cook the turkey fillet: in sour cream sauce, it becomes very tender, juicy and fragrant. Two kilograms of meat is cut into portions, not very large, sprayed with fresh lemon juice and mixed with large onion rings, chopped with three slices of garlic and chopped chili. It is all mixed, salted, seasoned with ground allspice, oregano and basil, poured with half a glass of sour cream and mixed again.If you are not in a hurry, it is good to leave the turkey fillet in sour cream sauce for an hour; but even without standing, it will be excellent. In a greased form, pieces are laid out and hide for half an hour in the oven, preheated to two hundred degrees.

Turkey in cheese and sour cream sauce

This time we will extinguish it. At first, chopped onion is quickly fried, preferably in olive oil. Then, pieces of poultry are added to the roasting and remain on the pan until whitening. Then sour cream is poured, a little more than half a glass, chopped dill is poured, and the turkey in sour cream sauce is stewed for about ten minutes. The last added is grated cheese (150 g), and after a quarter of an hour an aromatic and tasty dish is ready.turkey fillet in cream sauce

Turkey in german

In Germany, this bird is very popular. Especially often used recipe for turkey in cream sauce with pumpkin - and believe me, you will not find this vegetable in it superfluous. About 600 grams of fillets are cut into thin strips, salted, supported and fried. Instead of meat, pumpkin cubes are laid. It is taken in the same amount as turkey. Together with the pumpkin in the pan poured rings onion feathers.Vegetables are roasted over high heat for about five minutes, poured with an incomplete glass of broth and stewed for the same amount of time under the lid. Then the turkey slices are added to them and a glass (again incomplete) of sour cream. After boiling together, pepper and salt are poured (if necessary), and the pan is immediately removed from the stove. The Germans eat this dish with a wide long noodles, seasoning lingonberry jam. But with any other side dish such a turkey in cream sauce is quite "friendly." And you can generally use it without a side dish.

Turkey fillet with mushrooms

Mushrooms with meat eaten, probably, everything. You can also take any meat, you will not lose. The same turkey fillet in sour cream sauce, supplemented with champignons (if not caught in the forest), will conquer your entire family. First, the turkey slices are fried, then chopped mushrooms are added to them in an arbitrary quantity. When they put the juice in and slightly darken, sour cream is poured in and salt mixed with your favorite spices is poured. After 15 minutes, when the fillet is steeped, fresh greens and garlic, sliced ​​with plates, are added. After five minutes, the fire can be extinguished, but leave the tank with turkey on the stove for flavoring.Turkey in cream sauce in a slow cooker

Raisin turkey

600 grams of poultry (any part of it) are chopped, as it is convenient to eat, interspersed with cinnamon, salt and ground nutmeg and quickly fried, always in fat. Half a cup of washed raisins are steamed out. Spoon flour is allowed in fat, combined with raisins and a glass of sour cream. This sauce flows into the meat, and it stews in it for a little longer than half an hour. At the end of the turkey in cream sauce is shifted to a beautiful dish, sprinkled with chopped parsley and dill and carried on the table.

Pineapple Turkey

The wings are very successful in this recipe: the bones soften greatly and are cut with a regular table knife. Wings are greased with fat sour cream from all sides, covered with coriander, oregano and salt and hid in a sleeve for baking. The bowl, in which the meat was doused, is rinsed with a small amount of water, and the resulting potting is sent behind the wings. Whole cups of canned pineapple are put into it at the rate of three things on one wing. In the oven the sleeve will stay for about an hour; about ten minutes before taking it out, it opens up to form a crust on the dish.turkey recipe with cream sauce

Turkey in a slow cooker

The recipe for using this machine can, in principle, be any. But most of all we liked such a turkey in a sour cream sauce in a slow cooker: a glass of sour cream is combined with two large tablespoons of mustard, one - soy sauce, herbs, spices and salt. This mixture (it is enough for a kilogram of meat) is poured into portions of fillet and soaked in a marinade for 30-40 minutes. Then the turkey folds into the bowl; You can supplement it with vegetables - cauliflower, corn, broccoli, green beans. The “Quenching” mode is activated, the timer is set for half an hour. During this time, you just have time to lay the table for dinner.

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Turkey in cream sauce: stewed, baked, in a slow cooker 72

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